Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama's MIT Speech today

Today Friday October 23rd 2009, President Obama gave a speech that I found very inspiring that goes back to the Thomas Edison's, the Wright Brothers, The inventors of the Solar Cell here in the U.S.

One of the things I found interesting was that there is more money set aside for energy research in (I believe it was the Tarp Bill) than at any time in history that will help us develop and change to alternative sources of energy as soon as possible.

Also, he spoke of Iraq veterans who are traveling around the country talking about how our dependence on foreign oil is a security threat to the United States.

He also spoke of depleting energy resources and the absolute necessity of moving away from petroleum products for energy as quickly as possible.

Once again I would like to share my experience of riding on one of France's high speed trains at over 200 mph from Paris to Nice Ville on the Cote D'Azure(French Riviera) within the last month. None of the electricity for that high speed journey came from fossil fuels. Most came from Nuclear power plants generating electrical power and some likely came from wind generators but NONE came from fossil fuels. Here in America that is definitely something to think about.

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