Saturday, October 17, 2009

Early Adepts

My definition of an Adept is a "Soldier for Truth". So usually such a person starts off very idealistic. But to survive into ones 30s and beyond one usually has to go beyond idealism to what I would call an idealistic pragmatist. It's not that you lose your idealism but you learn to do "whatever it takes" to stay a soldier for truth while staying alive and sane.

The early adepts I would define as Francis Bacon, Thomas Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Sir Thomas Moore, and last but not least the Comte De Saint Germain.

Most people's lives are half truths or outright lies. They do Whatever it takes to survive, no more no less. And don't get me wrong survival is admirable. I once said to a sister in law who was a psychologist, "There are two kinds of people those who survive and those who don't." She looked at me and said, "It seems to me in that definition there is only one kind of people, those who survive." I had to agree with her.

So in my choosing to become and adept and truth seeker I had no idea that it would cost me so much or in the long run give me so much. So, if you are becoming a truth seeker as a young person don't underestimate the sacrifice involved in such a choice. It is like becoming a soldier for truth and you are sure to be wounded if not die in the battlefield of life along the way by being a truth seeker.

The only consolation is that all the other paths are worse.

To live a half truth or a life of outright lies is to die miserably every day.

As a truth seeker if you are maimed or die in the process you die with your head held high knowing you did your best for yourself, your family, and all mankind and life in the universe.

So, an adept is someone who chooses a path of truth and not accepting anything else. In some ways the ultimate and idealistic truth seekers are in caves and monasteries around the world. There are also secular and humanistic adepts who often wind up as researchers or college professors or writers around the world.

The early adepts I speak of that helped create the United States sacrificed everything and sometimes their whole lives that we might live better lives today. Since then, there have been millions and millions of truth seekers and adepts around the world who have been inspired by the early adepts. And don't let me forget some of the other adepts like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,Voltaire, Rousseau, Thoreau, Emerson, Descartes etc. The list goes on and on. I'm sure you could add at least one hundred names to this list both male and female.

In my own life as a truth seeker and adept I sacrificed much myself. I lost my childhood religion, many of my friends in that religion that I grew up in. I lost the girl I wanted to marry in that religion and almost my life through suicide. So don't underestimate what you will sacrifice should you embark on the path of a truth seeker.

However, here is the up side. As I moved into my late 20s and early 30s my path of truth began to pay off. Though I had sacrificed the happiness of my early 20s and had almost committed suicide, once I was beyond that nothing could stop me in my quest for truth. Everything in my life had changed and I had become a completely changed man more suited to being useful not only to myself but to the whole world then and on into the future. My sacrifices paid off more and more throughout the years.

Yes. I paid dearly for becoming an adept and truth seeker and soldier for truth. But my life, my family's lives, my friend's lives and the world is better for my sacrifices as well as my gains in my search for truth. In your search for truth don't ever give up. However, please stay alive as long as you can. Because only by living a long time can you pass on enough of your garnered wisdom and knowledge regarding truth to help keep the human race alive for thousands and millions of years into the future both on earth and beyond. Keep Truth Alive!

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