Thursday, May 24, 2018

As an intuitive the Blue Flames coming up in Hawaii mean some change here on earth of epic proportions

For me, as an intuitive who met Archangel Michael as a 2 year old who wore all Blue jeweled Armor, shoulder length blonde hair (as did all the archangels have shoulder length hair of different colors as well as different colored jeweled armor and swords of Flame at their sides) (some people think Archangels all have blonde hair this isn't true). Michael has deep fiery blue eyes that burn holes in you they are so strong. Michael is said to mean "Someone who is like God" in that he is a perfect emanation of God in Archangel form. So, if you aren't overwhelmed being around Archangel Michael then you never will be.

So, I associate these blue flames with Archangel Michael coming more into the physical. To you, they might mean something different and you also likely would be right too. However, they are both eerie and ominous regarding future changes of the earth and weather here on earth. Of this you can be certain.

By God's Grace

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