Thursday, January 31, 2008

Little Buddha

Little Buddha:The movie 1994 with Keanu Reeves as Buddha, Chris Isaac as the father of the reborn Lama Dorje in Seattle and Bridget Fonda as the reborn Lama Dorje's mother.

I wasn't feeling well today so I was watching Little Buddha after I walked my dogs alone in the Pine Forest nearby. I love being a mile or more away from the nearest human being just like my Dad and Grandad. Like them I'm perfectly at home alone in the wilderness. My dogs love being off leash for a while too. And if we see one of the local mountain lions my dogs will let me know if I don't sense it first.

Little Buddha, the movie I have always liked. Though I believe the movie to be fictionalized, I myself have met one of the many western reincarnations of Tibetan Lamas since they started being born in western bodies more after Tibet was taken over by the Communist Chinese. In the late 1980's I met Lama Oso (clear light) who is the reincarnation of Lama Yeshe who passed away in the early 1980's near Santa Cruz. Geshela, my friend was sent from India to help Lama Yeshe pass over at that time. Lama Yeshe was born in Spain and I met him at the dedication of his Stupa near Santa Cruz, California.

Because of the way I was treated by Lamas both in the United States and in Nepal and India and because I find myself very gifted in the ways Tulkus tend to be makes me think that likely I myself may be a minor tulku reborn in America.

Whether I am or not doesn't really matter to me. What IS important is that I endeavor to move toward enlightenment as compassionately and and quickly and efficiently as possible. That is what is really important in the overall scheme of things.

What that means will be different to each soul because of the different kinds of gifts each soul has. One always starts with what one is good at to move forward the quickest way possible. By maximizing what one is already good enough allows the soul to then also deal with what one is not good at and to improve in all ways.

In the movie Prince Siddhartha of Lumbini(a kingdom that Buddha was a prince of before he became the Buddha in Northern India). When Siddhartha(young Buddha) first sees a human body dead that is then piled on top of wood and burned, he cries because he feels at one with both the dead man and the relatives and friends watching the body burn and picks up some of the dead man's ashes. This meditation on death is the beginning of Siddhartha's path to Buddhahood.

When I and my family were on our way by train from the Kalachakra Intitiation that was given to about 500,000 people from places like Tibet, Nepal, La Dakh, Bhutan, Sikkim, Thailand, Japan and the western world. There were about 10,000 of us westerners from Australia, Europe and the North and South American Continent. After the Kalachakra Intitiation given by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya was over we went by train with Geshela, Lobsang, a new friend from Darjeeling, and Vince a friend from Alaska to Varanasi by train. In Varanasi(Benares) is the Burning Ghat on the Ganges. It is the favored place among hindus and others to die and be cremated on a pile of sticks and then ones ashes are thrown into the Ganges. We went to the Burning Ghat and saw a body in a pile of sticks near the river set on fire. We also rented a rowboat and rowed out into the Ganges. We were a little worried in case the boat sank because as westerners we knew we could die from the thousands of miles of feces, burnt bodies ashes etc. in it.However, later I learned that the high (sulphur?) content is why local indians don't get sick when the drink the water directly out of the ganges and brush their teeth and bathe at the side of the river like we saw thousands do while we were there. From a western cultural point of view it is very surrealistic to witness this as it so goes against western views of cleanliness. However, belief is a strong thing remember and some people can walk through fire and over red hot coals because of it!

Two amazing experiences out on the rowboat. First, we saw several fresh water dolphins happily swimming in the middle of the river then in early January 1986. Then we noticed a older man with silver hair to his shoulders and a full beard meditating by gazing into the ganges. He seemed to glow there and that amazed us. His whole body seemed to glow with peace and joy. We assumed he must be some famous Guru but knew enough not to interfere with his deep meditation upon the Ganges.

Losing your Family Home

Losing Your Family Home. You may be wondering why I am so upset about ARMS(Adjustable Rate Mortgages) I think you will better understand when I tell you this true story of my family.

I was living in Mt. Shasta when Dad began urinating blood. It was 1983 and he was helping me build my A-Frame house at 4000 feet on Mt. Shasta. My father hated Doctors and wouldn't listen to them. He had Prostate Cancer. By not dealing with it medically, he not only got prostate Cancer but Bladder Cancer and Cancer of the kidney. Then his doctor recommended taking his prostate, Bladder and one kidney out all at once so he did. He lived another year only to die of Bone cancer from further matastization of the cancers.

When he died his retirement income was cut off and Mom was left with about 1/3 of their previous income which would have been okay except for one thing. They had taken a loan out against their previously paid off house to add a room and to buy a motorhome for 35,000 dollars in 1982, which then bought a 32 foot Winnebago Brave, which was really wonderful for them and for me whenever my family traveled with them.

There was a problem with this loan. My parents knowing nothing about real estate values in the Yucca Mesa area above Yucca Valley California believed the appraiser when he valued their house on 2 1/2 acres of land then at 100,000 dollars. However, this was a lie because the actual value then was only about 50,000 dollars. They then gave them a 45,000 dollar loan to add a room and to buy a motorhome and then two years later Dad died and Mom found out she couldn't afford the 850 a month mortgage payments. When she went to sell the house she found out she couldn't even break even so she allowed the house to foreclose.

At the time of my father's death I considered moving to Yucca Valley and buying a business nearby and living with my mother so she wouldn't lose the house that Dad and I built from scratch. My wife then said, "If you do that it is the end of our marriage." So the end result since I was then raising 3 teenagers was Mom let the house foreclose and moved to Palm Springs where she rented a reasonable apartment with a pool and I helped her sell her big car and get a new gold Honda Accord so she could afford to drive and visit us in the Bay area.

Living through my father's death only to have it made worse by my father and mother having been taken advantage of by an appraiser who obviously knew better stuck in my craw and I still haven't gotten over it.

Yes. There is another way to look at it. Mom, if she had stayed alone at that house out in the middle of nowhere that my Dad loved wouldn't have lived very long alone there. However, for me, it was the beginning of the end of my marriage and a mother who would not do anything I recommended in her life. Again and again since she was without my father who was her rudder I would recommend the best course of action and without fail she would do the opposite of what I recommended. So I not only lost my father I lost my mother in that she was really no longer completely functional without my Dad there.

Over the next few years my marriage continued to unravel because of my not being able to be there properly for my father and my mother and I became very passive aggressive toward my now ex-wife for encouraging such disloyalty toward my parents. Our marriage finally ended in june 1994. It went from the happiest years of my life during the first 7 years of marriage to the most awful, lonely and miserable years the last 7 years of mariage that ended in 1994.

So, in the end my mother sold the motor home for about 25,000 dollars and that became her financial cushion over then next 10 or 15 years. She lived in Palm Springs, San Marcos, Freedom, all in California and then Ashland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Hana and Haiku, Hawaii and the Bay Area, all since my father's passing in 1985. She has now had Senile Dementia since April 2001 and was institutionalized in a facility in December 2001 where she still is at 89 years of age.

I think you might now understand how my mother and father being taken advantage of by an appraiser's fraudulent appraisal would make me very angry about thousands of Americans being given fraudulent ARMS(Adjustable Rate Mortgages) and watching at this point hundreds of thousands of lives across America(maybe millions) being flushed down this economic toilet.

ARMS Traders

ARMS Traders. Whether these arms are military weapons or (adjustable rate mortgages) the affect is the same. Both these types of ARMS destroy individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities, nations and potentially civilization itself. The only way I see for this to begin to end is to make both kinds of arms traders illegal throughout the world. The other option is to watch as we are all watching now, naive but good peoples lives destroyed by the thousands and our global economy seriously worrying about another Great Depression if this can't be brought under control soon.

After studying this some, I have realized that in regard to existing ARMS(adjustable rate mortgages) the world is in a Catch 22(damned if they do and damned if they don't) kind of situation. Because those who provided the money for the ARMS(mortgages) to be loaned are worldwide. Because of this if President Bush, for example, were to actually drop all ARMS(mortgages) to the teaser rate, he would destroy the agreements already made with those who actually invested the money in these loans worldwide. However, if he doesn't reduce the interest rates on all ARMS(loans) in the United States, he can expect a Global recession(at least) or an all out depression in which Bush will be a name associated with another name( President Herbert Hoover) who is blamed for the Great Depression Historically.

However, President Bush must put the United States Economy and the World Economy first. To not do that Billions of people's lives will be harmed or destroyed outright.
To not reduce All ARMS rates on all US mortgages now to the teaser rate will as a psychic I am making a prediction now,(create such a feeling of hate long term for the United States that the common people of Earth will Really be coming to the United States and looking for Blood in the next 25 years).

In other words as a psychic I believe now that not dropping all ARMS to the teaser rate could create a worldwide bloody war against the United States(within 25 years)for the Worldwide Depression that would result from not making all ARMS illegal now!

Also, if a depression comes, it will not be a short one! Because of Global Climate change, I believe this coming depression(if it is allowed to happen) will set the common people of the world's real progress back about 100 years. In other words it would likely directly cause the deaths of about 1 billion from starvation, freezing to death without electricity etc. over a 10 to 20 year period. For all of this, the United States will be blamed if this happens.

The long term survival of the United States may depend upon making all Adjustable Rate Mortgages now in existence retroactively ILLEGAL in order to prevent the above described calamity and world DISASTER!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life Begins at 40?

Life Begins at 40? Around 10 to 20 years ago I found a book by the same title. I believe it was written between 1925 and 1935. It also has the biases and the zeitgeist of that generation. It basically says: If you have your financial, family, health and religion together by 40 then life can really begin at 40 for you. I suppose this is true but I believe there is a lot more to it than that.

