Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream Your Ideas into Being

I have a friend who likes to give a prayer before he goes to sleep which is: "Dear God, Please give me helpful healing dreams tonight." I have tried this myself and found it very useful. Because whatever your belief system most people understand who are educated that a prayer like this is a posthypnotic suggestion which can make your brain heal itself as you go to sleep.

So, why not go further than this in your prayer: "Dear God: Please give me helpful healing dreams and give me ideas in my dreams to help  both me and mankind. Amen"  As you do this remember that in order to actually use these ideas you have to remember them and to write them down in the morning. Most of my best ideas come to me before and as I wake up and I experience God moving me to wake up and to write these articles for you. So, what I'm saying here is that I really do go to sleep and be with God each night and wake up experiencing God inspiring me to write for you things that will help you in your lives.

I would say that around 50% to 75% of what I write here on my blog is something that comes to me as I was waking up in the morning after spending my nights in the heart of God. Experience your nights in the heart of God Too. I find it incredibly refreshing.

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