Monday, October 19, 2009

Disregard Fox News?

Elements of the Obama Administration are advocating disregarding Fox News. I'm not sure that is a good idea.

Though I don't consider Fox to be a real News Organization and much more like a rightist version of the Daily Show 24 hours a day, still for the present administration to tell everyone not to take Fox Seriously isn't a good idea. At times I have turned on Fox and heard things that make sense. Other times I have turned it on and just as quickly turned it off or watched something else.

I suppose this is because I have a point of view that the Democrats do somethings great and other things terrible. And that the Republicans to some things great and other things terrible. However, now both parties are spending taxpayer money like it is going out of style or (we all are going bankrupt as a nation).

So, I don't think either party has a lot to brag about regarding overspending. So, even if Fox wants things to be 1980 again and have Reagan in office just remember Reagan has already been dead a long time. So, because of this most of what I hear on Fox News reminds me of fantasies of the 1980s with Reagan and Reagan was way before 9-11. I understand like the lady who said, "I want my country back!" Well, so do the native Americans whose tribes were decimated by small pox from Europe! The world is changing and it's not the 1980s anymore as much as many would like that. No. It's change or die in this present cruel world we live in. I think that is the real problem, "No one is quite certain what change would be entirely useful or is willing to sacrifice to make that change happen!" If no one changes we all are lost right, center and left. What's it going to be? How will we survive? It's up to all of us not just some of us or it's all over for ALL of us.

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