I think the one ingredient one needs for life to begin at 40 is "attitude". In other words one must think for themself and have stopped giving up their free will to others directly or indirectly. For me, the best way to do this is either to be self employed by 40 or to at least own a part-time business that one does on the side if your main job fails or if your corporation has major layoffs or something like that.

Physical health, is important, though and I find if I don't walk at least every other day quite a ways now at almost 60, I find my muscles want to seize up on me. I also find that if I'm ill with a cold or flu in the winter I continue my workouts on an exercycle so I keep my stamina up and don't have to wait 2 to 3 months to get back in physical shape. Also, diet is more important after 40, so going to Whole Foods and eating things like organic Milk or no milk and carrot juice or whatever organic stuff you like is a good idea. (However, there are people who have lived to over 100 who only ate things like milk toast and nothing else) go figure?

For me, the most important thing for my own longevity is knowing how to die each night. For me, sleep is like death and I treat it that way. I accept that I'm dying to this world each night and being reborn in my dreams in another and then being reborn again in the morning therefore living the saying, "Hope springs eternal if we die daily".

The lyrics "and you can survive to a hundred and five if you're young at heart" I try to live by laughing a lot and being kind and as fun loving as I can be to those around me that day. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't but I always try to be kind and fun loving and to always be able to laugh at myself.

I was a very serious child and in some ways I still am a very serious adult. When I realized that to become enlightened one needed to not only be able to laugh at oneself but also to find a way to laugh at ones existence itself I found this very hard. However, when God came to me and said, "There are only two sins in the universe: "Taking life too seriously and not taking it seriously enough" I began to understand God's design of the universe and this permanently changed me into someone who could laugh at his own existence under the right circumstances.

My wife has two bachelor's degrees and an MBA and one of the reasons our relationship works with her brain on all the time is that at a certain point I just start laughing. When we first got together this would make her hysterical until she realized I was just being grounded with both feet on the ground and she was just being too intellectual for either of us to survive. Our relationship is great now. Since our skillsets are complimentary we seem to be able to solve any problem together and the things she is afraid of I laugh at and the things I'm afraid of she laughs at and that's just fine with me!

Who Is Really Behind the Subprime Mess?

Who Is Really Behind the Subprime Mess? You might say to me that this is obvious. And yes, I know the lenders who commited mortgage, banking and lending fraud upon unsuspecting innocent borrowers are really in for it at a federal and state and local level. This is understood. I think there will be borrowers suing lenders for 20 years over this one over one thing or another that harmed them and their families as well as class action suits that might bring down some extremely fraudulent lenders both big and small and "yes" there will be new "Enrons" This time in the loan and mortgage industry. That is a given.

But that is not what I'm talking about. Yesterday, upon hearing about the 14 financial institutions in the United States now under long term investigation by the FBI. On a Global level you can be sure the CIA, DIA and other investigating and spy arms will research relentlessly as well these now Globally suspicious problems . In regard to lending fraud from an individual borrower level to a Global level you are beginning to get what I'm talking about.

Who started all these greedy fraudulent people and companies worldwide down their road to self destruction? Who is behind the idea? It didn't just materialize out of thin air one day. What did these people or corporations or governments have in mind really? That, I think is even more important than prosecuting people. Because I'm beginning to think that that this is a secret attack on the United States and the free world much more potentially deadly than Pearl Harbor and World War II. And if you notice it isn't over. Why isn't it over? All it would take is the government saying, "Freeze all Subprime loans at the teaser rate!" That it isn't being frozen makes me think a real war is going on like in the last Cold War. That is the best I can come up with for you now!

So until ARMS (adjustable rate mortgages)are both frozen at their teaser rates and until ARMS stop being made at all this whole mess will go on for years and drag the now globalized economy down and down and down like water in gasoline making the world economic engine sputter and sputter(until it dies? temporarily?).

And all the people who once owned houses and who are now and in the future bankrupt unnecessarily and in an apartment or homeless with their families,who do you think they will blame for destroying every member of their family's future? This mess has many casualties just like a war and like all victims of war they will find a way to seek revenge upon those who they feel did this to them. It's just human nature and a part of basic human survival. So, I say to you as educated people. Please support the freezing of ALL subprime loans at the lowest entry rate so the backlash of people who lose their homes and life savings and jobs as a result don't become violent. The veneer of civilization is very thin now. Upper class and middle class people should take heed. It's getting very dangerous out there in downtrodden America for the hopeless who have already lost everything. It won't take much to drive them to violence. Take care of these people America. Wake Up!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

May all Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss

May All Beings Attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss(and all the rest of the prayer). I must have now since 1980 or so given this prayer millions of times both verbally and saying it in my mind while experiencing the full truth of it. It is like a mantra for me. Nothing brings me as much peace as saying this in my mind while experiencing the full truth of it. I experience beings like Jesus and Buddha and all the Saints of all the Universe being born throughout the universe in the past,present and future in the now of my present experience. And since if one understands physics, time and space is only a relative truth, experiencing compassion manifesting throughout the whole univese in trillions of ways is an amazing experience in real-time. The full prayer is:

"May all Beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from
all near and far and all grasping and aversion"
Not one being left behind

Even if one does not believe fully that this is possible it is a wonderful diversion in fantasy that heals the heart, the soul, the body for the subconscious is a baby or young child and doesn't know the difference.

If one then is able to move from fantasy to realizing that maybe, just maybe this is possible then Hope is born.

If one makes a commitment as a being and as a soul to make this happen then a path to Enlightenment is born!

Of One Taste with the Universe

Of One Taste with the Universe. In the early 1980s I fell in love with the Tibetan culture. I remember when it hit me the hardest. I was on a bus to Rewalsar in Himchal Pradesh state of India. I looked across at a Tibetan man and he had the most peaceful and happy expression on his face as he looked at the world. I had never before seen such happiness and peace in an adult. The happiest I have ever seen a child was also in that area in Nepal. The child was not able to walk either because of an injury or a deformity. His right leg went to the right at an angle instead of down. He must have been 6 to 8 years old. He had to scramble on two hands and one foot. I have never seen a happier child in my life. He would run down to the river and watch the elephants bathe themselves in the River adjoining Chitwan National Park on the Terai of Nepal. In our culture we might not call such a child sane but in terms of pure joy and amazement at the forms being human can take both this poor Tibetan Man on the bus to Rewalsar(a Tibetan holy place for Padmasambhava) and the poor child in love with the elephants I was never more sweetly touched by the pure joy and peace of being human.

Many of the happiest and most joyful people in the world live very short lives. But in that short time they burn so bright they blind the rest of us temporarily so we can see how wonderful being human can be!

There is a wonderful way that Tibetan Culture speaks about being of one taste with God in all his and her forms. They will say for example, "Make me of one taste with all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten directions and the three times". What this actually means is that since time and space don't in actuality really exist, "I am actually one with all cultures in the universe of all species of compassionate beings that have ever existed, exist now or will ever exist." To even contemplate this mentally is to boggle ones mind. To feel this for an instant is to feel overwhelmed with joy and peace. However, to live 24 hours a day experiencing this state in actuality is to be Enlightened!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Post Partum Depression?

Post Partum Depression? I was reading something about Britney Spears today and I started to wonder if she might be suffering from Post Partum Depression. Even if she wasn't suffering Post Partum Depression, to go from single to married to divorced with two kids 2 and 1 years old within a span of about 4 years or less would make most people's head spin. But to do this plus be a child star diva who was treated like a goddess by her fans might just be fatal either mentally or emotionally or physically. This is a lot like asking a person to turn themselves inside out about 3 or 4 times and then be normal. Most 35 year olds couldn't manage that let alone someone her age.

Life is a River

Life is a River that runs through us. I was watching a DVD on TV of "Kundun". It is a very well done movie about the life from birth of the Dalai Lama and of his escape to India to form a Government in Exile there. I had seen this movie before but for the first time the sand paintings made sense to me. The whole movie is a meditation on impermanence which basically gives the feeling that only the Dalai Lama and a few others were actually adults in the whole movie. The rest were either wayward children or naive children and in a strange sort of way both were equally sad in contemplating.

By the end of the movie I saw clearly how life runs through us like a river and we each tend to be attached to either the river coming toward us or we get lost in the loss of the river traveling away from us, as in being very sad watching all the people we love and are attached to dying. If we get too lost in the loss it kills us young in mind, body and spirit(one, two or all three). On the other hand if we are only looking toward the future and don't learn at all from the past we become such extreme idealists that we completely lose pragmatism. However, by meditating upon the impermanence of the present, the past and the future one becomes more realistic and capable of dealing with all changes including ones own death. Reaching this equipose one can have peace and yet still be pragmatic and realistic as long as that one also has compassion for all beings including oneself in the past, present and future.

There but for the grace of God

There but for the Grace of God go I. Whenever I walk by a homeless person drenched in the rain and close to freezing to death I realize it is only by God's grace that that is not me. Whenever I travel the world I have learned that whenever someone walks up to me and asks me for a penny, a nickel, a quarter,or whatever the money is there I usually give it to them. In fact I have learned to keep a roll of quarters in my car for this purpose. If someone walks up to me I try to give them about three dollars in quarters, enough for a meal to continue to stay alive. In other countries I give less because the cost of living is usually less there. For example when I was in India for 4 months in 1985 and 6 one needed between 50 cents and 1.50 to eat for a day.

I had my own "Conversations with God" the movie kind of experience in Fall 1990 and have not forgotten what it is like to be in a bad financial state in a van, in the cold and freezing with a wife and baby camping in below freezing temperatures when you don't want to. Though I was able to find a way to not only get out of that situation but to live an affluent lifestyle now, I tend to have greater compassion for those who are down and out having been through a very awful 3 months myself.

