Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Assad and Russia can "Pay off" ISIS

And so it appears they are.

This is logical because Assad has always "paid off" ISIS to leave him alone and to kill the Syrian Rebels who want him gone instead. So, it appears this is what is going on now as Russia sends missiles into apartment buildings of Sunni families in Homs already who are not ISIS and who cannot be bribed by Assad because this is their home and they just want Assad gone forever. And some of them likely will never give up until he IS gone even if that takes 50 years. Assad already has 100 years of vendettas and vows of death against him from Sunnis all over the world at this point.

The world is going to erupt in anger against Russia. But, it is likely Russia doesn't really care. However, if ISIS doesn't follow Russian and Assad's orders they likely would be next. If money doesn't work to bribe ISIS, missiles and cluster bombs likely will from Russia.

In the end Russia is much scarier than ISIS because of Putin.

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