Thursday, May 24, 2018

Understanding better HTML allows you to use robotic programmers like "Compose" at

The hardest part for me is when I'm quoting a news source or other interesting site somewhere on earth and unusual things happen. This usually means some language or programming style is being used that might not be compatible with my "AI" artificial intelligence at the site.

Everything is constantly changing. People are programming less and less and as AI becomes more exotic and unique around the globe, quoting things is going to get more and more unpredictable in what is going to happen when you run things through elements of AI like here at  called "Compose" instead of using "HTML" designation.

So, all I can really do is to quote things and then watch how they load. Now, unless I test the page on maybe 20 different types of machines from laptops to desktops to Iphones etc. I won't know what it will do on each of these different types of platforms necessarily. However, since I usually compose on a Macbook pro and I also have an Iphone I can usually test my pages to see what they do on both these platforms but that doesn't mean whatever I put at my blog will work perfectly on all other platforms.

So, I only can do what I can do and also I'm not being paid to do anything here at all because this is not a for profit site but rather a non-profit educational site for helping people survive whatever comes here on earth and dedicated to preventing the extinction of mankind and also helping mankind be as enlightened as possible in all directions for ongoing survival millions of years into the future both here on earth and beyond.

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