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Ragoczy, Christian Rosenkruz and Cagliostro


I was able to trace by putting in "Prince Ragoczy" into Google the following research which also brings in the name of Christian Rosenkruz who lived during the 13th Century and who is considered the founder of the Rosicrucian Order or Order of the Rose Cross and the connection between Rosenkruz and "The Comte de Saint Germain"

Begin quote.
I. The Physical RC Christian

He really was a physical person of history that was very influential throughout Europe.
This was discussed in Section 3k of “The THEorY of LIVEvolution”. The entire section
is reproduced here for convenience:

k. The Count of Saint Germain
As discussed previously Christian Rosenkruz is regarded by one source as the legendary
founder of the Rosicrucian Order or Order of the Rose Cross discussed in Part b. Mr. Rosenkruz
was of German origin and lived around the thirteenth century. Many occult authors credit him as
reincarnating as the “Count of St. Germain” who was alive in the eighteenth century. Apparently
he is responsible for the French Revolution as well as explained previously. Even “conspiracy
theorist” Jim Marrs in his book “Rule by Secrecy” has a hard time pinning this guy down. But
the consensus seems to be that the physical Count Saint Germain did live in the eighteenth century
Europe and was in fact very much involved in history including the French Revolution and the
placement of Catherine the Great on the Russian throne after the death of Peter III. French
literary giant Voltaire even claimed he knew “everything” and the Count was known throughout
Europe as a “wonderman”. Interestingly, the Count was into alchemy and the Ancient Egyptian
“Mystery” religions in addition to his travels as indicated in “Rule by Secrecy”:
He obviously was quite a showman. Once he spoke of being friends with the
legendary King Richard the Lion Heart “…turning to his manservant for confirmation.
‘You forget sir’, the vale said solemnly, “I have been only 500 years in your service.”
Saint Germain also claimed to possess the secrets of removing flaws from
diamonds and transmuting various metals. He was given a laboratory for his alchemical
experiments by King Louis XV, who also employed the count on secret and diplomatic
and spying missions. Saint Germain made it clear where he had received his
extraordinary knowledge. “One needs to have studied in the pyramids as I have
studied,” he once said. (78)
The Count also spent a lot of time developing German Freemasonry, the forerunner to
Weishaupt’s Illuminati. Think about that one for a second. The Illuminati spawned Skull and
Bones who in turn included the last two members of THEIR Presidential selection umm our
Presidential election (note: George Bush junior and John Kerry). In fact, future French
revolutionary Cagliostro would consider him the “Grand Master of Freemasonry” and the one
who initiated him into “the Mysteries of Egyptian masonry”. Another German of significant
influence that he intrigued and whom he spent a lot of time with was none other than the founding
members of the family most singularly responsible for today’s scam Federal Reserve banking
system, Freemason Mayer Amschel Rothschild. This name again? This is yet another example of
the marred line between the real establishment, real world history and religion. So marred that
they are in fact one in the same just like the Bible says. Interestingly Mr. Marrs infers that the
Count was “eclipsed” by his student Cagliostro. end quote

Begin quote from Wikipedia from typing the word "Cagliostro"

The history of Cagliostro is shrouded in rumour, propaganda and mysticism. Some effort was expended to ascertain his true identity when he was arrested because of his possible participation in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace.

Goethe relates in his Italian Journey that the identification of Cagliostro with Giuseppe Balsamo was ascertained by a lawyer from Palermo who, on official request, had sent a dossier with copies of the pertaining documents to France. Goethe met the lawyer in April 1787 and saw the documents and Balsamo's pedigree: Balsamo's great-grandfather Matteo Martello had two daughters, Maria who married Giuseppe Bracconeri, and Vincenza who married Giuseppe Cagliostro. Maria and Giuseppe Bracconeri had three children, Matteo, Antonia, and Felicit√° who married Pietro Balsamo. The latter couple's son was Giuseppe Balsamo who was christened with the name of his greatuncle and eventually adopted his surname too. Pietro Balsamo was the son of a bookseller, Antonino Balsamo, who had declared bankruptcy before dying at age 44. Felicit√° Balsamo was still alive in Palermo then, and Goethe visited her and her daughter. Equally, the Portuguese author Camilo Castelo Branco, credits to Balsamo the creation of the Egyptian Rite of the Freemasons and intensive work in the diffusion of the freemasonry, by opening lodges all over Europe and by introducing the acceptance of women into the community. end quote

