Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snow from Roseburg in Oregon to Clear Lake in California to Nevada border into Nevada

The weather radar is showing snow or patches of snow coming down from Roseburg in Oregon down all the way to Clear Lake in California all the way over into Nevada and a spot coming down even in Idaho.

Presently it's 45 Fahrenheit where I am on the Northern California coast.

30 degrees with light snow coming down in Mt. Shasta, California
45 in Ashland with both rain and snow coming down right now (watch out for Mt. Ashland Pass tonight on Interstate 5).
40 with rain coming down in Redding, Ca.
30 and cloudy in Yreka, California (really watch out on Mt. Ashland pass Interstate 5) tonight.
30  also in Weed (look out for black ice AND snow possibly on roads) tonight especially.

It's even 36 degrees in Gorman, California over the Grapevine on Interstate 5 into Los Angeles County right now as of 8:23 tonight going for a low of 32. So, if there is any water on the road it might be a problem if it turns into black ice over the Grapevine tonight.

Later: It's now 9:12 pm and all the rain to the north of Clear Lake from about 25 to 50 miles inland from the ocean is now coming down as snow. So, wherever you are north of  Clear Lake in Northern California you might see snow flurries coming down even though they don't stick where you are.

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