Monday, February 29, 2016

49,000 correct paths of Tibetan Buddhism

Christians often see Tibetan Buddhism as well as other versions of Buddhism as a philosophy rather than a religion because semantically at least there is no God or Gods only Buddhas within Buddhism.

However, I consider this only semantical because we are dealing with a whole different cultural milieu here where words, concepts, ideas all evolved differently than in the western world for thousands of years with very little contact between the different Asian cultures from Western cultures.

So, my point of view is that a Buddha and a God are only different in minor ways but others might have a different point of view because a God is like a King often and a Buddha is always benevolent to all Beings and wants them all to be Free and to permanently end the suffering of all beings whether they are humans, ants, trees, plants, fish, insects or whatever. So, in this sense maybe Buddhas are different from Gods. But, even then many people would differ on this.

So, for most Christians Buddhism is not really a religion but rather a philosophy, and in being a philosophy is compatible with Christianity. So many Christians are Christians and Buddhists at the same time like myself.

So, I consider myself to be a Mystical Christian Tibetan Buddhist for example. And there is no conflict at all here for me.

By God's Grace.

So, since there are 49,000 paths of Tibetan Buddhism likely if you are a compassionate member of any religion on earth you are on one of these 49,000 correct paths. Even if you are in a cave and are practicing compassion towards yourself and all beings likely you are also in one of these 49,000paths to enlightenment.

By God's Grace.

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