Sunday, December 27, 2015

The birdbath is one piece of ice

If you live on the northern California coast like I do this is pretty unusual. Though I have noticed that my daughter's 18 foot diameter trampoline edge cover has been iced up from frost for the last week or so the birdbath on our redwood deck hasn't frozen until today. However, at 10 am I looked at my Iphone and it said the temperature here was 43 degrees at 10 am. This is relatively unheard of locally too. So, obviously to freeze a birdbath we had to have temperatures about 30 or so last night which is also pretty unusual for here too, even though the night before it was 35. So, the cold and freezing spell for Northern California and all mountains in the state is still in effect.

At almost 11 am it is still only 38 degrees in Redding
 "               "                    "         31 degrees in Mt. Shasta
                                                  58 degrees in Los Angeles
                                                  44 degrees in San Francisco

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