The Winds

The Winds. Here is a link to someone at experiencing up to 160 mile an hour winds.

In past, blogs(articles) I've written about how when I look into the future we are now creating, I see winds above 100 miles per hour most places below 5000 feet to 7000 feet in elevation on earth at least sometime during the year and other places this wind occurs one or more times a day. I've given this some thought. What I realized is that it is not drought, or flood, or snow or rain that is the most problematic for mankind in the future. It is the winds frequently above 100 miles per hour for hours or days at a time.

Of course, there are ways to survive such regular occurences. First, one could not build a house or structure not made of large rocks or cement and/or metal and expect that structure to be around more than one year in sporadic above 100 mph winds or more. As I've said before this likely will not happen all of a sudden so we do have some time to adapt(100 to 500) years. But it is coming and I don't really see any way to stop it now no matter what humans do in the next 500 years.

One of the ways we can deal with this is to dig below the level of the land so the roofs of our dwelling are at or just slightly above the level of the land. However, this only works in areas where there is no flooding. Where there is potential for flooding other ideas would have to be utilized.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Visions Quest

Vision Quest. The Year for me of my vision quest was 1983. I had been to a Tibetan Lama 3 years before and realized I needed to be better grounded in the religions that sprang from the ground and were native to the North American Continent before I pursued Tibetan Buddhism. Somehow, when I met this particular Lama I knew that unless I was really grounded into the earth of North America I couldn't continue with the non-dualistic practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Especially, since I was raised a very dualistic almost fundamentalist Christian mystic by my father. I wouldn't have called myself anything but a new age Christian Mystic and a California Coastal Cosmic at the time. However, it's funny how one always sees things more clearly in retrospect.

So, my visions moving me toward enlightenment had led me to the Lama in Ashland Oregon. Next, I asked the Universe to provide a native American Medicine man to ground the all the power I knew I was going to have to invoke through Tibetan Buddhism so that it would only have good and helpful effects on all beings everywhere.

When I asked the universe for a Medicine man to teach me, he arrived in my life at a friends house within 3 weeks. He reminded me a lot of my father. He was a disciplinarian like my Dad. I was surprised that this was who God had sent me to study with.

Within 3 years of studying various places like on the South Fork of the Trinity River and Two Ravens in Idaho my best friends girlfriend decided she needed to do a vision quest with our medicine man watching over her.

I was the next to realize that I needed to do my vision quest. So I went to a place we all called among ourselves Eagle Cliffs (after all the Bald eagles that spent time there) on the south fork of the Trinity River. My wife decided to join me so we went into the sweat lodge and did four rounds in the Medicine Lodge. When we walked out the river next to us turned from blue to brown. The medicine man seemed nervous as this might be some kind of sign. To me, it just meant my karma was burning away and being washed down the river.

As my wife and I walked several miles up the river to a bear wallow next to the river where I had chosen to do my vision quest, we took no water, no food, only sleeping bags, matches, ground cloths and rain gear (in case it rained on us) which it did!
I survived that by getting under a huge fallen redwood tree to escape the rain. I was told by the medicine man that where I was going was a bear wallow and did I still want to go there. I said, "Yes. That is where my vision led me."

So, the first two days were very rough to get used to not eating or drinking water. My mind kept screaming, especially at night with no fire or lights, "You're going to die. What the BLANK are you doing!" I would reply to my mind, "I need to know what it is I am supposed to do with my life to make a difference." My mind screamed angrily at me but I would not give in or give up.

About 48 hours into praying and observing a lot and singing songs to help the vision quest, the night of the second day my visions began. They gave new meaning to the words wonderful and terrifying. However, I was shown many things about who I was and about my future.

The most meaningful all around vision was one in which I became a golden Dragon 50 to 100 feet tall. I kept breathing fire on thousands of people but I wasn't attacking them, I was enlightening them. When I breathed fire on them they smiled and were grateful to me for the sacred fire I breathed upon them.

I have written my whole life and I believe now the fire comes a lot through what I write. Some people are diminished by sharing their experiences with God. I'm not like that. When I share my experiences with people I know I have a 51% or better chance of a positive result. Because of this God often smiles upon my writings and everyone benefits. So I simply become more compassionate and kind and useful to God by breathing the sacred fire of sharing my personal relationship with God because God wishes it!

A vision quest, just like marriage or raising children is a very serious thing and should not be entered into lightly. Unless you are full of adult commitment to a good cause it shouldn't be done. Unless you are as serious at least as you are when you drive a car on a freeway in keeping yourself and others safe then it is not useful. That kind of focus like when driving a car is necessary for the best results.

I would like to share some of the amazing offbeat experiences in the altered state of no water or food after 2 or 3 days(We did a full 96 hours without food or water). One of my more amazing experiences was that first I was peeved at yellow jackets(hornets) that seemed to want to bother my prayers and meditations. However, I found that I could communicate with them in my altered state. I spoke to them in my mind. They wanted to clean my nose. I had heard Australian Aborignes doing something like this so I let them clean my nose. They crawled up inside and as long as I stayed calm they went about their business. It seemed like at one time they might have had a symbiotic relationship with humans in this way. One must know that if you would slap at one in this state you would be stung inside your nose. So if it tickled too much or was just too weird all one would have to do is move one's head or if that didn't work shake ones head to get them to leave you alone.

Other very interesting events were a family of Wood ducks(Mama and about 10 chicks)would swim down river at dawn and then upriver at sunset each day to a night safe haven.

Also, a mated pair of bald eagles flew overhead during our vision quest which was also a very good sign.

Being in a visionary state from not eating after the 2nd or 3rd night I kept thinking I was hearing bears in the middle of the night entering the bear wallow. I had a hard time with this. If they were there and saw us likely a black bear might figure because we were there they didn't want to be there even though it was their wallow.

Another interesting fact was that we were at least 5 miles or more from the nearest paved road, 3 miles from the nearest dirt road and we then walked up by walking in the river so we were not on any trail. we were located where there were no signs at all(visual or hearing) for four 4 days of any humans or human activity at all.

It was as if humans didn't exist at all besides us for 4 days.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Vipassana. Several of my friends in the 1980s studied Vipassana meditation in India just before I arrived there in 1985 and some also studied Vipassana after I left.Here is a quote from "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert that describes it quite well.

Begin quote page 172 middle of page "So, that evening, I tried something new. I'd recently met a woman at the Ashram who'd been studying Vipassana meditation. Vipassana is an ultra-orthodox, stripped-down and very intensive Buddhist meditation technique. Basicaly, it's just 'sitting'. An introductory Vipassana course lasts for ten days, during which time you sit for ten hours a day in stretches of silence that last two to three hours at a time. It's the Extreme Sports version of transcendance. Your Vipassana master won't even give you a mantra; this is considered kind of cheating. Vipassana meditation is the practice of pure regarding, witnessing your mind and offering your complete consideration to your thought patterns, but allowing nothing to move you from your seat.

It's physically gruelling too. You are forbidden to shift your body at all once you have been seated, no matter how severe your discomfort then you are supposed to meditate upon that discomfort, watching the effect that physical pain has on you. In our real lives, we are constantly hopping around to adjust ourselves around discomfort--physical, emotional and psychological-- in order to evade the reality of grief and nuisance. Vipassana meditation teaches that grief and nuisance are inevitable in this life, but if you can plant yourself in stillness long enough, you will, in time, experience the truth that everything(both uncomfortable and lovely) eventually pass.

'The world is afflicted with death and decay, therefore the wise do not grieve, knowing the terms of the world,' says an old Buddhist teaching. In other words:Get used to it." endquote.

There is some kind of similarity between Vipassana and Dzogchen. However, to practice Dzogchen successfully one must be empowered by initiation from an empowered Tibetan Lama who is therefore qualified through both lineage and empowerment to empower you.

However, if you want to practice Vipassana anywhere on earth and you feel you are physically and psychologically balanced enough to do that then sit and look for the source of your thoughts. This is used instead of a mantra. You see the mantra is a way to divert the mind from its normal thoughts so enlightenment and understanding can occur. However, in this case one looks only for the source of ones thoughts. In the process of this one doesn't try to stop any thoughts being vomited up from the subconscious. This purging of thoughts and emotions can be very freeing in addition to enlightening. If you are terrified or enraptured by what comes up out of you and your mind and emotions continue the discipline of searching for the source of your thoughts. I have found this in the long run to be a very healing type of meditation.

The people I have personally noticed that tend to benefit from Vipassana meditation the most tend to be single people or people in more loosely knit relationships (not marriage) and those not married with children. The yoga of marriage and raising children tends also to force adult beings to: "Get used to it." If one cannot get used to it ones children either don't prosper or don't survive. I guess what I'm saying is that if you have young children sitting doing Vipassana 10 hours a day usually isn't an option.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Decisions Must Be Made

Decisions Must Be Made. I do not have any confidence at all that any or all Governments on earth can save mankind from extinction. They may be able like a good doctor be able to give us a relatively good diagnosis of the impending demise of life on earth but I think in the end only we, the human race of earth can save ourselves, individually and collectively. I'm saying this as a lifelong precognitive psychic, Seer and Visionary that has learned to trust his life to his senses.

If ANY of mankind are to survive through the next 3 centuries on earth I believe they only way this can happen is through grass roots solutions.

One way is for any of you who think up good ideas in how these problems could be solved is to make a, or home video and publish it on the web. This way even people who can't read can learn about your ideas. If your ideas are good ones others could relay these ideas to other languages or translate them verbally for their relatives or friends. People. We have a potential way to spread our ideas and actually keep the human race alive past the next 3 centuries. Decisions by all of us need to be made in order to make it possible for our children and grandchildren to live at all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cloverfield:The Movie

Cloverfield. It's an E ticket ride but you might need dramamine if you get vertigo easily. If you haven't seen the movie yet don't read the rest until you do so I don't spoil it for you.

