Saturday, May 26, 2018

I think Trump is a symptom of the fact that we are now in a Technological Singularity completely out of control

I think Trump is symptomatic of a Technological Singularity Gone Awry. The loss of privacy. The loss of human rights in a corrupting underhanded way through the seduction of Technology against the most vulnerable of our people worldwide. Facebook is a prime example of the seduction of those vulnerable who are not technologists who fully understand the consequences. Or they do understand the consequences and like my daughters in their 20s say things like "Oh. You don't have any privacy left anyway. So, why not use Facebook?"

That's like saying "Oh you are bleeding so you don't need a bandage to stop the bleeding."

(Which is just an admission that we are now in a Technological Singularity out of control!)

Or it means that many of us are just so addicted to technology through places like Facebook that we cannot live without it no matter what like someone addicted to drugs.

Or more likely it means both things.

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