Sunday, July 6, 2008


First I would like to say that my experience with both life and precognition is a very personal experience for me. It might be said that life trusts me to be precognitive and to keep these gifts because I am very responsible with my gifts and because I consider all life as my family so I am trusted. Trust is very necessary for life to allow you to be as gifted as I. If you are not trusted life will find a way to take either your gifts or your life itself.

That being said I find that if I look at all this scientifically all this most closely resembles things I hear about particle physics. For example, in particle physics there is no objective reality because every experiment is affected directly by the consciousness of the observer of any experiment. So in any experiment the result is partly the product of the consciousness of the observer.

This puts the observer in the position of being a potential or actual God in regard to their lives and all the lives they affect with their consciousness and actions. Once one understands they are responsible in this way a higher level of responsibility is necessary. I can remember when life asked me to become more responsible. No. I think demanded a higher responsibility on pain of death would be more accurate. It started when I was 10 and I achieved a high enough level of consciousness to be allowed to live and have my gifts by age 15. This was a very terrifying but necessary experience.

So, at this point I'm 60 and I see all this gifted stuff in a slightly different way now.

When I look at precognition as it affects my life and others I see myself as a natural intuitive precognitive psychic that has been accepted by life and nature as being a responsible shaman or Merlin type of being who sees himself as both a Christian Mystic and as a Tibetan Buddhist also. You might say "How do you reconcile all this." My answer would be experientially "God is where you find Him" (her, it, the Being). Yes. This is a very mystical experience. But it is recognizable to you if you compare it to when you see someone you immediately fall in love with. For me, this experience can be found in any person, place, condition or thing, so I am constantly looking for God, the Beloved, everywhere and every-when. Often I find God(him, her, the Being) and am overwhelmed with love and peace with God in those moments.

My experience of being a precognitive psychic is in the context of being a servant of God. I guess the most useful way I could say it is I appear to be an incarnate angel or Archangel and in this context work for God to restore order and harmony and balance.

Things are just so in transition or "out of balance" depending upon your point of view right now on earth that "Balance" seems to be the only worthwhile goal(at least for the life that will remain on earth). Many souls will be leaving earth for other realms in this cycle though it is likely that earth will remain for many types of souls to incarnate on for millions or more years to come.

One of the reasons I write is to create a better future for all beings. Since I see the future I also see that if I write about what I see the future changes to a better one. So it is a lot for me like riding in a car and seeing potential hazards and accidents ahead and telling the driver to slow down and watch out. If the driver heads my warning things will be ok. If the driver doesn't heed my warnings then I might ask the driver to stop and let me out. The time it takes him to stop might save his life. Either way I have done what I can as God has gifted me so in my heart I have peace about it.

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