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I had never heard before of the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania

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So, I did some research online regarding it. This sounds a lot like something 

from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I met her and went through one quarter of Summit University when it was at the Pasadena Location just at the same time that they bought Camelot in Malibu Canyon then (Pasadena is in Los Angeles, California by the way.) I was there in 1977 and my then 3 year old son went to Montessori school while I attended Summit University then in Archangel Gabriel and his female archangel counterpart Hope's quarter. Eventually I was on the Staff in the computer department working with their computer mainframe at that time and working part time for a hospital in their computer department in Glendale, California after I graduated from Gabriel and Hope's quarter. It was around that time that I realized I really wasn't cut out to be an organizational person. I found myself in a position of whether I should protect a friend from harm or be loyal to the organization and I found I had to follow the angels lead by rescuing a lady friend from Florida who was gay and being destroyed by the Summit then which was not open to anyone being Gay. So, rather than watch her commit suicide which was where she was headed I got involved and rescued her from harm and sent her to a good psychologist who eventually sent her back to Florida where she was from rather than watch her commit suicide. The problem with most churches back then was that they were not open to people who were gay men or women and many forced those people to commit suicide by not understanding what they were doing on a psychological level. This is still a problem with many churches today.

When I left staff at the Summit Lighthouse in Pasadena I received a letter which said, "We cannot have anyone on staff who thinks they have a direct connection to God!" which to me was the greatest compliment anyone had ever given me in my entire life. Because if you don't have a direct connection to God and angels what good are you to anyone? Because if you don't have a direct connection to God and angels you could do almost anything good or bad with no guidance in useful directions that would actually be beneficial to anyone including yourselves. So, I realized my direct connection to God was what was important in life and that religious organizations are organized like a military always and prevent direct connections to God in General by their military like organizational methods. So, one becomes loyal to an organization and loses their ability to be close with God and Angels in the process which is counterproductive to one's well being as well as counterproductive to all life on earth. This was my experience then and now.

Begin quote from:

Rakoczy Mansion - Temple Of The Maltese Cross - Ascended Master ...

The Rakoczy Mansion is a focus of freedom in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains inTransylvania, now a part of Romania. ... Before the sinking of Atlantis, Saint Germain came here carrying the freedom flame under the direct guidance of the Great Divine Director.

Rakoczy Mansion - Etheric Retreats

The Rakoczy Mansion and the Temple of the Maltese Cross are retreats of the ... Great Divine Director in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania.

Rákóczi - Wikipediaákóczi

The Rákóczi (older spelling Rákóczy) were a Hungarian noble family in the Kingdom of ... History[edit]. Sigismund Rákóczi[edit]. Main article: Sigismund Rákóczi. Sigismund Rákóczi briefly reigned as Prince of Transylvania from 1607 to 1608.

Saint Germain, Violet Flame Etheric Retreats | Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Saint Germain uses Cave of Symbols retreat in Table Mountain near North America's Rocky Mountains along with the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, the ...

Rakoczy Mansion And The Temple Of The Maltese Cross

Retreats Of the Great Divine Director And Saint Germain

Carpathian Mountains from satelliteThe Rakoczy Mansion is a focus of freedom in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, now a part of Romania. Resembling a medieval castle surrounded by woods, this physical focus remains hidden from the eyes of the world.
Before the sinking of Atlantis, Saint Germain came here carrying the freedom flame under the direct guidance of the Great Divine Director. Saint Germain re-embodied here in later centuries, and under the guidance of his guru, rediscovered the flame that he had planted, and then built the Rakoczy Mansion.
Here, as the Comte de Saint Germain, he entertained the European heads of state, taught the science of alchemy, attempted to unite Europe and expand the freedom flame in the hearts of the people.

Violet Flame Room

The flame room in the center of the mansion seats approximately one hundred persons. It is a rectangular room having entrances at either end, the altar being on the long side of the room with a platform and podium for the officiating hierarch, and the freedom flame in shades of violet blazing on the altar behind the speaker. The physical focus is today for the most part inactive, yet the flame continues to blaze there upon the altar.
Saint Germain has transported archives, paintings and collections from this retreat to his focus in the Cave of Symbols.

The Temple of the Maltese Cross

Ascended Master Saint Germain, master alchemistJust over the House of Rakoczy in the etheric realms, Saint Germain recently built an etheric temple in the shape of a Maltese cross. This is a permanent focus of the flame of freedom on behalf of the millions of lifestreams who yearn to drink deeply of the draught of freedom and to taste the elixir of immortal life. This spiritual fountain has become a legend as the famed fountain of eternal youth that was sought by Ponce de Leon and the explorers who came to the New World.

Great Divine Director Describes Aspects of the Retreat

"I am the founder of the House of Rakoczy. And in our mansion in Transylvania, where there has been established on the etheric plane a sacred Temple of the Maltese Cross, there are enshrined records of past civilizations of glory and blueprints for a golden age to come. Some of you have journeyed to that retreat in past embodiments when Saint Germain acted as host, and you came in physical bodies to be entertained there by the Wonderman of Europe, my disciple and your Knight Commander."1
The keynote of the retreat is Tales from the Vienna Woods.

Call For Training by Saint Germain & the Great Divine Director at their Retreat

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat at the Rakoczy Mansion and the Temple of the Maltese Cross of Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director. I ask that I be saturated with the violet flame focused there and be taught the mastery of the ritual of the atom for the Aquarian age. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Spiritual Books on the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain & the Violet Flame:

Books by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, and the Violet Flame. Spiritual books showing how to work with the violet flame to clear the obstacles to your divine plan for effect personal change and world spiritual transformation:
begin note: Another interesting note: I was living in the city  Mt. Shasta at one of the units of Charles Belmont's apartments in 1976 when someone from the Summit Lighthouse came to purchase two large paintings by Charles Sindelar of Jesus and Saint Germain. You see a photo of one of these paintings on this page where Saint Germain's mustache is long and individual off to the left of the picture. The writing on the painting translates to: As above So below (on one side) and on the other side "As below so above" which is an ancient metaphysical truth which basically means "heaven and earth are one thing not two" which is also my experience.

Heaven is not separate from you right now unless you separate it from you in your mind.
Everything in the universe you want is with you right now if you can but accept it.

This is the Truth of Life!

By God's Grace

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