First of I knew that if 46 million people in the US saw this basically the first weekend so that it was in a class of movie like "Iam Legend" with Will Smith. I was concerned that I might get vertigo and get sick but since I had been taught the trick of closing my eyes or looking away from the screen by IMAX managers in Las Vegas, I knew to look away from the screen if I felt vertigo or nauseous. So I did okay. My biggest problem with the movie was the overwhelming sound. It goes from very soft in a party or with two lovers to feeling like one is literally caught with ones pants down in the middle of a serious battle in a war to the death.

In other words the movie is just as overwhelming as real life. And that is exactly where it hits the audience. It is very easy to believe that all this is happening except that Godzilla is there. However, the feel of everything is very real like when one watches Saving Private Ryan. You actually feel like you are there. Things aren't explained just like in real life. You have to move with no information or not enough information which is also just like real life.

So, also the decisions made are just as ineffective as real life. Without enough information many people die needlessly just like during 9-11-01. And also, I found this movie very therapeutic in a very odd sort of way. I realized just how healing this movie was for me, personally, because of some similarities to what people in buildings and on the streets of New York experienced during 9-11. So for people around world there is a chance for both understanding and healing in regard to watching this movie around 9-11 and all the long term traumas and changes it brought to all our lives.

So, when all the people you are rooting for don't make it you are really not surprised. There is a moment, if you are an adult when you realize they likely won't make it. It is when Beth calls Rob on his cellphone and begs for his help as she is bleeding to death in her high rise apartment. His decision to go into harms way to find her and save her gives everyone in the audience who is an adult an ominous foreboding in regard to Rob's life and anyone who chooses to follow him. Unfortunately ,our adult suspicions were sadly confirmed about this going to Beth being not only a bad idea but a fatal one for all who join Rob on his journey to rescue Beth.

What I found incredibly lifelike about the movie is that if Godzilla hadn't impaled Beth on an exposed piece of 3 foot rebar used for reinforcing cement about 1/2 inch in diameter Beth would have never known that Rob actually loved her(he was a long time friend who slept with his friend who he didn't know he loved)and Rob would have gone off to Japan likely never to see the love of his life again. Life is really crazy like that. I can remember an equally crazy situation like that in my life. And I went off and that was the permanent end of a relationship that could have or maybe even should have ended in marriage. So in a sense I have seen a real incident in my life that mirrored what could have been in this movie.

However, I'm not sure whether it would work if everyone all of a sudden tried to use this method in other movies. IT HAS TO BE A REALLY GOOD MOVIE TO PUT UP WITH THIS MUCH VERTIGO FOR MOVIE GOERS. Remember that, movie makers.

PS January 26th 2008- It took me several days because of all the chaos of the movie but I just realized that Beth might have survived because she is put on a helicopter before the one Rob and the rest get on. So if she managed not to bleed to death from being impaled through the shoulder by a 1/2 inch thick re-bar(cement reinforcing metal bar) then at least she might have survived.

Family Praying

Family Praying. My mother's mother and father were raised in Scotland mostly. So my mother was a full blood Scot who was born in America in Nebraska. the word "Fae" can refer to a Scot from Scotland or even the faerie realm but I always think of it relating to the second sight that my mother, grandmother and I have. My mother and I have the green eyes of the enchanter sort of like Christian mystical only a little Merlinesque too.

My father's side came here from first Switzerland near Zurich and then a short time in Germany before arriving in Philadelphia Harbor by ship in 1720s. Now my relatives live all over the US and the world. My Father's father was an electrical contractor and trained his three sons to be electricians and contractors too. He sent his two girls to college. My father complained that he didn't get to go to college like his sisters as he was very smart and a straight A student. My father's father liked to hunt on weekends and owned for a while 20 hound dogs for hunting deer, elk and bear from the early 1900's to around 1930. My grandfather and my father were my most unforgetable charactors in my life. They both could be very scary if they wanted to be or also gentle family men. It didn't matter whether it was animals or people they would be scared of my Dad or Grandad if they wanted them to be. So in this sense they were both very Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone like. They were both very comfortable miles and miles from the nearest person alone in the wilderness. My grandfather sometimes when Dad was small strung trap lines during the winter in the sawtooth mountains of Idaho so he could be alone and still make money for the winter when my dad and his four brothers and sister were still under 12. My dad and his dad were storytellers in the old way that existed for thousands of years before radio and TV. They both would spin their yarns for hours if anyone would listen and if they did they would be laughing and completely entertained. So my grandfather's religion was the wilderness. My father wanted a church to go to too because they hadn't gone to one as children even though they had many many wild adventures as a family.

So my father met my mother in the church he joined when he was about 21 or 22. They married when he was 30 and she 26.

Even though my first memory was of Archangel Michael and the other Archangels there were other memories like when I had chicken pox at age 5 and my mother and grandmother were in the next room praying hard for me as some kids died of that back then in 1953.Anyway, the whole room turned gold and I felt the presence of Jesus. Being near Jesus I found to be such a wonderful experience that sometimes as a child I longed to be sick just so I could experience Jesus in my room again and to have the room turn gold and to feel his healing presence along with all his angels.

As a child I was taught to visualize what I wanted from God. My parents told me that if I was clear about what I wanted all I had to do was to experience myself in union with God and to see what I wanted and it would happen. As a child I remember feeling a little scared about this and I said, "What if I'm angry and want something bad?" My parents said, "God will know the difference. If you are angry you aren't praying." Though they gave me this answer it didn't make me feel completely satisfied at the answer. As an adult I realized why.

The answer is in reality that if one goes into a God fusion state and visualizes something bad to someone who doesn't deserve it sometimes the one doing the bad visualizing dies within 2 weeks. (as ye sow shall ye reap or karma). So as I encountered some people who prayed for bad things to happen to me I learned to send the energy back(reflecting it back) so instead of it harming me it harms the sender instead(karma).

There is an advanced technique where you strip the qualification away and keep the energy to do with as you wish but I have found this so tricky and problematic that I let angels do this kind of stuff because they are much better at this and more practiced at it than I.

Most of the time now many of my friends who have passed away do take care of this sort of thing for me as they support what I'm doing with my spiritual life on earth.

So, praying for me is seeing the best things I can for all people to happen and praying for what is best for everyone. Often this alone saves their lives and prevents their untimely deaths.

When I was in my 20's I noticed that a master was in the same county as me. I was sensitive enough to notice that the weather was influenced by the presence of the master in the county. I thought to myself, "This is really amazing that a master's presence can change even the weather and make it better." It really got me to thinking about compassion, kindness and spiritual paths and how to move forward in the kindest most compassionate and infinitely efficient way possible for all life in the universe!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

40 Year Later

40 Years Later. This is a part 2 to the previous article "The Actual Paradigm of Soul Travel".

My experience at ages 22 to 25 was exploring first all over earth in my "Mental?" body. I am refering to it this way because I still don't know at what points the Divine Body merges with the mental body and no one has satisfactorily ever explained this to me.

So from 22 to 25 years of age I experimented with soul travel on earth and beyond. Within the first year or so I made a journey first to Venus where I met other beings in
non physical bodies living there. To them, their non physical bodies were there physical bodies. So to me at least it appeared they only had Mental Bodies to live in. They accepted me as one of them and when I told them I wanted to go to the Galactic Core to ask help for Earth they told me to go into the sun.

I said, "Won't I die if I do that and burn up?" They said, "No. You are in a finer body than a physical one that isn't affected by heat or cold." So I did as they told me and went into the sun and met Solar Plasma Beings. These beings bodies were made out of Solar Plasma rather than physical bodies like we wear on earth. I also realized that both the types of non physical humanoids and Solar PLasma people also sometimes incarnate as earthborn humans and vice versa.

So I was sent through the Sun to the Galactic Core of this Galaxy. I know this sounds like a fairy tale but remember I actually experienced this. When I reached the Galactic Core I was as confused as when my hand went through the bathroom wall because it was not at all what I expected. I expected to find God in the Galactic Core. Instead I found incredibly intelligent beings (somewhere between 1000 and 1,000,000 IQ that live thousands to millions of years but who would die if they came to earth because they wouldn't have what they need to live there. So the fact that I came to visit them would be a lot like Tarzan visiting the US Congress in about 1820. (The 1820 has more to do with how difficult it is to visit other places in the Galaxy like it was difficult to travel around the earth in 1820.) I asked for help in preventing the extinction of life on earth through nuclear holocaust or by any other means. They said that as long as their leader could look through my eyes on earth humans would be saved from destruction. I agreed. However, remember I was 22 then. Since then I have sometimes wondered if I did the right thing. However, then I had at 12 experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis when I was 12 and remember I was 22 in 1970. At age 12 I had read a book called "Alas Babylon" which was a nuclear holocaust in the United States and the aftermath. This gives you a better idea that how I saw myself then was as a sacrifice so that humans on earth could stay alive and not go extinct.

After this experience I tried soul traveling beyond the edge of the Galaxy and this so terrified me that I stopped soul traveling from about age 25 until I was around 32 years old and met a Tibetan Lama in Ashland, Oregon. Since he understood the Void beyond the edge of the Galaxy he didn't have to explain it to me because he was gifted too. By just being around him I intuitively "KNEW". Then since then I found I could go to other galaxies as well as this one when I felt God guided me too. When I started to read about Gautama Buddha doing similar things as I was doing I became even more interested in Buddhism knowing he soul traveled to thousands of worlds and Galaxies too.

