Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyone is Gifted

Yes. Everyone is gifted. However, not everyone discovers what their gift is. So, allowing yourself to live and to explore yourself, the world, and meeting all kinds of people might help you in discovering what your gift or gifts are. Sometimes people like their gifts and other times they don't. But in the end just like we all have to live with what we look like, our health, who are friends and parents are, where we live etc., we all have to live with the gifts we were given. And so finding out what those gifts are is helpful.

Let me give you an example. I discovered that I was always big and tall and very strong for my age growing up. However, I was also fairly shy until I was 15 years old and girls started coming on to me and I found my shyness actually was an advantage. For example, other boys might say rude things to girls and suggestive things to girls. However, since I had been trained to be a perfect gentleman I didn't do things like that. And many boys bragged about their exploits with girls and I tended not to do that either much. So, I discovered that girls liked me and that my tallness and even my shyness was an advantage because I was a gentleman and that seemed to make up for everything. So, I always from age 15 had a fairly easy time dating and going steady until I was 26 and got married and had my first son.

On another level my mother was an incredible singer and I inherited this trait of perfect pitch and a good singing voice. So I started learning to play the piano at age 8 and took piano lessons from age 8 to 16. I also took violyn lessons and played in the grade school public school all city orchestra when I was 12. And I played in the junior High Orchestra until I was about 14 and decided I had had enough of playing the violyn. But by the time I was 16 I started to teach myself to play the 6 string and 12 string guitar and later the silver flute and then wooden flute and then PVC plastic flute that I took with me in my backpack while backpacking all over California, and especially in the Sierras and to Mt. Shasta.

By age 12 I learned that I could come home and someone that had angered me during the day I could sluff off if I played music on the piano and sang. So within and hour I wouldn't want to fight someone anymore I would start to see how that was just going to probably get me expelled from school or worse and so I would usually find a way not to have to fight someone stupid and usually they were just being stupid because of problems in their lives that had absolutely nothing to do with me. And so music became a way to rise above stupidity. I found playing music that I met most of my girlfriends after I was about 20. Most of my girlfriends before 20 I met through my church that I left when I was 21 because I found people in church to be hypocrital. It took me about another 5 years or more before I saw that people in every church are hypocritical and that churches in general breed hypocrisy because most churches ask things that are not possible for people to do. So people have to tell lies or at the very least omit information or tell white lies otherwise they would all be kicked out of their churches by age 25. However, it  might be true that many people, especially women might be able to obey all the rules of most churches after they are about 50 or so.

So, being gifted might be being gifted enough to notice all churches on earth are full to the brim with hypocrisy and serious psychological problems that people develop from lying all the time to try to fit into an unrealistic expectation of ANY human being.

So by the time I was 30  I decided that religions and churches make people be nonhuman and that is the real problem of churches (all the psychological problems that are caused by people trying to be someone that they are not and never will be.)

So, I decided that the best thing that I could do would be to talk and write to people of my discoveries. And that being true to yourself is the first part of being true to God. Because God really isn't in any book, God if he or she exists is in every moment of life, so finding how to be true to yourself you will actually start to find God in everything and everyone. I find I don't find God in churches. God is a completely spontaneous experience that can happen at any moment anywhere. So, if an ant is your Guru Feed him. God is where you find him, her, it!

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