Friday, August 26, 2016

Keeping your sanity when everyone else appears to be losing theirs

There are many techniques for staying sane when everyone else appears to be losing their sanity because of the times we now live in worldwide. For me, one of my techniques has always been to move to the country where it is beautiful and away from cities whenever I could.

But, for many people this doesn't work for them for a variety of reasons. So, meditation is another way to help. A Good organic foods diet is another way to help and to stay away from all processed foods in regular grocery stores because 70% of them contain GMO (genetically modified organisms) even though they are not legally required to tell you that so they don't.

So, if you die or get ill from GMOs you have no legal ground to prove who you should be suing for your illness or your child's death.

So, moving to the beautiful country, with family or friends if possible, or meditation and eating healthy foods and lots of good exercise breathing healthy air if possible is good.

If you cannot do any these things then you are just going to have to be very innovative in how you stay both sane and alive during the next year here on earth.

By God's Grace

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