Monday, June 27, 2016

Article 50

Although European leaders have expressed frustration at the UK's failure to immediately invoke Article 50, they are effectively powerless to force Britain to do so.
It is entirely up to the defecting EU member to invoke Article 50 and no one in Europe can trigger the mechanism, said Armstrong.
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Will UK have a 2nd vote?

So, if I'm interpreting this successfully, No one in the European Union can force Great Britain out. The vote is not binding upon the Parliament or the Prime Minister. Scotland may be able to VETO the Brexit. 

What I'm thinking right now is that it is unlikely that Great Britain in actuality  will leave the EU simply because it is like a Gordian knot, in that it cannot be untied. So, using a sword upon the knot would embarrass England more than all this has.

So, the biggest likelihood (tentatively at present) is Great Britain cannot afford on any level to sever their ties with the European Union in the end almost not matter what the European Union wants at this point.

On top of this Prime Minister Cameron has said the he will NOT invoke Article 50 because the next Prime Minister has to do this.

So, you have the European Union wanting them out today because of the vote, the parliament not bound by the vote, the Prime Minister refusing to invoke Article 50, you have Scotland possibly Vetoing the Brexit in the first place.

What do you think? This is one of the craziest things I've seen recently in World History.






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