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52 million people suffer from thyroid problems in U.S. most don't know it

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I was one of these undiagnosed thyroid sufferers. It didn't kill me but it came close when my immune system allowed me to get a Heart virus at age 50. I was the only person I knew of in 1998 and 1999 when I had this heart virus to survive it. One of the reasons most people died then was because it could not be diagnosed except by the process of elimination.This process took 7 months for me and by then I had recovered from it.  This caused most people to die of panic when they could not oxygenate their blood which caused them to pass out. I was lucky because I knew how to do a  disconnection meditation that allowed me to disconnect rather than panic which caused death when passing out for those who couldn't do this like I could.

In fact, a doctor didn't diagnose my hypothyroid condition at all. It wasn't until 2006 when I was 58 that my physical trainer from Germany who had been trained there as a Physician's Assistant told me that she thought I had a hypothyroid condition like she had because I spoke of the same symptoms she had which were: depression, not being able to stay warm, bronchitus 5 times a year etc. She had me go to my doctor to take a T3 and T4 blood test which diagnoses thyroid malfunction. I came up positive for a hypothyroid condition. As soon as I began to take Armour Thyroid which my physical trainer also too(which has no side affects at all if it works for you) I felt like I was 20 years younger once more.

However, I didn't learn of my gluten allergy which had caused my thyroid condition until a couple of months ago. I learned from my Nurse practitioner Aryuvedic Practitioner that she had awful experiences as a person with allergy to gluten as well. The cause of my hypothyroid condition was my gluten allergy that caused my immune system to attack my thyroid glands and made me hypothyroid.

In my case I might have been partly allergic to gluten already or not but when I got Giardia in 1985 and 1986 in India and Nepal the Giardia protozoa attacked the side walls of my intestines because their favorite sugar is gluten sugar. By making my intestines not able to process gluten sugar very well they increased or caused my gluten allergy.

Since in many parts of the world and since the 1980s giardia is becoming endemic to many water sources in the U.S. even in well water if it is untreated in many places, you could have undiagnosed Gluten allergies caused by exposure to giardia even if you had no symptoms. Because symptoms are not present 50% of the time. So, if you suspect you have thyroid problems ask your doctor for a t3 and then a t4 thyroid blood test. This is an inexpensive test.

However, testing for gluten was expensive and took about 1000 dollars in blood tests to find out.

So, if you don't have the money for this one way to diagnose yourself to see if you are allergic to gluten is to give up all gluten in your diet. I found out for sure just by giving up gluten for 24 hours. I immediately felt 20 years younger or more. I felt so much better I permanently gave up all gluten right then. I found feeling 20 years younger was much more important than eating anything with gluten in it.

The other problem with Gluten in wheat, barley and oats has to do with the genetic modifications made to grains since the 1950s. At first it was just through hybridization which is a lot how dog breeds are created by selective breeding of grains. But then, Monsanto began introducing things like insecticide into the germ of the wheat and other grains which made insects die when they ate the corn for example. But, if insects die when they eat genetically modified corn "What does that do to humans?"

Recently, there was a demonstration against Genetically modified foods and against Monsanto in specific. There are demonstrations planned in 250 cities nationwide against Monsanto in the future.

So, now enough people have died from various causes some of which are caused by genetically modiefied foods. I am one of the lucky ones (by the Grace of God) who survived the last 25 years of problems caused by giardia, gluten allergy, hypothyroid condition etc. But if I look at the basic causes of all my illnesses including a heart virus I can track it to two causes: Giardia and genetically modified foods. These two things almost caused my death and did cause my forced retirement at age 50 in order to survive my heart virus.

How many people couldn't retire at 50 and just died instead nationwide? World Wide?

I am now 65 and through a lot of suffering and research I am still alive and relatively healthy. But what about all your friends and relatives worldwide who are dead now because they didn't have the luck and capacity to research and grace of God to survive all this?

In honor of all their deaths one way to honor them is to demonstrate to prevent genetically modified foods from killing more people worldwide.

By the way another result is that I am now losing weight which I couldn't do permanently since my 40s. Just by giving up gluten all aspects of inflammation are going away. Tendonitis pain was down 90% the first day I gave up gluten. I feel like a young man of about 30 reborn the last 2 months. I went from thinking I had a 10% of dying in the next 6 months to feeling around 30 again, which means I really might make it too 100 and so might you after  reading this.

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