Monday, February 29, 2016

The Dharma: Wheel of Time: or Supernatural time travel or time alteration

It is my present understanding of the Wheel of Time that it is really about incarnating into the past, present and future and it is about altering time and space for the best outcome for literally all beings.

So, for example, the Wheel of Time tends to govern how advanced souls are born and what they do to Liberate all beings in the past, present and future from the pit of Samsara. So, advanced wisdom beings alter time and space for the most beings to become enlightened in any world era.

This is not about selfishness at all and only about what will Liberate the most beings from the wheel of Rebirth.

I myself have experienced this thousands of times now as my life and time and even have watched my life be extended longer and longer as well as my health being increased again, again and again because of what Life is able to do for me in the Liberation of all beings in the past, present and future.

So, I experience how this works every single day. For example, Buddhists would have prayed for an incarnation like Jesus to appear and save people in the middle East and Europe and all throughout the world. Because Jesus was "The Prince of Peace" and so brought compassion and forgiveness into the Middle Eastern Culture 2000 years ago.

So, Buddhists even then would have been praying for someone to liberate the world and to enlighten it's people.

So, supernatural events like came through Jesus are also EXPECTED by Jesus still to come through all of us. This is why Jesus said, "Even greater things than these shall YE do!"

By God's Grace

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