Friday, October 31, 2008


It took me until age 32 to meet my first Tibetan Lama. Since I had been raised a Christian Mystic dualist getting to a place of understanding regarding non-dualism was a long long road for me. My 2nd wife had studied with Native American medicine men and women and had noticed that Tibetan Lamas and native American Medicine men and women tend to have the same kind of non-dualistic demeanor generally speaking. For me, a Tibetan lama came then a Medicine man came and then after I had grounded my spirit in the earth of America I was ready then to be initiated by Tibetan lamas. Like I said this was a long path. It was a long and Winding road to get to this advanced understanding of the entire universe and didn't come to full fruition until age 32 and beyond.

After I started being initiated by Tibetan Lamas into different practices I began to understand the Vajrayana or "Diamond path". Vajrayana and Nyema are the God and Goddess of the entire physical universe according to Tibetan traditions. So when one is initiated into the Vajrayana through some initiations one becomes capable of becoming one with what I would like to call the infinite brotherhood and sisterhood of all compassionate beings in all time, space and dimensions. To you this may be theoretical but for me it is a direct experience as real as driving a car or flying in a plane. What I found out is that after being initiated by a Lama with thousands of years of lineage one is then capable if both action and motivation are right to become spiritually and physically a part of this infinite brotherhood, sisterhood and beinghood of infinitely compassion beings. Being aligned with trillions and trillions of compassionate beings at all times is beyond the belief of most humans now on earth. However, this became my constant experience during the 1980s onward. So when misguided beings here on earth spiritually attack they attack trillions of compassionate beings throughout all time and space and are absorbed into the trillions of compassionate beings automatically. This has not been theoretical for me for almost 30 years now. It is a 24 hour a day constant experience. Being one with the infinite Vajrayana is to never experience deep soul fear ever again. Like I said it is not theoretical it becomes actual. I write about this for those of you who are interested in never being afraid again. Peace is nice.

I also must add that becoming actually aligned with the trillions of compassionate beings throughout all time and space right now in real experience 24 hours a day is not limited to Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana Dharma Practice. It is possible to create this alignment from any compassionate and constructive state of consciousness. However, the ability to consciously generate compassion or someone else consciously generating compassion for that being or beings is necessary to actualize this experience 24 hours a day.

No Ice in Arctic?

I find I'm reading more and more articles that seem to point to some date within 10 to 50 years when there will be no ice at all in the arctic in September of that year. I think when this occurs(if this occurs?) actually I think it is when and not if at this point that major changes will begin to occur worldwide after this point. This would be much like how fast a paper cup of soda pop with ice in it gets warm once all the ice melts on a warm day.

One of the many problems is that though white ice reflects the sun, blue water absorbs the sun and thereby raises the water temperature considerably in the arctic and this in turn will cause a speedup of arctic warming and multiple changes in weather on earth.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harry Potter

My daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the Day before Halloween so we got out our DVD of it and watched together. I started to think about the story I heard about Obama and his oldest daughter and how he and she shared reading all 7 books. I attempted but did not completely succeed with my daughter and wife because the 6th and 7th books my daughter found too scary. The movies are much less scary than the books. I think it is always this way.

I also got to thinking about how Christians sometimes get so upset with people reading Harry Potter books and watching Harry Potter DVDs. I believe the phenomenon is more about opening to new possibilities than anything else.

For example, in studying Cultural Anthropology I long ago came to the realization that Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptist were really wild and crazy shamans. You really couldn't have picked two wilder or crazier shamans if you tried. But now, their extremism is accepted but then they both were killed for their points of view. Only in their martyrdom could they have become as famous now as they are.

Being magical and intelligent is more about, "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!" This is just as true now as it was then. Harry Potter has become famous more because people need once again to expand their imaginations and I believe that eventually most Christians and other religions will embrace Harry Potter simply because it is about good versus evil just like Star Wars. Simply put, children need heroes. And whether those heroes are Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter they need them to be full human beings who create a better future for all of us!

Surviving Hard Times

Since hard times are now on the whole world I thought about writing about how I have survived hard times in my life. There are many different kinds of hard times. Though I have it financially very easy it is a hard time right now with my mother, aunt and father-in-law all passed away since June. So though it is not a financially hard time for me it is a very emotionally hard time. My financial and physical health is good but I used to say to my wife, "I hope to God both our parents don't go the same year." Well. It happened so we will have to find a way through it.

However, what I realized I wanted to write about is rules for financial, physical, and emotional hard times.

First of all, make sure you have a good covenant with life, God, whatever you want to call it. If you don't, make a covenant with life and God. Because without a good one hard times just might not be survivable for anyone. I'm not saying to believe in God if you don't. I'm just saying that one must be extremely honest with oneself in regard to oneself and all life around one if one is to survive mentally, emotionally and physically very hard times. Next, be kind to yourself and all beings. See all beings as they suffer just like you. Don't exhibit idiot compassion as that may cost you or them their lives. However, wise right mindful efficient compassion in action wherever possible helps not only them but you as well.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Place for Ashes

When a loved one passes on one possible choice is cremation. However, it is important that enough people agree what will happen in your family not to create extreme friction.
If your loved one is not scattered if cremated in the ocean beyond the prescribed limit then another choice would be(anywhere on earth) that it is legal to do this, find a site that was meaningful or sacred to you and your loved one and scatter their ashes there. Since I am of Celtic Stock I like the idea of scattering ashes near a rock and moving out Zen or Celtic fashion in a spiral out to 20 or 30 or more feet in diameter.I prefer scattering to the right or clockwise which is a more Buddhist style but I know if you are in the Hindu tradition to the left or counterclockwise is the preferred method. In this way one is scattering the ashes to the four winds and empowering the soul in my way of thinking. However, as long as it is legal where you plan to scatter your ashes whatever you do to help your loved one on in a good way should be fine according to your wishes and traditions.

Healing and Protection

When I was little (birth 1948 until 12 in 1960)my mother often spoke to me in a way that I found to be completely unique. When I was little I just accepted what she shared as that is what children do when they absolutely trust their parents like I did. I always knew my parents would be honest with me and protect me no matter what. This is a very good feeling to live with every day.

For example, if the sky had cirrus high ice crystal clouds that looked like angels wings she would say, "Oh Freddie. Look. The angels are here". This sort of exchange would always make me feel better. Other times we would look at the sky and she would say, "Look Freddie, a storm is coming. We better batten down the hatches!" Or another time the seagulls in Seattle near Puget Sound would be upset and fight over food by the hundreds. She would say, "Freddie. We need to go somewhere else because it doesn't feel right here."

Like I said, as a child I just accepted all this as fact but as I grew older like ages 10 through 13 or 14 I started to question all this way of looking at things. But when I studied Cultural Anthropology in college I realized that this was how people in Scotland's early warning system worked before there were telephones, TV, Cell Phones, Computers etc. It was how the average person's early warning system worked for thousands of years in those areas. Using this system one could anticipate bad people, weather, good and bad vibes in an area just by looking at the birds and animals and looking at what was happening in the sky. It worked just fine for thousands of years and none of us should underestimate the old ways of intuitive and physical survival long term. Without these old ways none of us would be here today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Good News and the Bad Tues. Oct. 28

The good news is that the dow went up over 800 points today. If it keeps going up like this and stays up over 10,000 for a month then it is very likely that the recession will end within 6 months. Because the stock market tends to predict the end of a recession 6 months in advance of the end.

The bad news is that unemployment will likely go to 8% nationwide across the U.S. between now and the end of the recession if it is signaled by a rising and maintaining above 10,000 Dow.

If all this happens then maybe just maybe it won't be as bad as most of us thought. However, we are not at the beginning of the end just the end of the beginning when that happens. Much of the world may not recover soon or at all because they just don't have the infrastructure or adaptability or the possibility of quick thinking and decision making like the United States does in some Crises. I think I agree the world will never feel quite the same as it did in the 1990s or the 2000s ever again.

