Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Asking questions

You might say to me, "I have never been to college and I don't believe I'm very smart and people have put me down my whole life so I don't have anything to contribute."

I can tell you right now that that is a lie.

You might ask the right question to a friend or online and thereby save their life or save 1000 lives just because you might have a unique way of seeing reality.

And because of this someone might be inspired to invent something that prevents the extinction of the human race one day.

Never question that you have something important to say.

In college, professors often grew tired of my questions. But, constantly students would come up to me after class and say, "If you hadn't asked those questions I would have failed that class because I was too afraid of the professor to ask those questions.

Asking questions, especially the right questions always saves lives.

Don't let anyone tell you you are stupid.

Always ask questions because others need the answers to those questions too.

All the progress of the human race came from people asking questions enough to eventually find answers to those questions.

Don't worry, there are still 1 million questions or more that need to be answered and 1 million more that need to be asked and 1 million more questions that need to be formulated.

So, go to college if you can to learn critical thinking so you get better at asking the right questions for you, your family, and the whole world to survive another day.

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