Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If Trump nuked North Korea China actually might be okay with that

I think for a long time China has been embarrassed by their neighbor North Korea. I think if the leadership of North Korea disappeared one day all that might happen is China would come in and take over North Korea. I think that would be the arrangement between the U.S. and China regarding something like this.

IF the North Korean Army attacked South Korea, Japan or the U.S. however, I think all bets would be off completely and the whole thing could get out of hand. But, if Trump actually nuked north korea I think China would be more relieved than anything else and also get a new state in China, North Korea, so people wouldn't starve to death so much in North Korea that much and might be educated better by China too. NO one has much love for the present government of North Korea here on earth except for people or nations who want to buy nuclear weapons and nuclear tipped missiles from them to kill millions of people all over the earth.

As North Korea keeps launching and testing missiles than can carry nuclear weapons it only becomes when and not if that government ends likely violently one day from either China or the U.S. and hopefully not a war between South and North Korea.

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