New mechanisms have to be developed now that can actually work regarding credit and money world wide. If these new mechanisms are not developed quickly now and implemented it will be worse next time. Of that you can be sure!

Boston Legal

My wife informed me recently that she thought Denny Crane(William Shatner) and his law partner male character were misogynist characters and because of this she couldn't watch Boston Legal. I felt sad about this even though I knew she probably was right. Since Boston Legal is one of my favorite TV programs I realized that I had to think about this.

As I thought about it I realized that to the 1950s and before men that I knew as a child growing up, that all men who are under about 50 years old would be considered "Gay" in action and behavior to them.(This doesn't mean that any men are necessarily sexually gay they would just be thought of as gay by the men when I grew up. Because I grew up in the 1950s this is my experience too. It is not that I don't like women to be empowered. I think women being empowered so they don't kill themselves as much as they did until about 1970 is great. However, it has turned men into ridiculous people that have no real identity anymore other than to make women happy. And this is JUST as bad as it was before for women. It Sucks.

I find that I am part macho pre 1970s male and part after 1970s male. HOwever, I find that men have lost their way while trying to accommodate women and because of this it is even more screwed up than it was for thousands of years for women for men now. That is what I think. So as good as this is for women it is worse for men than it ever was before.

I think it might take several hundred years to get the new balance between men and women to work at all. Men fake it now but if you ask any man and he is honest with you it totally doesn't work at all the way it is now. However, many men might just think it was always this way and have no reference points at all.

Guys. Things were so very different before the 1970s that I can't even explain it all to you. However, both men and women threw all old values out "threw the baby out with the bathwater" and the baby hasn't been retrieved yet and likely won't be for several hundred more years". By then I don't have any idea what it will mean to be a man or a woman and maybe even being a man or woman might be optional or even completely unnecessary by then. So who knows. However, the past is gone forever, along with All the good things and all the bad things about it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


intuitivefred888 is my blogger id at I chose this designation because first of all my first name actually is: Fred. Second, I have always been exceptionally intuitive since I was born. Third: 888 is symbolic to me of triple infinity, 8 being a direct representation of infinity. That it is 888, in other words three 8s is symbolic to me of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and also Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and also Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It seems that almost every constructive religion recognizes the power of father, mother, and child or some such use of the trinity in their symbolism.

Even China chose the date 8-08-08 for the start of their Olympic games as a symbol of Good Luck for their nation as it publicly "came out" in some ways internationally for the first real time. I think the world will never entirely be the same.

When I write I try as much as possible to write in a way that can be honored by the most people on earth. So I also try as much as possible to write in a somewhat secular manner. However, since my background is Christian mystic in the way I was raised as a child and since I have studied Buddhism and Paramahansa's Self Realization Fellowship studies as a younger man as well as Christian mystic studies, these also tend to influence my thoughts. However, I also understand that many of you who might read my blog are agnostics or even atheists or who might also designate yourselves humanists and/or animal lovers or even tree huggers or various other persuasions.

Since I consider myself to be not only a patriotic American, and Citizen of Earth and our Galaxy and a full member of our universe I feel a moral and ethical obligation to write in as international and intergalactic and universal way as possible in order to create the greatest possible good for all beings in the universe in any and all time(s) and space(s).

Body of Lies

Unless you have a really strong stomach don't watch this movie. it is very hard to take. However, I think you will learn more about the way this terrorist war is actually being fought by all sides in watching both "Body of Lies" and "Syriana" than any two movies I could recommend to you to watch. What both these movies have in common is the pathetic nature of the conflicts we are in. They are never ending by their very nature. Understanding this leads to wisdom. Not understanding this only leads to the bankruptcy of all nations who don't understand this and many unnecessary deaths on all sides.

If the western world is to fight a war it must be ultimately asymmetric or it will fail along with the economies of all western nations. This is what I see when I look forward through time as a precognitive psychic. Ultimate Efficiency in the use of money and blood is the only way for the western world to even survive all this.

So far, the western world has been completely unrealistic the way the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan. Unless the western world understands that efficiency is the only way for it to survive all this over the next 1000 years or more it will not survive more than 100 years otherwise.

All Cultural Wars are Endless

Christians and Muslims have been having trouble with each other since the time Mohammed
was alive. Hindus have been having problems with Muslims since the Moghuls invaded India
in 1504. So the Christian Muslim problem has existed longer that the Hindu Muslim problem.

The Sikh religion was an attempt to end the Hindu Muslim rivalry and all the deaths. So the Sikhs now believe in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. However, even this attempt to end the rivalry between Hinduism and the Muslim religion was not completely successful.

So when people talk to me that the Christian secular war against Islamic Terrorists is going to be won with some great victory I know these people are ignorant fools. The Christian secular war has existed in some form since the times of Mohammed and will continue as long as there are Christians and Muslims on planet earth. Likewise the Hindu Muslim war will continue as long as there are Hindus and Muslims on planet earth.

I fully expect that 1000 years from now multigreat grandchildren of all sides will be fighting each other in some form. So only the completely ignorant think this thing will EVER be over. It might die down, it might get somewhat peaceful at times but it will never be over as long as there are Christians, Muslims and Hindus. And it goes beyond that even if there were theoretically only Muslims and agnostics and Atheists it would still go on. That is just how incredibly pathetic this whole thing is. And anyone who promises an easy end to this has to be smoking something or just plain deluded.

So when I watch movies like 'Syriana' or 'Body of Lies' I see more deeply the way things actually are and not just the propaganda of one side or the other. Only the angry, the ignorant and the deluded young men of all sides fight and die in this awful thing going on now. It likely will never end. Knowing this brings wisdom. Anyone who tells you something else is a fool.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

10 poorest nations on Earth

Rank Country GDP - per capita
1. Malawi $ 600
2. Somalia $ 600
3. Comoros $ 600
4. Solomon Islands $ 600
5. Congo, Democratic Republic of the $ 700
6. Burundi $ 700
7. East Timor $ 800
8. Tanzania $ 800
9. Afghanistan $ 800
10. Yemen $ 900

Source of information:

So what is interesting to me is that Afghanistan which is number 9 on the poorest nations of earth and the other 9 are probably the most likely places on earth where mass starvations will occur first simply based upon per capita income. These countries are the most likely to need great amounts of rice and other staples grown inexpensively in 3rd world nations in order for the poorest people in these nations to simply stay alive.

Older Americans and Financial News

Many older Americans watch the 24 hour news cycle which is mostly based upon hype, muckraking, sensationalism. It is about anything that will grab viewer attention. The problem is: it is killing older Americans, especially those who lived through the great depression as children or young adults. Now I think I may be biased having lost an 88 year old aunt, my mother, 89, and my wife's father, 89 all pass on just since June 2008. However, being in the middle of all this I have been watching just how many seem to be checking out and for me, the correlation is mostly about money, theirs and the worlds and their children's and their childrens.

Recently, I was in Santa Barbara. Normally, I live much closer on the coast to San Francisco. I noticed while down south that the"Black Hole" effect of the mass panic found near big cities was quite astounding. Being a precognitive psychic, I have always seen all living beings as like radio stations broadcasting their signals. When one is psychic like myself, sometimes it is difficult to separate what other people are feeling or thinking and what I'm thinking and when I'm around a lot of panicked people it can be very strange for me. I had this difficult kind of experience while I was that far south. This leads me to believe that if individuals are psychically sensitive and are having trouble screening out all the people radio stations then maybe you need to either move to the country or at least to a less populated area where you can psychically breathe while all this craziness is going on.

I find most of the craziness comes from the least educated people who have no idea what to believe. Whereas more educated people at least can figure out to some degree what is going on. However, Not even Greenspan completely gets it because we are in a completely new paradigm than ever before. ALL the old mechnisms don't really work the way they once did now we are such a globalised world economy.

