Saturday, May 26, 2018

For those of you embarking on a Healing path of yourselves and all life on earth

Beginning Remote Scanning
Integrating Awareness
Rapid remodeling of sensory pathways
Remodeling consciousness for future stages
Angelic assistance for remote scanning ability
of matter and energies

I just thought if you are planning to be a real healer of the future you should know about this

My thoughts about this:

Soul Travel when God first allowed me to successfully do this in 1970 I thought time and space were real. However, over time I realized that time and space are only relatively real.

I realized within 10 years of learning how to soul travel and being allowed by God to do this with angels that to make sense of the universe I had to accept the fact that the Universe is ONLY in God's mind and not actually a real physical thing like we believe here on earth.

Because of this time and space are only the rules of God's game for incarnation as a human on Earth.

But, what is actually real is ONLY Consciousness and states of Consciousness which is Being.

So, if Being is the ONLY reality then what is time and space for?

Time and space is for souls to learn responsibility and to care for other souls as well as their own souls. So, Time and space is a School for Souls to incarnate into the physical.

But, if Consciousness is all there really is then this is important for souls to know about too.

So, what is actually important is what you think and what you do.

Motivation is everything.

Why are you thinking and doing what you are doing?

IF you don't know you might be in trouble.

What is your motivation for being alive?

What are you doing here on earth?

How can you help yourselves and others?

What is meaningful to you?

My discovery:

Compassion is the most powerful path.

Criticism of others is a path only to death and insanity.

Compassionate right mindful thinking is the key to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the goal.

Compassion empowers you to be enlightened.

Learn to be a compassionate right mindful thinking and acting being.

Only then can you ever be happy and peaceful and enlightened!

By God's Grace

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