Friday, October 23, 2009

The Count of Saint Germain October 23rd 2009

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has taken the historical Saint Germain and put him in a fictional novel series in which he is described as "a 3500 year old vampire that acts a lot like 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. I haven't read this series but I looked up "Count Saint Germain (vampire) and found an interesting description of the 3500 year old fiction character she calls the Count Saint Germain.

If I were as an intuitive to describe Saint Germain to you after first being introduced to him like he was a devotee of Jesus and who became perfected like Jesus in 1684, I would describe my personal experiences of Saint Germain not as a vampire but as a Time Traveler from another world.

I wrote about him at my other website. Memories 1 through 11 at this website if you click the top of page buttons will tell you the incarnations of Saint Germain that I remember as an intuitive.

When I was initiated into Phowa by Lama Ayang in the 1980s I was told by him that I would start to remember all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas lives as my own since this initiation took me into the Mahayana. The Mahayana was described to me as flying to enlightenment with hundreds thousands, millions or trillions on a 747 across the Pacific ocean rather than doing it alone in a rowboat. As I began to remember all these lifetimes of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas including Jesus at first I found it disturbing but then realized it was just what I was told would happen to me and was a sign to look for that the initiation took. So many lives I remember now and then are Buddhas, Jesus', and Saint Germain's. And because I am now a part of the infinite Mahayana of the Universe their past lifetimes of attainment are also mine.

This may not make sense to you but please understand it is my experience. It is my belief that when Jesus and Mary give Grace this is how they do it. They literally make you one with their souls. The same is true of Saint Germain and all the other true Saints.

Also, I have the correct astrology so that when I share spiritual positive things it increases the blessing in my life and if you accept it Grace comes into your life as well.

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