Tuesday, April 25, 2017

As above so below, as below so above

These are words inscribed in another language on Saint Germain's pictures often. They are a mystical point of view of how Heaven and Earth are intertwined and inseparable.

As an intuitive and as a shaman I experience this as true 24 hours a day.

Often people want to separate earth from heaven and heaven from earth. That doesn't work.

It would be like separating the Atmosphere from the oceans and the Land of earth itself.

Why would you want to do that and even if you did then the whole ecosystem of earth would be gone like the planet Maldek now has become our asteroid belt?

So, If you are an intuitive or a shaman or both like me (which in the end only means you are spiritually sensitive like many ministers, priests, nuns, monks etc. all over the world) you know what I'm saying is true.

Angels do not live in a different world than we do really. They share our world with us in reality.
The biggest difference is they don't need a space ship or UFO to go other places too and to travel inside and outside of time and space.

So, this statement "Heaven and earth are two parts of the same thing" is also true.

So, if you compare heaven to atmosphere and clouds and birds to angels maybe you get a better idea of what I'm talking about even though angels have similar perceptions to us in some ways they also live in another world as well as this one.

I can explain all this because God made me both an intuitive and a shaman and one of his priests when I was young.

He made me see starting another religion wasn't a good idea because people are confused enough with the religions they have already.

However, explaining how heavens and angels all work and operate is a universal thing not really tied to any single religion so that is what he has had me do this whole time as an adult here on earth.

By God's Grace

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