So, we find many names associated with each other regarding mystical happenings and occult lore. Some eye witness accounts can be proven and as time passes more and more accounts become more difficult to verify since all these things happened from the 13th through the 18th Century which is now more than 2 centuries ago. By the way, I'm noticing that the researcher compiling:

theoryoflivevolution.com/files/I_The_Physical_RC_Christian.pdf is definitely not unbiased and though he does good research definitely has an axe to grind. So, if you are a fan of 'The Comte De Saint Germain' you might be blown away with some of his side comments. But for me, he appears to have done so much research into this that his lack of objectivity in regard to all this doesn't phaze me. However, if you are a sensitive true believer I wouldn't advize you to do the kind of research I am.

begin quote from same source.

Saint Germain, Le Comte de …a historical figure, transformed by Chelsea Quinn
Yarbro into a literary vampire hero…Saint Germain (ca 1696-1784) amazed
Europe with his legendary exploits, knowledge of the occult and alchemy and
apparent immortality. Yarbro’s character is also an alchemist who became a
vampire and survived over the centuries despite brushes with dangerous foes…He
is an intriguing amalgam of Count Dracula and the Count of Monte Cristo, with
elements of the historical figure Saint Germain retained to maintain a sense of
reality. (1) end quote.

I almost bought a book recently published trying to find the fantasy science fiction author that turned Prince Ragoczy and Count Dracula into the same person. Here it is "Chelsea Quinn Yarbro".


I have heard of several people now starting in comic books who have turned the Comte de Saint Germain into a vampire like creature. However, it is fiction and that is what is important to realize.

I can see that many Christian adherents worldwide who might not be interested in a study of comparative religion worldwide might be interested in creating such a character for the secular and uninitiated in religions other than Christian points of view and for secular people who might not be interested in studying anything religious from any culture.

The basis for this is the basic "Fear of God" point of view. It is like when you have a two year old and they keep running into traffic from your front yard, you might have to scare them by spanking them and saying, "Don't you run into traffic again or I will make your bottom hurt." Whereas when a person gets older, wiser and more self disciplined they no longer run into traffic or do things that might get them killed. Whereas people who study and meditate seriously upon comparative religious philosophies find useful things in all religions around the world.

For example, I just traveled to France for the first time in my life. Now, let's consider that living in the U.S. and living in France as being two religious views of life and while I grew up in the U.S. I got used to big cars and wasteful ways of using natural resources. And then when I went to France I discovered quiet diesel cars with incredible gas mileage with stick shifts to even conserve more fuel and water heaters that don't take up space because they are an electric heating element built into the pipes themselves with no tanks whatever. So I return to the U.S. and think to myself. I like diesel quite cars with stick shifts like the Mercedes I rented there in Nice on the Cote D'Azure(french riviera) and I like no hot water tanks but can I get a Mercedes like the one I rented here? No way! The U.S. point of view and laws(religion) prevents me from ever having a Mercedes like the one I drove there here in the U.S. I might be able to put a water heating unit into my pipes and eliminate my hot water tank completely but the next owner of my house might not like that if I ever sell it.

Do you get the point I'm making which is that every religion and culture on earth has it's very good points and many of those points are not allowed in other cultures for both valid and invalid reasons. So people cannot pick and choose easily what they believe at least not publicly because of this worldwide. And this is the rub!

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