So unfortunately, worldwide the main people dying from all this news and reality are the over 75 year olds and the under 5 year olds. These are the two demographics that will shrink a lot the next few years because of this. I think all of us need to be aware of this because these are the people who are sacrificing their lives because of the predicament the world is in now. It is every adults responsibility to try to help find solutions to these problems and to implement them at this time to the best of each of our abilities.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

48% think balloting will be unfair

If 48% of the electorate think their votes will not be counted for who they voted for then only 52% think the election will be fair. If enough people feel disenfranchised then why should they support a system that doesn't register their votes properly?

Since I was a boy Democrats tend to stuff the ballot boxes and Republicans tend to not count black or poor white votes. It has always been this way. However, now we have ridiculous computer voting machines that are all easily hackable. How gullible do you really think the American people really are? Computer voting machines are just a third way for the unscrupulous to steal elections.

Do I think this will be a fair election. NO. All I know is that if the now 12% lead of Obama doesn't elect Obama there will be hell to pay. I'm very afraid that such an outcome would end our democracy. I'm very afraid that if Obama's 12% lead doesn't elect him that there could be a french revolution type of insurrection. The people have had enough. I just don't think those that those that have REALLY suffered the last 8 years will put up with any more dishonesty. PLease let our democracy stay intact and survive! The whole worlds stability depends on it more than ever before!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Conversation with Ragna


I first met Ragna and Elohar shortly after November 11th 1969. I had been excommunicated from my childhood church. I was sort of suicidal at the time. They appeared to me as silvery forms and told me they were from the future and that something I would do would prevent the extinction of the human race. I said to them I had no reason to stay alive as I had broken up with the woman that I had planned the next 20 years of my life around and had been excommunicated from my childhood church and all my friends in the church from all around the world were forbidden to speak to me ever again or they would be excommunicated too.

I didn't have a name for them until the early 1980s. From 1969 until the early 80s I called them "my silvery friends from the future". However, I honored my promise to them to stay alive to prevent the extinction of all life on earth. I am intuitive enough to know when I hear something real. Although now, at 60, I see the whole thing in an entirely different context. I find it interesting what the decisions are that keep us alive and motivate us to stay alive.

After I got married and started having kids I stayed alive for my kids. But then I saw no reason to stick around at all. I was literally a hairsbreath from death and their visit with me saved my life. So I say that here to honor their good timing.

Eventually I came to know Elohar as a reincarnation of my mother and Ragna as a reincarnation of my father. Since they are both gone now it is something to hold onto in the extreme vacuum when your good parents are gone for good.

As time went by I did a vision quest under the supervision of a medicine man. This meant 4 days and 4 nights of no water or food while praying out in the wilderness. For me, this wilderness was 4 miles from the nearest human being in a bear wallow next to the South fork of the Trinity River in Northern California. Though I had many visions the most prominent one was when I turned into a Golden Dragon that breathed out Golden Fire upon thousands of people. However, the people didn't get burned they smiled and became happy and enlightened. I believe my writing is the manifestation of this vision back in 1983 in a bear wallow next to the Trinity River in Northern California.


The following is one of my many conversations with Ragna, a reincarnation of my father. Though my father passed away in 1985 in Yucca Valley, California he was reborn in the vicinity of Switzerland and Italy around 7000 AD. He eventually met Elohar and married her. However, before meeting her he was/is in charge of all time travel on earth at that time and polices the time corridor from I believe 10,000 AD to 10,000 BC.

Ragna calls me Jonathan for these purposes, Jonathan Flow.

Ragna said, "Jonathan, what is on your mind? You seem troubled."
I said, "I'm trying to figure out what we are, what the human race is and where it came from."
He laughed and said, "OH. You're trying to know what really happened!"
I said, "Yes."
He said, "Well. That's a really tricky business. I can't give you any dates for a variety of reasons but I did have a chance to share with the leader of Lemuria some very interesting things when you and I and Elohar were swept back to Lemuria in a Time Storm. Do you remember that?"
I said, "Vaguely. Whenever I've been swept to far through time or space I sort of remember it in a different way. Unless it pertains to my own time and timeline I tend to see it as reality but of a non-ordinary kind."
Ragna said, "Non-ordinary?"
I said, "Yes. You, Ragna, are a Time General for your civilization so you have to do this sort of thing all the time. It's your job. But for me it is so strange that I have to psychologically find a rational place to put this kind of information. I am a very emotionally strong person. In fact, I am the emotionally strongest man I know. However, this doesn't mean I feel immortal or anything like that so I have to find a useful place to put this kind of information that is somewhat separate from ordinary reality."
Ragna being a very cryptic military man just said, "Oh."

Sometimes I found his way of dealing with me frustrating but on another level I understood. Ragna reminded me of my father who I guess could best be described as a spiritual John Wayne. Not someone you ever wanted to cross but who had the best of intentions always.

I finally just said, "I do whatever works to maintain balance but to always be open minded enough to allow for any possibility. I classify all information I take in as presently useful, future useful, useful or might be useful in a different context or totally unuseful."

Ragna said, "I process things differently."

I said, "We each have to do what works. I always say 'whatever works'.

Ragna said, "Then we are both pragmatists."
I said, "I consider myself a compassionate pragmatist."
Ragna said, "I try to be that too. However, as a military man that isn't always possible. Anyway. Let's get back to where mankind came from. Now remember, I can't give any dates for many reasons but this is what the Lemurian leader told me when you and I visited 50,000 years ago Lemuria in the place you now call California, Oregon and Baja California. He said, "Our historical records show that Mu (a continent where Hawaii is now) was one of the Colonies from Mars. After Maldek(the Asteroid Belt Planet) was blown up and the shock wave eventually blew off most of Mars' atmosphere Mars became a very difficult planet to survive on much like it is now. The Lemurian leader told me that most colonists on earth came from Mars but some came from the Asteroid belt planet and that most of those were of the Asteroid Belt Planets aristocracy that had the money and life pods that rescued them before the big blast. "

"However, he said that most Martian humans came because they couldn't breathe on the surface anymore or grow food easily and that the Martian humans came by the thousands. However, when they got here most of them got sick and died so their scientists created a human ape variety that still was pretty intelligent but didn't live 1000 to 4000 years like the Martian Humans and the Asteroid belt planet humans did."

I said, "That's about what I thought happened."

Ragna said, "Like I said, Jonathan, the information is not sensitive only the dates it all happened."

I said "Thanks Ragna. That gives me some peace about the whole thing!"

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news for the common people of the world is that oil is only 67 dollars a barrel and food commodities are tanking too. The good news is that the world may have bought itself another 400 years of possible human survival to the 100 it had before giving the Human race(and all plant and animal species) a potential second chance at long term survival.

The Bad news is that there isn't any money for fuel, food, travel etc. for the average person on earth for the next 10 years or more. The further bad new is that we could actually lose between 1/4 and 1/2 of the humans on earth to starvation, drought, global warming, riots, revolutions and wars that might be directly caused by what might be called the 2nd Great World Wide Depression.

So there you have it, the good and the bad. The human race gets a 400 years second chance at long term survival: the cost:1/4 to 1/2 of the lives of the human race.

Yes. it is a sobering thought. But as a responsible precognitive psychic I just thought you would like to know about the second chance for the human race though I'm very sad at the loss of life when I look forward the next 10 to 20 years on earth.

I think we all will be a lot different in a whole lot of ways out the other side of this 10,20 or 30 years from now.

The Logic of Time Travel

The probability that one or more people or others on earth now has a time travel device right now and knows how to use it is about 99.999%.

The logic goes something like this. "If any being in any galaxy or dimension has discovered time travel any time in the past, present or future, billions of years past or future then there is an extremely high probability that someone using time travel is here right now on earth!"

