Thursday, October 29, 2009


This was the code I was given almost ten years ago now some time After I returned from Europe in October 1999. It was a code given me by Ragna and Elohar. As an intuitive my first reaction was that it was a typo. However, I had a really strong intuitive hit and realized it was a relatively easy code to decipher that I had been given.

7028 was of course 7028 Ad
.80 was the time of year in tenths
r was of course telling me it was Ragna's code or time line or something he wanted me to know about.

So as I began to decipher the date the date I came up with was:

September 18th 7028 AD.

This I assume was the first date that General Ragna and Elohar had left their time line to visit me and to meet with me for the very first time. This would be a significant time for them as well as for me. It was significant for them as for them they would be visiting their past life son, me. It would be significant for me because I would be meeting with my parents in a future lifetime. The first time I remember meeting them in 1969 my father was still alive but the actual first time they experienced meeting me I was 38 years old and was in India. I'm not sure whether the second time they met me was in Europe or in 1969 when they tried to get me not to commit suicide and convinced me that it was very important for the human race's survival on earth that I stay alive. So even though I preferred death I chose to stay alive then so the human race wouldn't go extinct and so it could continue on for thousands of years.

There are those of you who might say all this is BS. That is your right.

However, this is what my life experience has shown me and so I share it in the hopes that we together can lengthen the lifespan of the human race on into the thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands or millions of years into the future on Earth and beyond on other planets and dimensions as long as is usefully possible in a constructive way.

Then to top all this off my mother who I believe is also the same soul as Elohar, passed on September 18th 2008. Recently, I put these two things together and realized my mother was saying to me, "Fred, you were right! I am Elohar!"

If you want to read about the real Elohar she is at at the Memories part 2 button at the top of the page.

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