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New Microsoft VP consigns the PC to irrelevance

New Microsoft VP consigns the PC to irrelevance

10 hours ago

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Brooke Crothers

With the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft hardly sees the PC as its future. Upcoming devices will likely further distance Microsoft from its PC past.
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Though to some people the PC is becoming irrelevant it is still the best platform for gamers and many business activities. Though Macbooks and Imacs are more reliable and less likely to crash than PCs they are much more simplistic in nature sort of like Iphones and cannot do a lot of the more technical things that PCs can.  

But, I realize that as all of humanity moves towards being users now it makes more sense for them to be on a more simplistic and easy to use and intuitive platform. Whereas PCs weren't originally designed for simplicity of use like all Apple products were. Steve Jobs saw Apple as serving the whole world whereas PCs were originally built for techs and by techs to use and to some degree have remained that way. However, since PCs are always more apt to crash than Apple products that is an issue too regarding security. However, if a Macbook or Imac crash you might have to take it to a tech to get it working again if ever. 

For example, all or most programmers and hackers around the world use PCs to do this not Macbooks or IMacs. So, for governments I could see why they would pressure for the end of PCs. However, software engineers likely might take issue with this because they might need the complexity of a PC to be able to write and disseminate their programs around the world better.

However, as we move into now a more wartime era and possibly into a worldwide Great Depression caused by China's present economic woes and the Russian collapse of the Ruble and Russian Bonds governments are going to try to reduce the number of hackers as much as possible. Also, the Internet might die (at least as we now know it). The number of websites that now want me to subscribe in order to read even one article is growing every day. There might even come a time when doing what I do here for you to read won't be fully possible anymore the way things are going in the world except for giving you word buttons and writing my own articles and longer writings.

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