Because of this flawlessly logical premise MIT students had a party and sent out notices
several years ago inviting any actual time travelers. However, if you were a time traveler and you knew that time travel is potentially the single most dangerous thing that has ever been invented and know that one being could potentially eliminate the entire universe and all life anywhere anywhen I just don't believe you would have outed yourself at that party so no time travelers showed up.

However, this doesn't change anything. The logical probability that one or more humans or beings now on earth have one or more time travel devices that they can or do use is
about 99.999%. This is not to make you feel uncomfortable it is only to inform you of the likelihood.

Galactic Earth Park Rangers

In one sense all humans on earth ARE Galactic Earth Park Rangers because if we don't protect our rare little park:Earth then it will be no more. If we don't choose to protect earth from its demise through global Warming or whatever then there will be no habitable earth for our descendants. It IS as simple as that.

I feel it is very important to say it like it is.

In the 1970s the Soviets sent a space probe to the Asteroid belt and most of the Soviet Union's scientists at that time were convinced that the asteroid belt had been a planet that was destroyed by a surface thermonuclear explosion or war. It was surmised by some of them that this blast was so severe that it could have blown most of the atmosphere off of Mars as well. So that might suggest that the Asteroid belt (planet) and Mars might have been at war with each other. It also might suggest that we here on earth are some of the survivors of humans that lived on Mars and the Asteroid Belt Planet before it exploded.

Though this story of the Asteroid belt was in Pravda and probably Izvestia in the 1970s it never made it as a headline into the United States. I think this happened because religions just couldn't have handled this factual and scientific information. The idea that Armageddon had already happened to humans on the Asteroid Belt planet and Mars would just be too much for those who take the Bible, Old testament or Koran or whatever literally. It would tear them a new one so to speak. So I think this information just didn't make it into secular Christian, Jewish or Islamic nations.

However, this does not stop it from being a scientific fact that has been proven and was one of the reasons that the old Soviet Union collapsed because the Russian Intelligencia didn't want to see Earth turn into another asteroid belt. So all of us on earth have the Soviets and the Soviet space probe of the Asteroid belt to thank for one of the reasons for the collapse of the old Soviet Union.

Since we likely are the descendants of the survivors of the Asteroid Belt Planet and Mars it behooves us to take care of this planet so that it DOESN'T Become another asteroid belt between Venus and Mars.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Absentee ballots

Since people are starting to vote in many states right now it is important to note that you cannot count on your vote being counted in any computerized voting machine. The likelihood of your vote going democrat-republican-democrat-republican and winding up ? is a real one.

So many people who understand just how bad it really is are using absentee ballots or write in ballots that can be mailed in. You likely have a 200% better chance of getting your vote actually counted for what you are voting for than in ANY computer voting machine in the United States. Computerized voting machines are a hackers dream. They are ONLY a joke and an American SHAME!!! There can never be ANY chance of an honest election ever again without a paper trail with potential for several recounts!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Money is a religion or belief system

All paper currencies worldwide have no intrinsic value. In other words without people believing that all the different currencies had value they would not have any value or even use at all. Money is only useful if you and everyone who uses it believes it is.

If you study how money came about it was for example from say someone farming. They worked and toiled for a season to bring their crop to market but then they needed a way to carry something that represented their crop back home that they could buy something else with so people slowly invented Gold Coins with their ruler or emporer stamped on it. This way each kingdom, nation or culture had its own coinage. But then people wanted to have wealth when they moved from kingdom to kingdom or nation to nation so they developed different values between nations and cultures of their coinage.

Finally, the United States got tired of having Gold or silver backing up our paper money in the 20th century and decided to float money based upon the Gross Domestic Product of the whole country. This means that all the goods and services provided within the United States and to the rest of the world is backing the paper money of the United States. Many other countries decided to use this system as well.

However, when Globalization began in earnest during the 1990s and 2000s these systems of beliefs within systems of beliefs within systems of beliefs started to become so unwieldy that almost everyone knew the world was in for it because there just became to many variables and no one policing body to make it all work.

So, this fall, it finally all fell apart and very likely millions of people worldwide will starve to death or worse because of this falling apart of the world economic system.

We need three things for it all to work.

First, we need a new system that is fair to everyone on earth. I don't know if this is going to happen but it is what we all need

Second, it might help if there were a world currency that behaved something like the Euro does now in that it is used freely in about 20 or more nations in Europe as their national currency.

Third, Credit default swaps either need to be universally outlawed or they need to be regulated. Banks or rich groups of individuals should not be able to make insurance bets that they don't have enough money to cover.(at the very least).

Though there are many more things that need to happen worldwide, these three things must happen to prevent the same thing happening 20 to 50 years from now the same way or slightly different than it did this time.

Also, it makes me wonder whether what happened to the world economy is a new form of international warfare or intercorporate warfare or interrich warfare. I think this last premise must be investigated by all nations and all news entities worldwide. If this is not done I sense it will cost millions more lives and millions more bankruptcies and more chaos in the money markets and banks worldwide for decades to come!!!

The most desirable land worldwide

Complete self sufficiency will be desirable especially in the next 50 to 300 years worldwide. It is likely that nation-states will be undermined by various new experiments just like now. Entirely corporate run areas that are completely not democratic, socialistic, communistic and that give no rights at all to the individual including the right to life itself. I think this is a very bad thing. The problem is that since life has been based on money and wealth and nothing really else for so long things tend to go through their extremes and play themselves out. It doesn't really matter in these kinds of situations what individuals want because in these kinds of situations no rights to individuals will be given even if they die.I'm not saying this is happening right now. I'm saying this is what looks like it is coming and I'm writing about it to stop it from happening which it will inevitably unless enough of us stand in the way of it and prevent rights being stripped from all individuals worldwide!

So, since the basis of this Brave New World appears to be property ownership then the way to survive something like this is through owning 2 1/2 or more acres that has potable water, sunlight, wind or waves and tillable land for farming. In this way the sun, wind, or waves generate all your power needs to batteries or direct into electric powered vehicles for transportation and the land can serve you to grow enough food for you to live. It is assumed that one good acre of tillable land can keep one person alive. So you will need a minimum of 1 acre per person to stay alive, generate all power you will need from sun, wind or waves that could be either sold to a grid or stored in deep cycle batteries for future use or both. Selling excess produce raised on your land at a local farmers market could help defray land taxes, buying cloth for making clothes, and selling electricity from solar, wind or waves could also fill your pockets with money to live. So, just as in the past owning land will be the basis of ongoing survival for yourself and your family of loved ones and friends.

The human race may survive now

Being able to see into the future like I can is an odd thing. For example, I cannot see any single event that ultimately caused the world financial crisis we are all now experiencing. However, what I can see is that instead of the human race going extinct within 100 years here on earth that no longer happens.

Let me tell a story that would be a good example of this. Imagine the human race was a busload of 100 people. Imagine the bus driver went to sleep at the wheel and he died when he crashed the truck into a brick building. Between 1/2 to 3/4 of the passengers survived the crash and now have to either stay with the injured and dead or walk to their destination.

However, if they had stayed on the bus and the bus driver had stayed awake they all would have died.

So, because of this financial downturn the human race has about 400 more years to figure out a way not to go extinct from Global warming and out of control technology and pollution and overpopulation.

So, because of this financial downturn the human race doesn't go extinct within 100 years. It has about 400 more years because of reduced use of fossil fuels because of no money. The reduced use of fossil fuels creates windows for the development and the spreading of alternate energy technology around the world. This creates around 1 billion new jobs worldwide and oil products are then only used to create plastics and synthetic rubber and such.

