Monday, March 20, 2023

It's interesting that 99% of plastic is made from Oil still

 I think it's interesting because Oil is dead plants and animals and dinosaurs going back millions of years. That's what oil actually is.

So, when we burn up oil or turn it into plastic we are burning up old humans and dinosaurs (but not their bones necessarily) and turning them into smoke or plastic both of which are possibly ending life on earth over time.

I find it very paradoxical that we humans are doing this to ourselves and all life on earth.

Don't you?

So, human bodies as well as all life on earth are going to be containing more and more microplastic starting with sea birds and living things in the oceans of the world. But now it looks like even snow in the Sierras snow pack has microplastics in it. So, if Snow has microplastics it means that when people or animals drink water after the snow melts that likely we are drinking these microplastics into our bodies too.

However it is possible that reverse osmosis water filtration might filter this out?

Later Afterthought:

If Microplastics are in the Sierras in the snow pack that also means microplastics are in the ocean and in places like China big time. also, if microplastics are in the Sierras it likely means that they are also in the snow pack of the Rockies and ranges further East as well as the Andes in South America and in the Alps in Europe and the Himalayas in Asia and in other rains and snow packs around the world everywhere.

So, all nations likely should be monitoring for this and maybe using reverse osmosis water filters to filter out microplastics so they don't go into human bodies? However, it will also be in all meats people eat too so this would be another advantage of being a vegetarian now too. Because microplastics likely would concentrate in the flesh of animals and fish people eat.

For example, most fish caught near the coasts of any nation have mercury in their flesh and the more sea fish caught near nations people eat the more likely those people could die of mercury poisoning.

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