Thursday, April 27, 2017


There are many kinds of wilderness. There is wilderness on the oceans where even people from big cities near the ocean get in their sailboats to feel the wind in their sails and to go out to sea 1 mile or more from the nearest human being to feel the wilderness of the oceans and to experience heaven there.

In a more ancient form people experienced wilderness in the Himalayas by going into caves and living in heaven sometimes for years at a time and thereby learned in some cases to levitate their bodies and to travel all over the earth after learning how to do this.

However, today this isn't done as much when instead of taking 2 to 5 years in specific heaven meditations you learned to fly by yourself because now there are motorized planes, gliders and even paragliders where you can experience this while flying all over the earth if you have the time, money and desire to do this. So, instead of having to spend 2 to 5 years of your life learning just to fly you just pay someone to fly you someplace instead.

But, there are wildernesses all over the earth of different kinds.

If you really want to experience heaven often it is better to be away from high concentrations of people. There are many reasons for this. However, it is important to note that living masters can be meditating and living in heaven even while among crowds of people while walking down busy streets like New York City for example.

So, it all depends upon a person's present attainment in life.

But, just like a child going to pre-school or kindergarten there are stages to all of this as one learns what is actually real in life as one turns away from the jungle like chaos of the dog eat dog world where people often die just from being so upset and confused.

When you begin to experience living in heaven some or most of the time all this changes. You see people around you freaking out and sometimes dying and you want ot help them but often it is each person's choice so there isn't much you can do unless someone is willing to listen to you or observes that you are happy when they are not.

Their reaction might be jealousy but that is a useless reaction simply because they could attain this same state if they only understood how you got there.

So, believing this is possible in the first place is the first step to all this and to living in heaven potentially 24 hours a day even while here on earth.

There are other advantages to being like this as well because the more people who are literally living in heaven as they walk down the streets the more people who are going to be experiencing this heaven in their daily lives.

The more people living in heaven some or all of the time the less likely there will be any wars on earth as well. The more people living in heaven all the time the less likely it is that any more people will be murdered, mugged or harmed in any way.

So, there are many many reasons including keeping earth from being nuked out of existence for mankind to start living in heavens more while still on earth.

By God's Grace

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