So, because of the financial crisis there is a total now of about 500 years for the human race to get it right and survive!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To See God is to Know God

Seeing God for me is a lot like running into the side of a brick building at 1000 miles an hour. After this happens you might say to yourself, "I shouldn't have survived that!" and then you realize you didn't survive it. Instead you became a servant of God and whoever you were before is permanently gone!

In the first weeks and months just like a newborn baby one might be disoriented or even confused. Asking to see God and then actually seeing God is to become God's, literally "The Bride of God". As a woman this might be a more natural event. But for a man it is quite difficult. A man might feel raped being taken by God even having asked to see God. Being God's must always be for a man an act of submission for it to be useful. Otherwise, having seen God a man will physically die too.

So even after seeing God it is always a choice of what to do next if one is a man. I was only 15 when this happened. There are advantages and disadvantages to experience this so young. However, I liked best the protection and his protecting angels that were always near after this experience. Angels were there from the beginning of my life too. So this change that started about age 10 and completed at age 15 when I saw God and had to give up my life to him seemed always to be in the cards somehow.

After seeing God career is not the same. What one does for money is only secondary to being a servant of God. One realizes that they have been chosen. After having been chosen one realizes that the God power flows through more powerfully each day of ones life blessing all beings around one. This is a very great and very grave and very joyful experience. But most importantly it is a never ending responsibility. By becoming the bride of God one naturally assumes the responsibilities of the Bride of God. There is no choice but this. Because one naturally ministers to all life. It is not that one is speaking from a pulpit. No. It is that the very rocks and trees and the earth itself cries out God's name as you pass by. The cells in the bodies of all animals, trees, fish, birds, humans cry out God's name as you pass by. It is a constantly amazing experience and one must accept both the honor and the blessing of all this on God's behalf. This is no joke. This is actual and you know it and the cells of all beings know it as well. After seeing God one becomes an actual ministering angel. However, to tell people this is not usually useful in most situations. It is just a fact. It need not be discussed. It is like being a mother to all God's creation.

When you see God you become the bride of God and then a mother to all life on behalf of God. This is the way it works. And after you become used to this you automatically know all the other brides of God as you meet them or pass by them and you automatically work in concert with them to help and bless all life in the universe!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Paradox of Meeting God

There is a saying in the Bible. "No man may see God and Live!" This is absolutely true. This is my experience. My soul died to God. I was no more. But my body lives on as God's instrument. It is very strange to say, BUT "Those who attack me attack God". It is very strange and paradoxical but also true. I mean no harm to anyone and yet God defends me at every turn. They say "one becomes the bride of God when one meets God". It doesn't really matter whether one is male or female. It appears to be a useful statement. But is completely not understandable until it happens.

So unless you are ready to die in every way do not ask to see God because God will take you and you will be no more. Your body might live on or not but the you you were is no more!

I wrote about this in a song. It reminds me of what the prophets said happened to them in the Old Testament.

This song was written as a triad using G, C and D chords
It was likely written in the middle 1970s

IN '63 God came to me

For so many years I'd watched and waited
confused by the changes that life kept bringin'
scared to grow up even more scared to die

Looked to religion and saw hypocracy everywhere
But in '63 God came to me(Repeat)

When I was about 10 he tried to talk to me
But I was too scared to listen to his voice
But in '63 God came to me(R)

His message to me was change or die
The love that I bring you'd better try
It's the only way for you into the sky
In '63 God came to me

So at 15 I saw it's be one with God or die
We're all a part of him no place to run and hide

It was time to know(be with God or die(R)
So when his lightning tornadoes came
I said, "I am that I am"
And with this came a power and a peace
I'd never known before
I was bright as the sun(and burning in his heart of love)

And as I grew up I've seen the Terrible Power of God
and how he's changed my life
and how he changes all life

He's opened many doors for me
Slammed many in my face
Like a stern grandfather he's demanded much of me

As I've grown older and wiser I've seen he's not so stern after all
I've seen why he did what he did to me and all the life I've seen
The more I live the more grateful I am for grandfather grandmother God(R)

This song shares my terror, death without physically dying and becoming a servant of God.

It is the same for anyone who sees God. One is never never the same afterword. One is so different it is almost like a reincarnation. After this experience at age 15 my complete appearance changed and girls started falling in love with me. I was jealous at first because I knew they were falling in love with God not me. For the me that I was had died replaced by God. Finally, I stopped being afraid and decided that if I must be a living servant of God incarnate that I would have fun doing this. I discovered what I call the Alchemy of Joy. If you are having fun serving God there literally is no limit what can be accomplished. If there is anything I have learned that will always be useful to the human race as it colonizes the Galaxy and beyond it is this. "When you see God and die if you aren't afraid you are a fool. But if you stay afraid after you die in the presence of God you are a greater fool. Wisdom is serving God in JOY! For joy takes one into the infinite compassionate God and infinite heavens. This is the highest truth. If you learn no other thing in life, learn this!!!

I have often wondered why God killed me and made me his servant. I sometimes think it was that my parents were in charge of a large church in Los Angeles, California from the time I was 6 to 12 years old. There were 500 to 1000 regular members and up to 3 thousand might show up for really special occassions. Just like most churches some people are regular people some are happy, some are sad, some are very smart, some are not, some are rich and some are not, and some are sort of like Yoda in Star Wars. I sometimes refer to people like this as those that "glow in the dark". They are the obvious (to me at least) incredibly spiritual and God endowed people. Sometimes I think that these people and others prayed for me to have this kind of experience. Well, if any of you are still alive, "I did see God because you prayed for me"!!!

However, because you prayed for me and it worked it scared people so bad in my church that they asked me to leave. So you got what you prayed for but the church just couldn't deal with it at all. God came and the church got scared by it. That's Life!
The actual experience of being with God is so much more scary and amazing and profound than anyone who hasn't experienced it realizes that what most people worship is pretty fake! The real God kills you and everything about you dies and is gone! God is way more awesome than most people could even deal with at all! Such is life! Such is God!

Two Sexual Strategies

There is the ancient Asian Strategy that goes something like, "Let's not have any more unwanted uncared for children. Therefore any sex that doesn't result in unwanted children begin born won't be accepted or be okay but it will be tolerated.

Then there is the Middle Eastern historically based Patrilineal Judeo, Christian, Islamic one that most of the western world ascribes to.

I want to talk about the Asian strategy because since it is designed to prevent unwanted births and unwanted children it makes more sense to me in this incredibly overpopulated world we all now live in.

I lived in India and Nepal for 4 months in 1985 and 1986. So I was there from December 1985 until April 1986 with my family(3 children 10-14 and my wife and I then each 37 years old)

I noticed while I was there that no one was allowed if they were male and female to ever even hold hands or neck in public. One could be beaten for this by mobs at any point. This was/is? still a part of most Asian cultures even though the Western secular world and Asian values are colliding and the difference is less and less every day.

So this is how the basic Asian sexual strategy works: If you are young (6-25) and single then sex with the opposite sex is absolutely not tolerated and might even cost you your life. However, in public young men in groups hang all over each other and touch each other and hug each other and the same is true for young women in groups. What this may lead to is anybody's business as long as it isn't made public. However, no holding hands or even any unmarried male and female couple should not be alone together even in public.

What this creates is a situation where people just don't see couples of males and females ever together if they aren't married in public. This I witnessed all the time in India and Nepal. So if you saw young people(especially out in the country it would be maybe 12 young women walking together somewhere or maybe on a bus. But you would Never in the country see one single woman walking alone anywhere. This changes in the big cities like New Delhi where there are many educated women. Also, this is now 23 years ago that I was there and a lot has certainly changed since then.

Before I had kids

Ages 18 to 24 were these years for me, most depicted by the statement,"I want to find God and a reason to stay alive before I kill myself accidentally or on purpose." I didn't really find the answer to stay alive until my first son was born when I was 26. But this reason started form when my live in girlfriend became pregnant when I was 25 and we decided to get marrried before our son was born.

