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Siskiyou History: The Stories and Images of Siskiyou County

I was web surfing on my Iphone as I had written about the ski bowl in one of my longer short stories at   I was trying to figure out when the ski bowl was actually built and opened. (The first one that got knocked down by a severe avalanche above tree line one year and had to be torn down). Many of my friends were the right age to be hired to tear it down and do salvage work at that time when it was torn down by the owner. There is a newer one that is open now during the ski season that can be reached from Snowman Summit on Hiway 89 on the road there going up toward Mt. Shasta. But it is at a much lower altitude where usually trees prevent the kinds of avalanches that the first lift experienced above tree line when it knocked down most of the towers one year. I found the following photo at  of the day the first ski bowl opened in 1958:


Ski Bowl Opens: c. 1958

Ski Bowl Parking: c. 1960

It's amazing to see all the cars there in 1960. I rode the lift up to the top where you could see Horse Camp Sierra Club Lodge from the ridge back in 1958 the summer it first opened when I was 10 years old with my parents and my cousin who was then 15. 


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