Monday, July 7, 2008

Man should study man before Spirit

I think it was Confucious who said my title. I have found it to be true. Studying man, in other words, psychology, building, history, social Science, philosophy, anthropology etc. should be attempted before studying spirit. The Zen masters also have a saying, "Carry water chop wood". Even though this was before electricity and running water it still applies. What this means is, "You must be aware of what your body needs before you look for your spirit. Otherwise there will be no body to approach spirit and you will be just dead."

When I first learned to soul travel consciously in my early 20s, for a short time because I had broken up with the woman I wanted to marry and spend my life with and because I had been excommunicated from my childhood church I didn't really care whether I lived or died for a time, so I soul traveled for a while. Then I realized that unless I took care of my body I wouldn't have one and that God had given me this body for a purpose and I needed to figure out what that purpose was. "Carry water chop wood". You must eat, drink, breathe, defecate, urinate and associate with people. Otherwise, you will soon be gone and no matter how spiritual you are you will just be dead.

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