However, I'm here to write about 18 to 24 or "Looking desperately for God and for love before I died." The operative word here was always desperation. Desperately looking for God in everything everywhere. Desperately looking for love and for meaning in life and knowing that if I didn't find both God and love I would not be alive any longer.

So basically, I knew I would be dead by whatever means were available if I couldn't find what I wanted in God and Love and friendship and community.

The following were my words to John Denver's song Country Roads.

Almost heaven
Sweet Mt. Shasta
Magic Mountain
Sacramento River

Life is old there
older than the trees
Younger than the mountain
growing like a breeze

Country Roads
Take me home
to the place
I belong
Sweet Mt. Shasta
Mountain Mama
Take me home
Country Roads

I here her voice
in the morning hours she calls me
the radio reminds me of my home far away
Drivin' down that road I get
a feelin' that I should have been home yesterday


Country Roads
Take me home
to the place
I belong
Sweet Mt. Shasta
Mountain Mama
Take me home
Country Roads

All my memories
gather 'round her
devotee's lady
Glistening white mountain
Diamond white
Painted on the sky
with a taste of moonlight
teardrop in my eye

Country Roads
Take me home
to the place
I belong
Sweet Mt. Shasta
Mountain Mama
Take me home
Country Roads

Since there were at least 25 formal girlfriends between age 21 and 24, this song was sung to them individually accompanied by accoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano or keyboards or even A capella anywhere anywhen back then. Lest you think I was too loose it is important to remember that I went steady with only 4 girls between age 15 and 21 and was almost completely faithful to each of them for between 6 months and 2 years each.

The following lyrics are to a song I wrote that is in A minor, G and D. I preferred to write in triads of chords because playing by ear isn't how I learned music. I had a formal background of 8 years of classical piano from age 8 to 16 and I sang bass in a church choir from age 12 to age 21. I also played a Steinway extra long grand piano in church and Baldwin organ on youth nights or whenever I could or was needed to play.

Friends of mine that I jammed with wanted me to go professional with them but I didn't like playing in smoke filled rooms to drunk or drugged out people. Music for me was a spiritual thing and for me it had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. This is the main reason I didn't want a professional music career.

Here is a song that depicts this kind of innocent idealism:

"I am my music"

Last night while I was asleep
Last night while dreaming so deep
Last night I saw the light
I saw what my music means to me

Everything I write comes from music
Everything that's dear to me
All my dreams come from music
My music is really me

All else I am is a groping
A groping for the music that is me
a gropin' for the love that I am
A gropin' for the God that I am

As you can see I lived in a very different state of consciousness that most people are in today. The level of idealism cannot be overestimated. Finding my utopia here on earth was necessary for me to even stay alive: then.

Over time I have realized that my mother and grandmother trained me from birth to be an ideal man, a man who loves women, the opposite of a misogynist. A misogynist hates women but uses them anyway. I have always loved and cherished women and mistrusted and generally hated men. This came from my conditioning from my mother and grandmother.

They turned me into a Lady's man, a man almost all women love. However, this came at a terrible price, self hate as a man. Though I could love women I had to hate men and since I was a man I had to hate myself, because all men are bastards(or so I was led to believe by my grandmother and to a lesser degree, my mother. My grandfather abandoned my mother and grandmother when my mother was 18 so my mother had to support herself and her mother until she married my Dad when she was 27. It was a tough act to follow if you know what I mean.

So even though my Dad was a very good breadwinner and financial support and dutiful and a very good husband, he was a man's man. He was NOT a ladies man like I was trained to be by my mother and grandmother. I was conditioned to be a narcissus who needed to be worshipped by women by my mother and grandmother.

If I don't have one (or more) women adoring me then I feel very insecure because of this conditioning the first 21 years of my life. So since I have been 15 I have always had at least one girlfriend to adore me except for two years where I didn't date anyone when I was 29 and single divorced father for the first time and wanted to know who I was as a person one more time before I got involved with anyone again.

The next song is modified from something I think was called "Old child young child feel all right"

I changed the lyrics a little

On a Warm San Diego night

Old child young child feel all right
on a warm San Diego night
Walkin' down the beach
just feelin' the love
Feelin' the love of the ocean
Walkin' past the bonfires with people gathered 'round
Holdin' each other each other in their arms
Just lovin'
Just movin'
Just groovin'
ON a warm San Diego night
ON a balmy La Jolla night
on a lovin' Encinitas night!

I lived Seattle from birth in 1948 until 1952, then San Diego county from 1952 until 1954, then Tujunga(in Los Angeles county) from 1954 until 1956, and then Glendale from 1956 until 1969 and then San Diego County(several locations) from 1969 until 1976, then Mt. Shasta until summer 1977 and so on and so on.

Military relatives

My father's middle name was Bullard and he was named after my grandmother's uncle General Robert L. Bullard of the 10th infantry regiment(Fort Union) New Mexico. My Dad's brother was also named Robert (Bob) after my grandmother's uncle General Bullard. Robert Bullard attended the United States Military Academy and graduated in 1885 and was involved in the conflicts in the American Western Frontier, Philipines, and World War I. He received the distinguished Service Medal during World War I in the fight against Germany.General Bullard was the first commander of the Second U.S. Army by General Pershing. General Pershing gave the First U.S. Army to General Hunter Liggett. General Pershing moved then to become commander of an Army Group. General Bullard passed away
on September 11th,1947 after living 86 years. He was born January 5th 1861.

I am also a descendant of the Civil War Captain David H------- of the North from Kansas.

Captain David H------- of the north, after the war married and started a drug store in Kansas and obtained most of his medicines at first from the medicine men and women of a local indian reservation. Later as the world became more sophisticated and medicines moved away from herbal remedies to synthesized pharmaceuticals he also changed with the times until he sold the Drug store in 1925. So even though he fought in the Civil War he lived until the 1930s.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elohar 10-11-08

Elohar 10-11-08
fiction? Note: Elohar is someone I have written about from the 7000s AD. end note.

As I drove up toward Panther Meadows to the site of my Grandmother’s passing, I thought of Elohar. I asked her what was going on. She said, “The likelihood of a world financial collapse is quite likely because no single method has been agreed upon. Fixing the present system after a collapse this big is not possible. So in hindsight all will wish they had agreed on a single plan. “

“However, with complete financial collapse of a system it is possible to design one up from basic barter on up once again to a much better system than before. However, realistically that will take between 50 and 100 years.”

I had a pained look on my face and said, “What about me and my family?” She smiled her smile and said, “The likelihood is that you and your family will be okay through all this. Infrastructure like buildings, homes, farms, factories are all still intact. What will need to be done is to create a temporary system of barter and cash if it is still accepted after this. “

I felt ill. “Oh.” I said.

War Inc.

I watched this movie with John Cusack and Joan Cusack yesterday on DVD. I found this movie kind of confusing but at the same time the way characters were depicted were accurate as to how the people actually killing and dying actually are psychologically in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The two most truthful and useful movies I have seen in the last couple of years were Syriana and War Inc. in regard to sharing the actual truth on the ground and how insane it all actually is. It is the unfortunate manifestation of the prophetic speech of President Eisenhower when he left office warning of the danger of letting the war machine of the World Military industrial complex get too out of hand. We're there!

I think the single biggest cause of America being on a bankruptcy spiral is multinational military industrial complex corporations around the world caring more about their financial bottom line that whether America financially or physically survives as a democracy!

I'm not saying Osama Bin Laden and the Islamic Terrorists aren't real. I'm saying, "Figures don't lie but liars use figures!"

America and Europe and the Western world are being manipulated by half truths and outright lies every day paid for by corporations who have a vested interest in making money on war. These companies could really care less if the war is won by anyone. It is in these companies best interests if the wars never end and money keeps flowing into their coffers. Since much if not most of the Television stations on earth are now owned by these conglomerates keeping the war going is embedded in most television news broadcasts. Without truth the people perish!

