Sunday, August 28, 2011

Golden Dragon Heaven

I went to a Chinese Restaurant with my daughter today.  There was a Golden Dragon literally climbing a 2 foot thick pole inside the Restaurant. It took me back to my vision quest vision in 1983 when after 2 days of no water or food alongside the Trinity River in Northern California I had a vision of myself becoming a 50 to 100 foot tall Golden Dragon that then breathed out fire on everyone. But instead of the fire burning all the people and killing them it enlightened them and made them all smile and happy and enlightened and happy to be alive instead. I often think now as I write some of the things that I do as an intuitive and as an enlightened person (once on the path you are forever becoming more enlightened in a never ending way. It literally never ends) that I am living the vision of the Gigantic Golden Dragon breathing out sacred fire upon everyone so they can be happy and enlightened and to stop wanting to be dead or wanting to kill themselves. Like my son was listening to Gloria Estafan's song, "There's always tomorrow". His wife and he are either breaking up or temporarily taking a  break until they can pass their nursing certifications and get a nursing job somewhere in the U.S. so he was kind of sad realizing he was moving out of their home and staying somewhere else for a while. So, "There's Always Tomorrow" was giving him some hope for the future. I told him, "Without a job and a new place for you both to live your marriage is probably over." I guess it's just part of the times we live in where love isn't the most important thing, money is. Because without it marriages can't go on. (At least married people can't live together during these rough economic times for most people under 30 or 40).

He called me from the Beach at Santa Barbara where we often walk while we vacation there a few times a year from Northern California while on his way to southern California to move his stuff out of their place there. He took his sister and her boyfriend to help him in this move.

I was experiencing during and after this Chinese Restaurant experience the Golden Dragon Heaven experience. Somehow the Golden City Heaven experience which I experienced surrounding Mt. Shasta and then traveling down to where I live on the California Coast and then surrounding the world while exploding certain people's auras who were about to have a heart attack or stroke from the stress in their lives. Certain spiritual people while I passed by I watched their auras catch on fire and noticeably watched people calm down after this experience and become more at peace. Personally, I was very surprised to see people go through such extreme transformations in consciousness and aura and still be able to drive a car. But then that's just me as an observer. However, I have many times gone through really extreme spiritual transformations myself and have been able to keep my car on the road. You sort of don't know when one of these oceanic experiences is going to happen. So you just have to kind of go with it just like everything else in life. One moment you are driving along minding your own business and the next moment tears are streaming down your face and you are with God and the Angels and everything about your life experience changes and transforms. It is a lot like one reincarnates as a better happier person when this kind of thing happens. So, I usually look forward to these kinds of trans formative cleansing experiences because one never really knows when something like this is going to happen.

For example, I sort of got into a scared place this week (which is very unusual for me the last 10 years or so). Normally, I can snap out of most scared places I might get to within a couple of seconds or minutes just by saying the Buddhist Prayer: "May All Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all Beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion"

Usually, if I just start saying this and experiencing this as a consciously generated reality I can pull myself immediately or within a few minutes into a "Heaven Realm" of consciousness just by saying this over and over while I actually experience this happening to all beings in the universe. I find this prayer supremely powerful because literally all beings want this Bliss, Freedom, and the permanent end to their suffering wherever and whenever they are in the universe. So, by experiencing this it happens. So, when you experience this happening for all beings you are literally broadcasting it as a telepathic human radio or TV signal template for all beings to make infinite copies of to continue the generation in all times and spaces. So, on a prayer level it is profound in a way seldom seen anywhere in the universe.

It is sort of like if you want a swimming pool you get a shovel and dig a hole to fill it with water. This prayer is like a shovel that you can dig your swimming pool with. and as you give it the pool becomes deeper and then you can let the water in and then you have your cool fresh water pool to feel at peace in forever, or as long as you want to experience it. So just as surely as you can dig a swimming pool, just as surely you can generate through your prayers a happy peaceful heaven to live in while you are here on earth for yourself and others to live in.

So, when Earlier this year I was up at Bunny Flats on Everette Memorial Hiway at about 7 or 8000 feet on Mt. Shasta and my daughter said, "Where is the Golden City you experienced when you almost froze to death in that blizzard in 1970?" I looked up at about 12,000 ft where I had seen it then with my inner sight but it wasn't there and so I became worried. But then I heard laughter from the other side and realized it had moved to Bunny Flats so more people could experience it there. Then about an hour later I drove my car then which was a Golden 2000 Lexus SUV that I had bought new and I noticed the Golden City came with us into the City of Mt. Shasta. I was very surprised at this because I had never experienced anything quite like this before. I was even more surprised when it came all the way to the California Coast and then I watched it spread all the way around the world. It was then I realized that we were in some new kind of dispensation here on Earth. This kind of thing couldn't have happened before these times we now live in. Maybe one could call these times the end times. I think I would call them "The Beginning Times" because heaven has come here. There is no place to go for heaven because it is here if you can experience it. It is sort of like a radio or TV station in that it functions on its own frequency.

I once talked to a college physics professor about quantum and particle physics and I said, "Is it true that rather than to call Earth a place that it would be better to call it an intersection of consciousness almost like a TV or radio frequency?"  His answer was, "Actually that's a good way to put it. The traditional way to describe what earth is isn't really valid and to speak about what it really is only upsets most people without a knowledge of physics and particle physics and quantum physics. So I think your description is one of the best non mathematical ways of putting the truth of what earth actually is."

So, if Earth is an intersection of Consciousness much like a radio or TV frequency then you can literally be in heaven or hell or anything in between according to what you want to be listening to or seeing. It's all your choice. But to realize this might be really scary for some people who think they have to suffer. Because they don't have to.

Let's put it this way. Unless you are making other people and yourself suffer you don't have to make anyone suffer. So, if you give up making others or yourself suffering then you stop suffering too.

This is the true meaning of renunciation and becoming a monk or nun or spiritual person. You simply decide not to make yourself or anyone else suffer anymore and you study how to do that and then you do it. Why not live in Heaven? Renounce suffering. Live in Heaven. Why not start now?

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