Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Don't Really Write Science Fiction

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Most authors who write the kind of stuff that I do are possibly fantasizing what a real or fantasy or scientific or humanistic future, present or past reality might be. I don't exactly function in this way.

When I write I am writing from how I actually experience the universe as an intuitive, as a life long soul traveler throughout the universe and telling about things I have experienced during my travels throughout the universe. Do other people have experiences like me? Yes. If they learn to soul travel beyond earth or through time they likely do. Would their experiences be exactly like mine? No. Because everyone goes to different places and meets different beings wherever they go. So everyone's experience is different. For example, if I get on a plane and go to Paris with my wife and daughters it is going to be a different experience if you are 18 and single and go to Paris, isn't it? So, my experiences doing whatever I do on earth or beyond or in another time or place would be different than yours. However, what would be the same is that the Moulin Rouge would be there, the Siene river would be there, and the Eiffel Tower would be there and Versailles would be near Paris like it has always been for centuries now. But though there would be similarities in that we both were in Paris probably in different times and spaces many other things remain constant as landmarks. So, in this sense other soul travelers of both space and time would find similar (landmarks) to my experiences. Something to think about.

A fun exercise might be to either go watch "Midnight in Paris" or even better later after the DVD comes out go to Paris and watch the movie there and then walk around to the places in the movie and any historical locations you want to for any time period. For example, when I went to Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge two years ago this October I experienced being alive in another body in Versailles around the time of the Count De Saint Germain. If you went there at some point you might have similar experiences. But, you might ask "What does that really mean?" and "How does that help me?" I can't answer that. Unless you can doing all that would be pointless. However, I can say that creating the Leisure to Practice by working for it and praying for it allows one to live a more spontaneous and creative life in which one can help both directly and indirectly thousands and potentially millions of people in various amazing ways. By having the time to think, to meditate, to pray, to BE one helps all mankind to even consider to live on for another day through very hard times. Become one of the helpers and potential saviors of mankind past, present and future. You are needed.

So, if you read what I write either here at this web address or at (button at top of page) you are reading my own Creation Story, my own Bible of my own spiritual, physical and scientific experiences. My understanding of all this grows each day. For example, when I first wrote the first section of Arcane in 1980 in Mt. Shasta I thought I was only writing personal therapeutic Science Fiction. It wasn't until I almost died from a Heart virus for 7 months in 1998 and 1999 that I realized as I mentally and spiritually prepared for my own death that what I had been writing wasn't science fiction as I had previously thought. Instead it was experiences of myself and family and friends from this lifetime and others that were actual experiences. I was really amazed to discover this. If I hadn't been near deaths door this level of enlightenment wouldn't have been available to me ever. So, my own near death experiences created a consciousness quantum jump situation for me and you are able also to benefit thereby. Near death can often be a quantum jump kind of Zen experience. When things just can't get any worse then sometimes by the Grace of God they suddenly get much better. If near death is the key to your enlightenment remember what I'm telling you. However, you aren't allowed to create this near death only God is. Remember that. Otherwise it can't work. The Lord and Life both work in very mysterious ways. My lifelong experience and saying always has been, "Truth is always much stranger than fiction".  The more I understand the universe and God the more I feel this way.

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