However, now my experience is very different than all these above experiences. In Tibetan Buddhism one is asked to become a King of Enlightenment for the expressed purpose of lifting all others to enlightenment as well. In the early 1980's I made this my goal as well and have never ceased to be amazed at just how quick and compassionate and incredibly(infinitely) powerful this path is.

It is said that one can become enlightened alone and travel across the Ocean to enlightenment in a rowboat or one can join the Mahayana and the Vajrayana and travel there with hundreds or thousands in a Jet like a Boeing 747.

However, my personal experience of it is even beyond that. I would say it is more like
going to enlightenment in a compassionate mothership with trillions of compassionate beings from all times and spaces and beings and spanning thousands of Galaxies!

The Actual Paradigm of Soul Travel

The Actual Paradigm of Soul Travel. Whether you believe in God or nature or science or whatever, I can vouch that soul travel is a scientific fact from my personal experience. I have since met hundreds and perhaps thousands of people at this point in my life that have also experienced this. However, I see it much differently now than I did as a young person first asking God through prayer to let me soul travel.

My first experience that God Granted me almost killed me because I did not expect it and almost had a heart attack at age 22 when it occurred. When I got up one night while visiting the Desert for a weekend away from San Diego where I lived at the time I got up to go to the toilet in the bathroom at about 2 am after having been asleep for a few hours. When I tried to turn on the light switch in the bathroom my whole arm went through the wall. Since I wasn't expecting this I almost died before I calmed down enough to get presence of mind enough to think of what to do. I remembered reading that one must go back to ones body. So I walked back to my body and looked at it. This made me feel nauseated but I still forced myself to lie down into my body. After I merged with my body I started shaking almost convulsively in terror. Since I was alone in the desert over 100 miles from anyone I knew in a friends weekender cabin I decided to drive home because I couldn't emotionally deal with the reality of soul travel when I felt so out of control in relation to it and being so physically alone and away from anyone I knew.

As I packed up my VW Bug and drove home at about 3 am I said to God, "You almost killed me, God! PLease give me a good experience to take the horror of that experience out of my mind and emotions."

Since I have this kind of relationship with God, God granted my wish. A month or two later I was home in Rancho Bernardo and I woke up and sat up out of my body. This did not bother me as I was still connected to my body from the hips to my toes so I felt safe doing this. Then something I never understood fully until just today happened! I saw another me dressed just like the other two of me in the same pajamas walking in my bedroom door with and angelic look on its peaceful face. At the time I was about 22 years old and wondered why the three of us wore the same pajamas. So what all this meant besides the fact that I had entered into a new scientific paradigm of soul travel did not occur to me then.

Only today I was speaking with my wife and realized what had actually happened. I had been reading recently about a system of belief that I believe originated in India and the Himalayas from yogis and cave yogis. In this system of beliefs each of us have three bodies, a physical body, a mental body, and a divine body. Finally, after almost 40 years I made full sense of this. When I sat up out of my physical body I was in my finer mental body, my physical body remained asleep as I was conscious in my mental body and my divine self walked in the door with a divine countenance.

Today I believe that what survives after physical death is the divine body and the mental body even though in time I believe the mental body merges out of necessity with the divine body. I believe the mental body stores all the memories of the lifetime of the body that had lived. The divine body is capable of being anywhere and anywhen or of being everywhere and everywhen.

Enlightenment is accomplished when one becomes completely in sync with ones Divine Body with ones mental and physical bodies. To me, today this is a scientifically proven fact. The only reason it is not necessarily a scientific fact for you would be that you might not have experienced this first hand yet in this lifetime. So you have something to look forward to if that is your goal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Problem of Virtualization

The Problem of Virtualization. My understanding of what Virtualization of the networks is that all computers and Servers involved in a network become shared in such a way that there is not longer any real separation between one server and another or one computer and another in the way work is done over the network of computers and servers.

In some ways this is already happening for example when your computer or server is updated often without you knowing anything about it as long as your computer is on and connected either by wire or wireless-ly to the internet.

By having more or less a clear definition of my computer and his computer and that server that serves users all these websites, then if a virus, cookie or anything else infects one computer, server or whatever it doesn't necessarily infect any other server or computer. However, with virtualization it is sort of like if it were people instead of computers, it would be like I wouldn't necessarily know which hand, eye, brain, idea, foot, sexual organ etc. was mine and which was somebody elses. You may not have a problem with that but I see a basic confusion coming in the actual existence and functioning of such a thing.

I also have always had concerns about the whole way that computers have fundamentally been built and designed and then the software has been designed. Hasn't it occured to anyone else that the Roswell and other crafts that were the basis of not only early transistors as well as the basis reverse engineered of so many computers today that in a sense that the Roswell craft could have been a technological Trojan horse?

Maybe the end result of this particular type of technology we have developed doesn't keep humans being able to take care of themselves or moves us toward becoming some sort of Borg like race like out of Star Trek the next generation.

I like the idea of indvidual computers served by individual servers. The more homogenized computers and servers get the more I feel that individual humans will be made more vulnerable and will pay a dear price for it individually and collectively, mostly because we won't know the consequences until they happen because on this level NO ONE IS MINDING THE STORE!

PS January 29th the problem at the french bank by the misguided trader trying to make a name for himself as a trader is just one of the thousands of potential future problems that will only be aggravated and made worse by Virtualization of the Networks!


Sputtering. When I was a teenager about the time the Beatles first hit the USA was about 1964. I remember picking up either a Post or Life Magazine with them on the cover and walking over to my friend's garage where we talked about the latest sensation the Beatles. I was around 15 or 16 at the time.

What is happening to not only the US Economy but also the World's economy reminds me a lot of the sputtering 1953 Lincoln engine that my friend was rebuilding along with rebuilding the automatic transmission. Before that he had a 40 Ford Flathead Coupe which was a really cool looking car. The Mercury was just ok. It had wheels and could get us places. That was what was important.

But the sound of a sputtering engine newly rebuilt by us and improperly tuned by a couple of novice teenagers reminds me a lot of the world economy now. The Fed is trying to tune the US Economic engine just right so the "water in the Gas" Subprime debacle doesn't make the (Global engine) cough or wheeze or die. Because once that sputtering engine dies it takes a whole lot to get it going again. Because the battery could die or the gas could just have too much water in it to run properly(remember the water in the gas is the subprime). So when I watch Bernanke drop the lending interest rate to banks I think a lot of that 1953 Mercury rebuilt engine and rebuilt transmission all done by us in 1963 or 64 and all the black smoke pouring out the tailpipe as the engine tries not to die from a bad tuning by incompetent teenagers. Sputter Sputter sputter.

Just like that engine if it takes too long to get into a good tuned rhythm it will automatically after combusting poorly for a while just sputter and die all by itself. So the US and Global economy need to get it right or they will just keep sputtering until they go into Global recession or temporary death(Full On Global Depression). None of the signs tell me that there will be a depression for sure. However, if competent people don't do more than they presently are the Global economic engine will cough sputter and temporarily die and have to be restarted again. So let's keep it going. Ok?

Too Little too Late?

Too Little Too Late. It's 1:33 am early tuesday Morning January 22nd 2008, the Asian Stock markets are said to be off around 20% now since the first of the year. I'm wondering what is next? George Soros, a well known investor worldwide says that this is the worst thing to happen to the stock market since World War II. I'm inclined to agree with him if this continues.

There was no real reason for any of this to happen. That's what is really crazy about all of this. If the US Government had just jumped in and frozen interest rates on all Adjustable Rate Mortgages at the teaser rates before they reset none of this would be happening. Now, something worse than the Great Depression is possible worldwide. Even though the basics in the US Economy are okay, the vicious cycle of the financial destruction of peoples finances and lives in the United States from forced foreclosures will destroy the world economy. Why is the US Government letting this unnecessary debacle happen? That is my question. I feel like I'm watching the Hurricane Katrina Debacle multiplied by about 1 million as I write this.

Monday, January 21, 2008

from The Bard

From the Bard. As I was composing this in my mind as I was trying to go to sleep tonight I started to think of the humor(humour England english)of titling my blog(article) this. I thought back to the legends of Francis Bacon(the supposed illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Since these legends say that he actually wrote the Shakespearean plays under the nom de plume of William Shakespeare and since when his grave was dug up and his coffin opened there was only rocks and no body and since because of this he is also thought to be "Saint Germain, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania etc. in the coming centuries as well as the famous "Man who never died" and as Francis Bacon before his feigned death he wrote the foremost book on clandestine codes that wasn't surpassed until computers were invented during World War II and since William Shakespeare is often thought of as "The Bard" you can see why this might in afterthought seem humourous(english spelling) to me.

However, actually it was my wife's doing when she called me recently "The Bard" and handed me a well researched historical fictional novel by the same name. It is by Morgan Llywelyn and published in the late 1980's in paperback by Tor Books. It's full title is "Bard The Odyssey of the Irish". I'm always a little guarded when I read such books as they always key me into past lives, most of which I don't want to remember in detail. However,I found a quote in the first few pages on the top of page 2 that I liked. Begin Quote "Druid vision, like druid talent, was a sometime thing, not under a man's control. It's occurance and usage were chosen by the spirits for their own communication." end quote.

This reminds me a lot of my life as a child and as a young man. Though I would know
most of the time what I needed to know, many times I wondered why I would be shown this and not that. I finally decided that this must be because God or the Universe has some kind of plan. By selectively showing me and other gifted people certain things in certain sequences time would naturally go down certain directions rather than others. Certain lives would be saved and others not known about would be lost along the way.

