Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In order to survive as an intuitive

You have to respect the perception level of everyone you have contact with.

It's sort of like if you are with 3 to 5 year olds you don't show them a horror movie about little kids being killed in horrific ways if you are a reasonable adult.

So, you look at each person assess their capabilities in the moment and talk to them in a way that addresses their capabilities and perceptions.

However, often people are also intuitives and are hiding this because they are scared as this hasn't been accepted in their lives.

So, when someone like this shows up and you feel you have a chance of helping them stay alive and sane often you will speak to them about this sort of stuff very gingerly because even though someone might be an intuitive, there are many ways people relate to what they are. Some are healthy and some are not and so you have to be aware of how to protect yourself if a person you come into contact with has not dealt with responsibility in regard to their gifts.

For example, I have been in situations where people almost died because someone was misusing their abilities and had never been called on it before and they were in their 70s. This couple got really upset with me when I confronted the lady at what she was doing because someone almost died.

However, for me, when someone is causing potential deaths through their abilities they should be confronted just like a policeman confronts someone with a gun who is killing people.

But, at the same time you have to be careful of this too and to make sure you are safe as well. But, you have to rescue the innocent any way you can by any methods necessary too.

So, first there is your survival as an intuitive and then there is others survival as intuitives or even potential intuitives.

Some people you can help and others you can't but you do what you can.

Because most people who misuse these gifts mostly die young.

So, any way you can redirect someone to be compassionate to themselves or others you are not only saving their lives but also saving the lives of all those who they would otherwise harm or kill along the way.

By God's Grace

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