Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Leisure to Practice

Though many of you now out of work around the world might be upset because you don't have enough money to buy what you want because of a lack of complete employment at a level you desire you may have time if you are collecting unemployment compensation that is a priceless commodity-- The Leisure to Practice. In all philosophies and religions around the world the time to commune with the infinite is valued, to get yourself straight with all life and God if you believe in God, or to simply regroup and to think about what you need to do next to survive the coming years.

When one is simply being a workaholic with nose to grindstone one cannot usually go deep enough to actually prepare or plan for the future regarding what they want from life, where they are actually going, and most important "Do I actually want to live or go where I'm presently going at all?" Taking time do go deeper and to access the answers to these very important questions make life worth living. Without knowing where you want to go "How can you ever get there?". So this time of leisure if you have it while collectin unemployment compensation is a time to commune with nature, yourself, your family, your children and to grow in all good ways for the benefit of yourself and all beings.

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