An old friend who is an Empath(knows what others are feeling and thinking without any words) held the hand of a man dying from a heart attack. She asked God if she was allowed to save his life and she was told "No. It is his time to go." She sensed she could get his heart going again but she was obedient when God(or the man's Guardian Angel) told her this.

Time and time again I have heard these kinds of stories from gifted people and of the people they had asked God if they were allowed to save from death and sometimes they were told "Yes" and sometimes they were told "no".

I think it is a lot like being an incarnate angel when one has gifts like this. Unless one is obedient to God one loses their gifts.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Humanoids and Humans

Humanoids and Humans. Is what I'm going to write Science Fiction or just psychic musings? I'll let you decide for yourselves.

Humans were not the first bipeds with two five finger hands on earth. Yes, of course there were monkeys and apes and sometimes we are called the great naked apes. But I'm speaking here of something else.

When humanoids that we are genetically related to first came to earth from other planets, other dimensions and other galaxies they were used to much colder places than here on earth. In order to duplicate where they live they had to go to places like the Alps, the Himalayas, the Rockies, like that! They brought with them through time and space as that is the only useful way to travel that far in order to arrive the same second that you left your home world or dimension in this galaxy or another. They brought with them blank humanoid eggs with all dna removed. They also brought with them their own dna(plenty of cells) to impregnate the blank humanoid eggs with. But because the climate was so warm for them most places some of them died within a few months from horrible unknown tropical diseases. No animals were really a threat to their technology but tropical diseases that were unknown to them killed many. So the research scientists among them looked at the apes who were similar in size and physiology and decided to create a subspecies to help them survive better on earth. Since the humanoids were vulnerable in tropical or even semi arrid climates. They bred these new humanoids from their own dna mixed with ape dna. They were sad that their new children weren't very intelligent and didn't live very long but at least the humanoids could survive here at higher altitudes. They trained their 'children' as they called them to grow food and to harvest it for them. Later they trained their 'children' to make things that they needed. Some of their children stayed with the humanoids and learned from them and took care of the elderly humanoids when they got old.

Over time the humanoids decided either to stay and have children with the new breed of lesser intelligent and short lived humanoids or they left. So, over time the lesser intelligent and smaller humanoids were left to fend for themselves. Though they didn't live very long (their ancestors from other worlds lived 1000 to 3000 years or longer and had IQ's of 1000 or more)

As time went on the more intelligent of the new humanoids and the bigger and stronger and nastier survived when the others didn't. They also began all sorts of cultures, belief systems tribal religions and finally national religions until they had what we have today. However, now like our ancestors our intelligence and our lifespans are starting to grow, we are becoming better at sharing ideas, religions, cultures worldwide like our ancestors did on their home planets and so our ancestors more and more think of us as their prodigal sons and daughters returning to them once again.

Mokens Survived the Tsunami

Mokens Survived the Tsunami. Here are two sites still available over 3 years after the Great Tsunami in the Pacific(December 26th 2004) that killed over one quarter million people in the western Pacific Basin. Here is the story of how all the tribe of Mokens survived the Tsunami.

We were eating dinner at the wharf on the ocean when once again we visited this subject. It has fascinated me because I have always been interested in cultural anthropology and how peoples survive things for thousands of years without the technology of the last few hundred years available.

The basic story goes something like this. The two sites one at and the other at above will give more information if you are interested.

The Moken tribe of about 2000 to 4000 people live off the coast of Thailand in the Surin Islands (a national park). They have lived in this general area for hundreds if not thousands of years. They have no word for (when or worry). Even as a western interviewer tried to make sense about what had happened through his translater he asked his translator why this Moken man was standing next to him. The translator said that the Moken man was waiting for him to leave his boat but that since there is no word for when in the Moken language he will just stand there until the interviewer left. It was okay. The western interviewer had some difficulty dealing with this. However, it all worked out okay in the end.

The morning of the tsunami an elder man in the tribe of Moken Sea Gypsies said to his daughter(who was a mother in her 30s) "We all either have to go to higher ground or we need to take our boats out to sea!" She said to him, "Old Man, have you been drinking?" He said, "No. I am just doing what the old tribal stories said if we want to survive a tsunami." She then started to wonder and consulted more of the tribal elders. They all agreed the signs were there for a Tsunami. These are the signs, the birds fly away to higher ground and all the animals that are not tied up or fenced in go to higher ground. The father, the daughter and all the Mokens got together and those with boats took them way out to sea to ride out the tsunami. The rest went to higher ground on their Islands. In this way they saved all the Moken people from the Tsunami. They also tried to save men on the local big fishing boats but they didn't believe the Moken people and those fishermen all died because they didn't believe.

This is a perfect example of how some people with a tribal memory similar to the singing of Bards in Europe kept their people alive by learning from their tribes histories through oral stories, song and dance and singing. This sort of oral rendition of tribal and national histories is one of the main ways civilizations survived without writing, paper or clay tablets to write or to put hieroglyphics on.

This was just the general way things were done worldwide until the first Gutenberg press was invented.

Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga. Dream Yoga

I found out recently that the Last Karmapa(continuously reincarnating Buddha or Tibetan Tulku since the 1200s)became so enlightened that when meditating pictures could be taken of him and he appeared as a ghost with the wall visible behind him. His method of enlightenment was Dream Yoga. His present incarnation is about 23 years old and escaped from Tibet when he was about 15 to further study toward his present enlightenment this time around.(The only way I can presently think of to keep an enlightened being in a human body enlightened would be to start extending the lifespan of Buddhas through diet, medicine, consciousness, exercise, etc.)until we have more enlightened beings than we do now that live 100s and thousands of years.

Beings on earth presently that live beyond 100 or more years with youthfulness of there 30s and 40s still intact have to be careful who they tell about this and most simply take on new lives and say nothing except possibly to their closest students who are likely to live a long time like them.

We all live or die by our definition of the universe. Most of us are conditioned to believe one thing or the other as we grow up to our health or detriment. However, at some point if we are to become full adults sometime between ages 20 to 40 normally, we must totally define our own realities or else we do not become the gods that each human is potentially capable of becoming. Just like plants who are not put on good soil but upon cement die as babies or plants not given water or sun die, likewise humans who are not given what they need either by others or as adults by their seeking it die without becoming the literal gods that they are potentially capable of.

So, in the interests of defining the universe that is beneficent toward all beings in it I am writing the following:
The Dream Yoga of the Universe according to Fred

I will start defining the universe with my first real experience of this lifetime. My Grandmother was singing (Hark the Herald Angels Sing) and I was sitting in her lap(I was between 1 and 2 years old). As she sang Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels appeared in the room with us. They were bright and shiny and wore jeweled armour(I thought I would use the British Spelling for some reason of Armor- Armour). The seemed like a group of soldiers on leave visiting a fellow comrade in the way they related to me. The power of this experience and all of Gods Grace from it has stayed with me all my life as well as Archangel Michael who has continued to appear to me throughout my life whenever there was real danger.

Though my perfect innocent sight as a child changed into the adult sight of a Seer I did not lose my ability to see angels and Archangels like many people do just by people telling them that they cannot see angels. My parents allowed me to keep my sight of angels by encouraging these abilities.

Later, when I was at a religious school my senior Class was dedicated to the Great Divine Director who is also known as the Lord Maha Chohan or the Master R. Then when I left the Saint Germain Foundation because Saint Germain had other work for me to do I was in Summit University in 1977 my Class was dedicated to Archangel Gabriel and Faith (his girlfriend angel?)

It is my understanding that Archangel Gabriel came to Mary the mother of Jesus to tell her that she was with child. I believe Archangel Gabriel was with Archangel Michael when I was one or two years old. Though Archangel Gabriel was present, Archangel Michael was in charge of protecting me throughout my life.

However, when Father Charles Moore (a Catholic Priest friend) who was a Seer in the same way I am passed on and he came to me then to tell me about the 2nd Coming of Christ through Jesus rebirth into human form around December 21st 2012 I believe Archangel Gabriel was present for that. And since Archangel Michael and Gabriel gave me 3 signs the same day that this was accurate I now fully believe that this date signals the second coming of Christ. The reason I believe it is that I have learned to trust Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel with my life over the years. So I believe this is completely accurate about the 2nd coming of Christ. He will be born around this date. There will be no fanfare and no one who is not a wise man or woman will even know when it happens. Thirty years later he will announce himself and some will believe and some will not just like before. The real difference this time is that he is coming for all beings not only on earth but for the whole galaxy and beyond. So since this date is nearing UFOs from all over will be seen more and more. Though governments will want to deny their existence it will become more and more problematic for all governments on earth to do this. I am not sure how all this will work itself out.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Dividends. When the stock market changed rapidly after 2001 it became very obvious that if one were a conservative investor(by the way 'conservative' in this sense is not political but the way one positions investments so they make money in a less risky way) that the only practical way to own stocks was then to own dividend bearing stocks both for the safety of companies that give dividends and for the actual dividends themselves which make it worthwhile to invest in stocks at all. I wrote a Blog recently that I titled "11,000" being the number at which my wife and I were considering to be a good number to sell all our stocks so we didn't have the same problems we encountered in 2001 when the market crashed big last.

However, now I'm beginning to see some signs that things might not be as bad as I thought a few days ago. The first Change is the 150 Billion that the President and Congress want to give to companies and the public to infuse the marketplace with money to jumpstart the economy. The second change is that the price of oil is dropping and that is a potentially very good thing for the world economy. These two factors plus several more on the horizon are beginning to give me personally a little hope that 11,000 won't be reached in the next 6 months.

This is not to say that factors beyond possibly anyones control are not in place now worldwide. Factors like Governmental Hackers from China, Russia, Iran or wherever. Factors like the price of oil or severe weather in too many places at once. In other words too many Hurricane Katrinas or droughts or the like. All these things must be factored in daily to make any sense at all of the worlds stock markets

A Mind

A Mind.

