Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Confirmation: Russia not Attacking ISIS in Airstrikes

It has been confirmed. My suspicions were that in attacking Homs (a Sunni Stronghold of civilians opposed to Assad) Russia is not attacking ISIS at all.

So, they are going after factions more allied with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. who want Assad Gone.

So, Russia is lying about attacking ISIS (at least so far). They are simply replacing Barrel bombs with missiles into apartment buildings and killing whole Sunni families without any notice or warning.

At least the Israelis give notice before they strike Hamas areas. The Russians are killing civilians while they sleep from fighter jets missiles without warning at all.

I watched a video of little boys with black eyes and head wounds from cement hitting them while they slept as Russian Missiles obliterated their homes in apartment buildings 4 stories or more high to the ground.

This is only going to double or triple the refugees leaving Homs and throughout Syria (especially all Sunnis terrified of Russian missiles)   as missiles destroy whole rows and streets of 4 story or more apartments full of Sunni families.

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