Our Very Ancient Ancestors

Imagine your ancestors 100,000 years ago if you spoke to them of the "hard times" you are presently experiencing. They would say in all candor to you, "Is the wolf eating your young? Is the bear and mountain lion killing you and your mother and father? Are the marauders killing and raping you and your tribe? If not, your life is good!"

Just a little perspective on our lives today. Everything is relative. To our ancient ancestors if you weren't being killed or starving or freezing to death your life was good. It is something for all of us to think about. Even American homeless on the streets and in the country have it better than these ancient ancestors! For them any day they didn't die was a good one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scary People

It is my belief that our country, America is under attack, but not formally, at least under attack by any one country. The attack is well planned, I believe, and comes from many sources, not any one. That's why it is insidious and difficult to survive for America and the western world.

Thomas Friedman wrote a book called, "The World is Flat" to denote the interconnectedness of business and Everything else on Earth now. Tajikistan is only a mouse click away from Toledo, Ohio, these days. And this is both for good and for ill.(unlimited good or ill can go from anywhere to anywhere with one mouse click).

So what I believe is going on is that Anyone and I do mean ANYONE who hates America for any reason, or has any grudge could be involved in this attack on America and the western world. Where it will end no one can say. However, this is what I think.

"If you are going to make the world flat like it is now it is absolutely necessary for there be only one major government on earth with states like in the U.S. However, it might take a century of unbelievable suffering of billions to actually get there real time.

We are going through a time that we all hope(most of us) that hopefully will only cost the lives of millions not billions because in reality it could be either. It could go either way now.

As a psychic I wrote recently about seeing that since computer voting machines are so vulnerable that they could literally be hacked by anyone and likely will be hacked by anyone. It is likely that John McCain's supporters though well meaning will cause the permanent end of our American democracy if they do this. Now I understand that there could also be people not Republican or Democrat or even independents who might trick the machines to go for McCain now in order to end the United States permanently and I'm sorry to say this actually might happen. There is very very great danger of international third parties hacking the computers to start a bloody revolution in the United States which would be the very likely result of another election like 2000 where most people felt cheated. 2004 was less important because we were in two wars by then and traditionally Americans don't change presidents when at war. It has always been this way. However, the perception by the average person that they have been cheated once again could be the beginning of the end of the United States and all it has meant to the whole world since 1776 and the Declaration of Independence.

The future of the whole world depends upon us all to see that both the United States of America and the whole world has a good future and not one that would be reviled by everyone on earth.

These are the times that try men's souls(and women's too)

I am Strong and I WILL survive

Even if I have no reason to live on for myself
I will live on for my parents
for my brothers and sisters and friends
for my grandparents both dead and alive
for Billions of ancestors down hundreds of thousands of years
who led unbelievably hellish lives and endured horrible deaths
So that I could be born

I WILL live on for each and every one of them who sacrificed so much
that I might be born and have a relatively wonderful life
I am their hope
I am their dream
I live on for them

I give hope to all I meet
I live on to bring hope and comfort to all beings
I live on to honor the incredible sacrifices
all my ancestors lived to get me here

And all those who pass on fighting the good fight
and struggling the good struggle
I pray for them to join all my billions of ancestors
who have already passed over to the land of their dreams

I am strong and I WILL survive
for all those still living and for all those passed away
I am strong and I Will live on to Honor all our ancestor's sacrifices for all of us!
I am strong and I WILL Survive No matter what comes!

Note:I have stayed alive by this method when all else failed since I was 21 years old.
I share this so that it may keep you alive. Your staying alive will keep countless others alive. Staying alive is always a chain reaction of people. so is suicide. Be the life of your family and friends. Choose life for yourself so your family can choose life for themselves too!!!

Why How Matters

Self Awareness is important to be able to be a caring useful and motivated person. However, this is not taught in our now totally consumer based world. If you only watch TV, you are only a $ sign to those who advertise. Since those who advertise on TV pay for content, to a great degree they manipulate content toward their advertising and products. In such a consumer based reality, the individuals ONLY value is as a consumer, no other.

However, this is NOT what America has always been about. Consumerism is relatively new. It did not really exist until after World War II. It's subtle growth slowly grew until it permeated everything.

The philosophy of consumerism goes something like this starting as a child. "Everything is for my pleasure. That is the only thing that is important". Unfortunately this philosphy moves on into adulthood uninterrupted.

No. America was always about rugged individualism and being responsible for oneself. Of having infinite opportunities but those opportunities also included that if one failed one might be maimed or die in the process. Consumerism as it is now didn't exist at all. America was always about the opportunity to succeed but the also equal opportunity to fail or die. The likelihood of either made people careful and wise.

"How" became ultimately important as the first settlers died from starvation and freezing to death or with an arrow in their backs. Reality has a way of sobering people up.

Now, the many who will now commit suicide who are mostly over 35 or 40 and see no way to remake their lives if they lose their homes are the real cost of those who made those subprime loans. "How" is very important. "How" is literally "Life or Death" now.

Getting Stung

I was watching The Jay Leno Show on late night TV and Dakota Fanning now almost 15 mentioned that she has never been stung by bees ever in her life even during the making of her latest movie "The Secret Life of Bees".

It struck me how different people's lives are today. When I grew up in the 1950s every boy I knew had been stung by bees, hornets, you name it multiple times.

In fact one of my first memories is of being stung by hornets when I was 4 years old walking from my grandfather's 2 1/2 acres of cherry and apple trees and berries in Lake Forest Park Washington and getting stung by hornets. He heard me screaming and came running and poured gasoline on the nest and burned them all up while I watched. My Grandad was my best friend that day.

The next time I remember getting stung was when I was about 8 years old. I was in the attic of our house working on electrical stuff with my Dad when a hornet got underneath my T-shirt and kept repeatedly stinging me. I started to run for the exit. My Dad grabbed my T-shirt or I would have run out into the air 2 stories up and died. He smashed the hornet on my chest and then reached in and pulled the dead thing out. He had saved my young life.

The next time I remember my friends and I were gathering boughs for a school play in the forest. One of us threw a hatchet into an old stump but there happened to be a bees nest in it unbeknownst to us and we 5 were all attacked by bees. I was sick for a couple of days because I got about 5 stings on the sides of my head. Luckily, none of us were allergic to bee stings like some people.

I learned to mix baking soda with a little water to get the poison out. Later still I learned how to suck the poison out with my mouth even though it can make your tongue numb or hurt for a while. But if you spit the poison out after sucking it out the sting hurts a lot less and won't make one sick(as long as one isn't allergic to stings).

Hornets, bees and other things that sting like horseflies all take some getting used to. If you get stung enough because you live in or near nature you learn over time how to coexist with stinging things. If not, you either live somewhere else or you learn how to burn up nests with gasoline or kerosene. Stinging things have their place in nature. Humans are only one factor in nature so wherever possible leave stinging things be. However, even I don't put up with rattlesnakes or black widow spiders if they are near or in where I'm staying. If bees, or hornets leave me alone then I leave them alone.

One of the biggest things is fear. Bees and hornets can smell fear and they will sting if they smell your fear. I think this is because things that fear them kill them so it's only natural to attack something before it can attack them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suicides from financial crisis cause concern

In times of real or imagined crisis it tends to drive some people to suicide. I think that people who write for newspapers and those who are TV Pundits should be aware that some of this blood is on your hands. Muckraking and sentionalist journalism causes people to commit suicide under these conditions. If you take away people's hope many have no choice but to die. Some walk away from their mortgages but others stay and take their lives. Words have power. Watch your words!

I write to give myself and anyone else hope to go on. Without hope the people perish!!!

Must be a better way

Now both Dad and Mom are gone for some reason I remember the hopeful yet angry and creative young man I once was.