"A mind not governed by the heart only takes one to suicide and self destruction."

I was having a great conversation lately with a young person. She said, "It hurts my mind to think about everything in the universe and God."

I said, "The mind cannot comprehend all things in the universe. However,the heart naturally comprehends everything. So the mind must look to the heart for guidance."


Adversity takes us to God

Adversity takes us to God.Living in America can be wonderful or terrible depending upon ones circumstances but it is important to understand that any adversities in our lives take us to God. Why do you think we say, "Oh my God!" or "Jesus Christ!" in scary situations or as a last desperate plea and yes, as we die unexpectedly or as we are being murdered. Yes, adversity takes us to God.

Most of the time our adversities are not that great. However, it is quite possible that America and the world might be entering a slowdown, a recession or even another Great Depression. During these types of times there is usually not enough of anything, food, shelter, warmth, survival---anything. "These are the times that try men's souls!"

Starting with Viet Nam(I was 17 in 1965 when it really started going) and I was 25 in 1973 when it finally ended in disaster for our country. I don't believe America or the world has ever completely recovered from Viet Nam, the Soviet Union or the Cold War. It has left a residue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on all the citizens of the world in many ways.

Likewise, it will take 25 or 30 years (or more) for the world to even begin to recover and understand what has happened and how the world has changed since 2001 from this last "Terrorist War". And it may be going on and become another 100 years war because of its very nature.

All the big adversities and little individual adversities take us to God, make us cynical or make us give up completely and commit suicide directly or indirectly.

One of the most important things to do in these kinds of times is to be very aware of all our motivations, because if we start slipping into hopelessness it can be like a game of Russian roulette with a loaded gun. It doesn't take much then to die or go crazy. I'm not sure which is worse at that point.

So, the healthiest thing to do in times of adversity is to reach out to God. Whether it is in the expletives, "Oh My God!" or "Jesus Christ" or being in tears at the side of our beds or roads and begging for God's help I think any and all these things are necessary to stay alive and functional and useful to our nations, our friends, our families, the world, the universe and to God!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Meditation

On Meditation. Though there are many different types of meditation I would like to share some quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat Pray Love”.

I’m sure many of you have had difficulty with mastering one form of meditation or another. There is a particularly poignant and humorous difficulty with Meditation that Elizabeth Gilbert mentions on pages 94 to 97. However, here I would like to share a successful meditation as well as other mystics of all religions experiences also outlined by Gilbert.

She mentions previous to this that the mantra "Ham-Sa" means “I am That”. Which in a Christian context is interesting because when Moses asked God what his name is translated he said, “I am that I am”. So from this point of view one is through both mantra and meditation one is acknowledging oneness with God. By acknowledging oneness with God the real experience of this naturally follows. However, for me it is a lot like jumping off a cliff and never hitting the ground. It is bound to take ones breath away for awhile.

I should mention that Elizabeth Gilbert at this point in the book is practicing meditation in an Ashram in India near Mumbai for a month with people from the United States, India and all over the world.

Begin quote page 141, "Ham-sa In Sanskrit it means "I am that"

The Yogis say that Ham-sa is the most natural mantra, the one we are all given by God before birth. It is the sound of our own breath. 'Ham' on the inhale,'sa' on the exhale. (Ham by the way, is pronounced softly, openly, like 'hahhhm', not like the meat you put on a sandwich. And 'sa' rhymes with "Ahhhh...) As long as we live every time we breathe in or out, we are repeating this mantra. I am That. I am divine, I am with God, I am an expression of God, I am not separate, I am not alone, I am not this limited illusion of an individual. I've always found 'Ham-sa' easy and relaxing. Easier to meditate with than (my mantra) Om Namah Shivaya, the---how would you say this---"Official mantra of this Yoga. But I was talking to this monk the other day and he told me to go ahead and use 'Ham-sa' if it helped my meditation. He said, "Meditate on whatever causes a revolution in your mind.

So I'll sit with it today.
I am That.

Thoughts come, but I don't pay much attention to them, other than to say to them in an almost motherly manner. "Oh, I know you jokers---Go outside and play now--- Mommy's listening to God."
I am That
I fell asleep for a while. (Or whatever. In meditation, you can never really be sure if what you think is sleep is actually sleep; soemtimes it's just another level of consciousness)When I awake or whatever, I can feel this soft blue electrical energy pulsing through my body, in waves. It's a little alarming, but also amazing. I don't know what to do, so I just speak internally to this energy. I say to it, "I believe in you," and it magnifies, volumizes, in response. It's frighteningly powerful now, like a kidnapping of the senses. It's humming up from the base of my spine. My neck feels like it wants to stretch and twist, so I let it, and then I'm sitting there in the strangest position--perched upright like a good Yogi, but with my left ear pressed hard against my left shoulder. I don't know why my head and neck want to do this, but I'm not going to argue with them; they are insistent. The pounding blue energy keeps pitching through my body, and I cn hear a sort of thrumming sound in my ears, and it's so mighty now that I actually can't deal with it anymore. It scares me so much that I say to it, "I'm not ready yet!" and snap open my eyes. It all goes away. I'm back in a room again, back in my surroundings. I look at my watch. I've been here--or somewhere--for almost an hour.
I'm panting, literally panting." End quote page 142 end of Chapter 45

Though on one level I should end it there to give your spirit a chance to take all this in I'm also drawn to share the beginning of Chapter 46 on page 143. Begin quote
"To understand what that experience was, what happened in there(by which I mean both 'in the meditation cave' and 'in me') brings up a topic rather esoteric and wild--namely the subject of 'kundalini shakti'.

Every religion in the world has a subset of devotees who seek a direct transcendent experience with God, excusing themselves from fundamentalist scriptural or dogmatic study in order to personally encounter the divine. The interesting thing about these mystics is that, when they describe their experiences, they all end up describing exactly the same occurance. Generally their union with God occurs in a meditative state, and is delivered through an energy source that fills the entire body with euphoric, electric light. The Japanese call this energy 'ki', the Chinese Buddhists call it 'chi', the Balinese call it 'n/um' (their holy men describe it as a snakelike power that ascends through the spine and blows a hole in the head through which the gods then enter). The Islamic Sufi poets called that God-energy "The Beloved", and wrote devotional poems to it. The Australian oborigines describe a serpent in the sky that descends into the medicine man and gives him intense, other-worldly powers. In the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah his union with the divine is said to occur through stages of spiritual ascension, with energy that runs up the spine along a series of invisible meridians.

Saint Teresa of Avila, that most mystical of Catholic figures, described her union with God as a physical ascension of light through seven inner "mansions' of her beings, afer which she burst into God's presence. She used to go into meditative trances so deep that the other nuns couldn't feel her pulse anymore. She would beg her fellow nuns not to tell anyone what they had witnessed as it was 'a most extraordinary thing and likely to arouse considerable talk.' (Not to mention a possible interview with the Inquisitor) The most difficult challenge, the saint wrote in her memoirs, was to not stir up the intellect during meditation, for any thoughts of the mind-- even the most fervent prayers--will extinguish the fire of God." Endquote bottom of page 143.

My personal experiences with the meditative state is that I prefer to live there. Now you may say this isn't possible. However, I have found that if I have the 'Leisure to Practice' and so if I am not plaqued with the workaday world that much I can stay in a meditative "Dream Yoga" state 24 hours a day. In this dream yoga state I notice that there is a quality of both dreams and reality merging. Now you may think this odd but I find it very natural. What is merging is the divine and the mundane into one Holistic 24 hour a day experience. What I'm finding is that less and less do Any disturbances whether they be physical or on any other level interfere with my ongoing union with the Divine.

I think as a young person one might have difficulty with understanding what the divine actually is and therefore believe that only the physical is real. In actuality the physical is only one of many levels of reality and is in actuality one of the least real of those actual levels. There is a saying, "Don't believe everything you hear." Well, in regard to the physical "Don't believe everything you See!" However, learning what actually is real takes a lot of time and a lot of testing. That is why you don't see fully actualized enlightened children very often.

Google Philanthropy: $25 million

Google Philanthropy:$25 million. I was happy to hear that Google is putting 25 million toward helping find solutions to Global Warming, Poverty and disease. I believe that that the Gates Foundation because of its philanthropic efficiency has inspired many silicon Valley types of Companies to efficiently go about trying to solve some of the worlds greatest ills.

If you are interested in reading the article it's name is:

Google philanthropy targets global warming, poverty and disease.
It is at

Since many of you might not know know how to key in URL's at the top of your screen I think I'll start this new format of how I refer to articles I'm commenting on.

Being Right Isn't Always Fun

Being Right isn't Always Fun. If you've read many of my Blogs(articles) you know that I am very intuitive. Some might call me a psychic or a Seer. Relatives on both sides of my family have this potential too. They just didn't have to survive childhood epilepsy without any medications like I did. (My father being similar to Christian Science wouldn't let me take medications) so I was on my own and the survival process made me a remarkably accurate Seer.

Most of the time family and friends are uncomfortable when I'm right all the time. They, by now just consider it an eccentricity of their husband, Dad or friend. So I've learned to say what is going to happen when I get information and then when people want something else to happen go along with them mentally(as long as there is no physical harm coming) and then I can be happy or disappointed when what I said would happen happens. I know it is all very odd but this is my life and I have lived this way almost all of it.

I'm presently recovering from another bout of this kind of strangeness only this time it is a disappointment at being right once again.

