Sunday, August 28, 2016

If you think the world is going to end: Change your time line

How does one change their timeline?

Mostly the ways I know are this:

changing where you live changes your timeline.

Changing your job or school changes your timeline.

Moving to another country changes your timeline.

Changing how you perceive everything or somethings completely changes your timeline.

There might be other ways to change your timeline but these are the ones I'm most familiar with.

I had this idea tonight that if you think your timeline is going to kill you or your family one place that could change this is Sedona if you know how to pray or have people who are intuitives who are very powerful when they pray in extremely efficient ways.

I had never spent more than a night and left the next morning for Flagstaff, Santa Fe or back to California before.

So, this time my older daughter had us stay from monday when we arrived until Friday morning when we left for California.

This place is unbelievable as a power point. At the present age I am I would not want to live there because I would be so spaced out from the power vortex there. However, our timeline was markedly different just visiting this place for 4 days and I also experienced a better timeline for most or all people while I was there.

MY experience was feeling like a human blow torch of Sacred fire and I found going through this day after day and night after night a bit much. HOwever, as we drove back to California I noticed the whole timeline I was living in was different than when I went there.

This made me think more about this and I realized why so many rich Techies from California who are intuitives and cosmics are moving there or buying places there or visiting there to refresh themselves on all levels by playing Golf, 4 wheel driving in astoundingly beautiful areas and renting places to refresh themselves or write or paint or whatever.

So, if you think the world is going to end and you can afford to go to Sedona you might be able to change your timeline so at least your world doesn't end.

If you are at all Intuitive and you spend more than 2 days there I think you will know what I'm talking about.

 By God's Grace

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