Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saint Germain while Growing up

To say my childhood was unusual would be correct in regard to my parents religion. I remember being in grade school in Public School in Glendale, California when it was normal to have kids leave for an afternoon to go to a "Sunday school Afternoon" with their Church. Because my church was too far away in Los Angeles and because it wasn't a church other people were familiar with I didn't get one or two afternoons off to go to my "Sunday School during school hours".

I was told by my parents if I was asked what my religion was to say that, "MY religion is a lot like Christian Science." This got people off my back because in the 1950s the LAST thing you wanted to say to people was "I don't believe in God!" or in some cases even worse back then was "MY religion is other than Christianity!" People generally just were not open to anything other than mainline Christian Religion and it could interfere with your livelihood or even living in a body in the U.S. if you said the wrong thing back then. One had to be very careful what one said all the time. Fear was always present when talking to people outside ones family. It is much different than now when almost anything goes in Southern California or Northern California at least along the coast.

So, since my father played the part of John the Baptist from the 1940s until 1974 in the "I AM COME" Pageant in Mt. Shasta, California which is usually done in a Church Amphitheatre there built for that purpose and because from 1954 until 1960 both my parents were in charge as Lay Ministers of the Hope STreet "I AM" Sanctuary in Los Angeles, I was exposed to Saint Germain all the time from babyhood to adulthood. There was another "I AM" Temple in the area in the Silver Lake District then Called "The White Temple" that was run by Mrs. Sindelar the wife of Charles Sindelar who painted beautiful pictures of Jesus and Saint Germain and many many others. There was one picture in particular that I loved of Jesus and Saint Germain standing together like brothers each with an arm around the other with sacred love and light pouring forth towards all us students. It set a tone in my life regarding Jesus and Saint Germain that they were brothers. Even though I knew Jesus was Saint Germain's Param Guru (Supreme Guru), still I knew that they also were brothers in that Saint Germain had also incarnated as Joseph, the Father of Jesus, Merlin, the Magician, Columbus, the discoverer of America and his final embodiment had been as Francis Bacon who never died and eventually became an Ascended Master like Jesus in 1684. So this is how my spiritual life began in knowing Mrs. Sindelar at the White Temple and my parents running the "I Am" Temple in Los Angeles starting when I was 6 years old.

But my favorite place was Shasta Springs which was a few miles from Mt. Shasta, the Mountain. If you have read "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfre Ray King(Guy W. Ballard), then you know that Mount Shasta and the Tetons in Wyoming are the Sacred Mountains talked about in "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence". So these two mountains became sacred to me as well and they still are. And these two mountains I have spent time on meditating and experiencing God, Jesus and Saint Germain. Because I have lived in California most of my life except for the first four years after birth in Seattle, Washington, and one year in Santa Fe, New Mexico when the "I AM" School was there when I graduated High School there, and a couple of years in Hawaii on Maui and the big island, I spent a lot of time on Mt. Shasta over the years. Climbing up to Horse Camp(A Sierra Club emergency stone hut for climbers) was something I accomplished with my father and mother by the time I was 8 or 10 years old with other "I Am" Students. Climbing to the top of Mt. Shasta was something I accomplished with other "I Am" student friends in 1970 even though I had separated from the "I Am" Organization by then. So at age 22 I climbed to the top of the mountain 14,161 feet high with my friends then. My friend Anton and I both made it to the top that 1970 August day with two other friends.

So, as you can see my life has been embued with Saint Germain and Jesus and Mt. Shasta for the last 61 years of my life since I was born. Now both my parents are gone and I find myself trying to understand what it all meant while I'm still alive. The most sense I can make of it all is that every generation is searching for truth. And truth seems to mean slightly different things to each generation. I suppose it has always been this way for thousands of years. People value slightly different things in each generation. So each generation has a hard time looking at what their children and grandchildren choose because it is slightly different than what they would have chosen. But that is just life. People do the best they can with what they know about. It has always been this way and I guess it always will be. There just doesn't seem to be one answer that fits all people, I guess, even though some in desperation try to make it that way. I'm more a "Live and let live" kind of person. I believe in "Moderation in all things". I guess I've just seen too many extreme people in all directions in my life and have watched many of them go crazy or die or both. So I know firsthand just how important balance and moderation is for long term survival. You can believe all sorts of amazing things but if you don't eat right or feed your kids right or send them to school so they can have a life what good is it?

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