My oldest biological daughter was going skiing(I ski and she snowboards although she is an expert skier too) with us this weekend. However, back on January 1st I told both her and my wife that if we didn't ski that week (January 1st through 4th) the weekend they were planning to ski wouldn't happen. They said, "Oh Fred. I don't think you're right." So? I'm right once again. I knew that something would stop it. I was laying in bed this morning wondering whether we were going or not. My youngest daughter had a fever of about 100 degrees and my wife was starting to get it too and my oldest daughter had a cold( she told me on the phone) so it's not happening. So, it's not fun always being right. And because I bought into all the family excitement concerning this trip I pushed my predictions to the back of my mind hoping I was going to be wrong. Nope. I was right!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


11,000. My wife and I were talking about the stock market recently. It has become relatively unpredictable. Even a friend of ours who is a full time investor is worried. Since its high of about 14,000 recently it is now less than 90% of that or a 10%+ loss of value of the average stock. My investor friend said that this is really hurting him financially at this point. My wife and I are conservative investors even though we know someone who lost 80% of their stock values in the 2001 crash after 9-11 because their investments were too aggressive.

However, even the conservative investors are worried. Especially with Countrywide having to be bought by Bank of America and Citigroup's subprime roller coaster. My wife said she thought that the stock market at 14,000 was overvalued and thought about 12,500 was appropriate. However, we both are thinking that we don't want to wait 5 years again like we did after 9-11 for our stocks to return to their pre 9-11 values.

It is definitely a time to already be invested in dividend bearing stocks for a variety of reasons. But it is approaching a time to convert to cash, safe money market funds or treasury bonds. We were thinking that 11,000 might be a time to convert to cash or other safer investments.

In a previous article I mentioned what I see as the three black holes of our now Globalized world economy.

1. Subprime Black hole
2. gas and oil pricing black hole
3. Global weather changes black hole

These three Black holes make it extremely difficult for the world economy to avoid a slowdown, recession or outright world depression reminiscent of the 1930's in the United States and Europe.

Predicting what will happen economically is likely close to impossible. However, preparing for the worst is how people who are the survivors have always found ways to go on through anything. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That's the pioneer spirit!

Anger and Enlightenment

Anger and Enlightenment.

Though anger in the form of Righteous Anger against injustices might begin ones path to enlightenment in any given lifetime it does not end there. Eventually, one must evolve to compassion for all life in the universe and a state of equanimity to complete ones enlightenment. In this state one experiences injustice as ignorance rather than malice as one does as a young person. One realizes that the core of injustice is truly not malice but group ignorance. Therefore, as an enlightened person one looks for ways to address the ignorance of mankind in order to create the permanent end of suffering for all beings. At some point in ones evolution toward enlightenment one must address this problem not only for mankind but for all beings everywhere and every-when.

I would like to give an example of this in the life of Mila Repa who lived in the "Valley of Happiness" in Tibet 1000 years ago. He is the most beloved Tibetan Saint as he attained complete enlightenment in one lifetime which is a very rare occurrence.

Mila Repa was born the son of a rich tibetan man who then died while Mila Repa was just a boy. However, as Mila's father died he entrusted his wealth to his brother so it could be given to his wife and son, eventually. However, as soon as Mila's father died Mila's uncle enslaved Mila, his mother and sister and beat them as his slaves. He took all the wealth and treated Mila, his mother and sister like farm animals.

Mila's mother wanted justice for this travesty of life they were living. So she sent Mila Repa at about age 15 to a Black Magic Sorcerer to gain revenge on Mila's uncle. Within a couple of years of study, Mila Repa stood on a hill near the wedding of one of his uncle's children and brought hail and lightning down upon the wedding party and killed 30 people, including his Uncle and many relatives of Mila's.

Though MIla's mother had her revenge no one would speak to her because they were afraid of her because of what she had done. Her daughter now grown wandered away.

Mila Repa felt great remorse at supernaturally killing so many relatives. Though he felt his uncle deserved this the rest of the relatives were not directly responsible for what had happened to his mother, his sister and himself. When he told his "Black Magic Teacher" what he had done his teacher was very upset with him. He said something like, "Mila, you have endangered us both with this bad karma. I am sending you to a good Dharma teacher. If he accepts you you will be able to work off this bad karma and become enlightened. It is the only way for good to come out of this. I am sending you to Marpa, the Translator, who is the best of the best in this way."

So, Mila dutifully went to Marpa who said he couldn't accept him as a student. However, he said that if Mila built him a house made of stone many stories high that he might consider accepting him as a student.

Mila worked for years building and rebuilding this stone house for Marpa. It is said Mila's back was one massive sore open wound from carrying stones over 100 pounds each on his back that he quarried for Marpa's home. Each time Mila had almost completed the home Marpa would say something like, "I want you to move this home ten feet in this direction or I want you to do this different or that different." So, Mila Repa would cry at the injustice and beg Marpa to reconsider. Marpa, being a taskmaster and a master teacher would not give in to Mila.

Finally, Mila tricked Marpa's wife into helping him out of pity. While Marpa was away she got Marpa's ring, symbol of his authority, and gave it to Mila to take to the first teacher that Marpa would naturally send Mila to for training. Mila took the ring and received both the training and the initiations toward enlightenment. When Marpa returned he was enraged at both Mila and his wife. He said, "Wife, you have ruined everything! Mila had almost worked off enough bad karma to begin his training. Now, it might go badly!"

He then sent Mila to Meditate in a cave for several years and gave him practices to accomplish his goal. While meditating in the cave he had no food so he ate Nettle leaves until his skin turned green from eating so many of them. He grew so skinny that he became just skin and bones but still he persevered on his path to enlightenment. When he had attained his goal he returned to Marpa. Marpa was pleased and told Mila that he had had a dream and that Mila was going to be his foremost student and would change the lives of thousands of people through time toward enlightenment.

After Marpa passed away or before Mila returned home to find his mother. He found her home or hut disheveled and the remains of her body there as she had died alone and uncared for and unburied as the relatives had been to afraid to enter her house because of Mila's powers. He visited her in the Bardo and helped her soul to a good place while sleeping on her bones. He then took her bones and put them in a good place.

Though Mila was sad all this only renewed his quest for even more enlightenment. When he had returned to his cave at one point his sister started to bring him food. She eventually became one of his students. He spent most of his life meditating in caves and growing in spirit until he could heal people and fly and many other wonderful miracles. He was a singer and would create lyrics and song like a Bard to teach people how to move toward enlightenment. People came from hundreds of miles to study and learn from him until today he is he most revered Tibetan Saint who became enlightened in one lifetime! I believe he lived to around 85 years of age.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

US Subprime Lenders Targeted the Poor

US Subprime lenders targeted the Poor

begin Quote from yahoo article above: "The report by the United for a Fair Economy (UFE) advocacy group said subprime mortgages, home loans issued to Americans with scant finances, were "ruthlessly hawked" and that a solid majority of subprime loan recipients were people of color."endquote.

Begin quote over halfway down page same article, "The report estimated the total loss of wealth 'for people of color' including latinos to be between 163 and 278 billion dollars for subprime loans taken out during the past eight years.

We believe this represents the greatest loss of wealth for people of color in recent US history." the UFE said, saying America was entering an economic downturn that could match the Great Depression." endquote

Begin quote further down page,"Communities across the nation are being torn apart. As mortgages go into foreclosure, people move out, houses are boarded up, crime and fires increase, neighboring properties are devalued, and the tax base erodes." Brenda Cotto-Escalera, one of the reports co-authors, said."end quote.

Orion Nebula Musings

Orion Nebula Musings. I was using Google Earth to look at the Orion Nebula and found as I meditated on it that it took my breath away. I couldn't help thinking that "What if something like this is a lifeform and that it is incubating stars. As an intuitive Seer this was my experience as I meditated on the Orion Nebula.

The size of a life-form shouldn't matter, it would still be a life-form. Whether or not it breathed air or oxygen through gills from water shouldn't matter, it's still a life-form. I was amazed at my experience while meditating on Google Earth's amazing pictures of Orion Nebula and then the Crab Nebula. Somehow though, I experienced Orion's Nebula as my place, my home as a spirit.

I had this kind of experience when I went to Scotland and also when I went to Switzerland. My mother's parents grew up in Scotland, both near Glascow. My father's relatives originated in Switzerland before traveling to Germany and then Philadelphia Harbor by ship in about 1725. Since my mother's people had lived in Scotland multi-generationally, when I was in the Cairngorm mountains in Aviemore I felt the spirit of my ancestors call to me. It was like I could hear all my Scottish ancestors being grateful that I had returned to my roots. They were like friendly ghosts welcoming me back to my ancestral lands. This was in fall 1999.

Later I rented a motorhome in Munich, Germany and drove to Switzerland where I had an experience that was very amazing to me. I had dropped my son and his friend off in Italy(they were both 25 and had Eurail passes for a month or two around Europe). My experience was during an extremely windy and snowy night high in the Alps. The wind was so strong I had to stop the motor home as it was getting very dangerous because of the snow and ice on the roads. So I just pulled off the the side of the road at about 8000 feet elevation and parked for the night. My 80 year old mother and my 10 year old daughter were with me. I was amazed that the motor home was almost blowing over in the winds. As I went to sleep the motor home was rocking and I hoped it wouldn't blow over in the winds. When I went to sleep I dreamed my mother and daughter and I were with the (gnomes?) of the Alps. They had very craggy faces like the wooden figures one can buy of them in Switzerland. I and my daughter were with the king and Queen and they wanted to keep my daughter, who also had red hair like them. "I said, "NO!" and then I woke up. However, my dream experience had been more real that being awake. When I awoke the motorhome was still rocking but it seemed very surrealistic compared to my experience with the Swiss Gnomes.