The old saying, "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" applies here.

When you are young you can be angry hopeful happy and unhappy all at the same time. You live in constant overwhelm of both bad and good things. You think your youth will never end. Everything that happens is about you.

I was 20 something. Flash forward 40 years and my life is about my children since I have been raising at least one child under 15 since 1974. If you aren't married or don't want kids you might be horrified by this. However, when my first son was born in 1974 it gave me a reason to stay alive. At the time there had been so many girlfriends and other difficult experiences that I hadn't really had a good reason to stay alive until my son was born. Being a father defined my life. Not being a lover, or a husband but being a father was the first thing that reallly made sense enough to me to sacrifice my life too. And I have been raising kids ever since and teaching my beliefs and traveling the earth with them. My step kids are now 37 and 35 and my son is 34 and all are doing well in their careers. My youngest two daughters are 19 and 12 and my life still is about being a good father. It isn't always easy but it has been my life since 1974 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

A completely self centered life just sort of led me to excess and suicide. Even with spirituality thrown in it wasn't enough until God started manifesting in my life as my children. In an infant and young child one can discover if one allows themselves to, God, in the human condition. Infants and babies are what we all are without all the conditioning good and bad that we suffer through growing up. Obviously, I'm not thrilled with all the conditioning slammed into us until our ears and eyes bleed growing up. Social conditioning is the cruelest thing we do to each other growing up. However, it is the best we have until humans evolve further. But we must keep trying for something better, some better way to grow up. There must be a better way.

3rd generation human being

If you saw the movie "Little Big Man" then you know what a human being is. It is in this context someone who lives in harmony with nature both internal or external, both spiritual and physical.

In this context a human being takes care not to personally rape the earth and all upon it as a life's vocation the way many so called people do.

So when I was in the little city of Mt. Shasta recently at the foot of the Majestic mountain of the same name I was feeling sad and was visiting the place of my father's passing to tell him of his wife's my mothers passing 23 years later. I called my friend since he was about 11 years old. He has been a professional musician since the 1960s and if you have ever been around lifetime musicians they are a very interesting breed of people. He said to me on the phone, "Hey, Fred. Meet me over at Berryvale I'm jamming outside with someone I'd like you to hear." I had no idea what was going to happen but knowing my friend it would likely be interesting. So my family and I met him there. Sure enough there was my friend playing harmonica with some guy on guitar. They both looked like they had stepped out of 1969 so I was having a sort of retro experience. The guy my friend was playing music with sang a song called "Wake up" which is the 9th song on Human's(his name) Breathe Album published by 2007 Human Revolutions or

the website could be in lower case or all caps

It lifted my spirits to see these two dedicated musicians to their craft playing for free outside a health food store just for fun. Just Jamming. Neither of them hurting for money and both making people smile. I felt transported back to easier times for the average person in the 1960s,70s,80s and 90s. So we bought his "Breathe" album and his new "Love Revolution" Album. As we were leaving Human asked how my old friend and I had met. I said, "Oh. We were both raised in the "I am". You know, the Saint Germain Foundation" Humans eyes widened and he said, "So you are 3rd generation human beings!"

I wasn't sure whether he was referring to my children or my friend and I. Either way I felt complimented to be included in the Human Being movement which considers all life sacred and advocates being kind to all beings on the earth including humans.

Even though I'm 60 and it physically hurts a little to be alive almost every day in some way now it is great to find things that simply make me smile and still glad to be alive!

lyrics of a song I wrote in 1969 full of in those days spirituality, hopefulness and positive religiosity. My friend included this song on his very first recorded album.

It's in C,F and G if you too play the guitar or piano or keyboards

It's called "Together Again". I was newly then(in 1969) remembering hundreds and thousands of previous incarnations then that year. So every day I was meeting new friends I had known many many times before. Whenever you meet dear old friends it is a very happy moment.

"Together Again"

I feel your love
Flow into us
Oh Dear Christ
At last the time has come
We're together again

Together again
together again
Oh Lord, together
together again
together again
the Christs are together again! (I was taught each of us should become like Jesus!)

Now, now the time is now
to give your love
Now, now the time is now
to give your love to ALL!

Together again
together again
Oh Lord, together
together again
together again
the Christs are together again!

Life has waited patiently
to let the God's Awake
Now is the time the Christ has said
"The God's must now awake!"

Together again
together again
Oh Lord, together
together again
together again
the Christs are together again!

Hearts of my heart
Souls of my soul
Awaken to who and what you are!
Each of us must BE the Christ
and live his Mighty Song!

Together again
together again
Oh Lord, together
together again
together again
the Christs are together again!

May this song lift you up to rapture into the Heart of God as it did me!

This is my first attempt at putting a video of me online at youtube

Though God terrified me much like he did the Prophets of the Old Testament until I was about 30 and accepted nonduality and my place in God's great universe, he has always told me to be spontaneous like Jesus and Buddha and Saint Germain. So I searched for teachers of Spontaneous accomplishment.This took me to all the western United States, India, Nepal, Thailand, Europe and even Japan. I call it Crazy Wisdom or the Wisdom Beyond Logic. It is learning to always(most always) be the right place at the right time. It is learning to go where God shows you and to wait for instructions and acting on God's behalf the right instant and the right second being in exactly the right state of consciousness to accomplish God's desires. Both Jesus and Buddha were not only sons of God, they were Angels of God incarnate, intuitively being in the perfect moment on God's behalf.

Today I was given the go ahead

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Precognitives sad duty

First of all, as a lifelong precognitive psychic, if I write about something I see it tends to change it. If I see something I like is going to happen I say nothing to anyone. So the fact that I'm saying it is to change the future to a better outcome.

I just picked up something awful. The common people of the world are more pissed off right now than they were during the Great Depression and World War II combined. These are very scary times. The are even more pissed off than they were during the Viet Nam War. All this isn't good but it is a harbinger of very great change all over earth no matter what.

This is what I just saw. The very worst outcome is if McCain gets elected. Normally, this would be okay but this time the common people of the United States(average Joe's and Josephine's) are not going to put up with another stolen election like 2000. Whether the 2000 election was actually stolen or not is not the point. It is perception. People kill based upon their perceptions. And right now another suspicious election like 2000 becaus
e of how high Obama is right now in the polls is going to cause problems, serious ones, blood in the street kinds of problems. And long run it causes the permanent demise of the American Democracy. It looks like something as awful as the French revolution where the King and Marie Antoinette were guillotined, in that CEOs with Golden parachutes die from mobs. I have never seen such anger in my life and I have lived 60 years(born in 1948). The common people are MORE pissed off with the rich who they feel caused this than they were with the old Soviet Union(and that is saying something).

No. The only way I can presently see to calm the masses and to begin to create things back on track is if Obama is elected. Yes. He could be assasinated. However, even in this outcome there is no revolution like the French one. The rich don't start mob violence. People who have felt disenfranchised and betrayed and bankrupted for 8 years do. Even with Biden as President there is no complete collapse of our American Democracy.

There, I have said it. Now maybe because I have said what I see if McCain is elected the horror doesn't have to happen. I feel McCain has always been an honorable man who suffered and who became a hero. It is not about him. It is the perceptions of the masses and they are ready to rumble. All they need is a target to bloody and the targets are growing in number every day.

I hope to God I'm wrong about what I'm picking up. If you are a psychic or you know one, either you cross check me or ask them to cross check for me. This is too important to get wrong!
The above news article and others that show Obama 6 to 10 points ahead will trigger the bloody riots and signal the beginning of the end of the United States if McCain is elected either legally or illegally now.

G7 Must agree or Barter system returns

U.S. and European leaders must agree on how to fix the financial crisis. The alternative is the barter system returning en masse to the United States and anywhere else their financial system isn't working credit wise.

This should be important news to governments everywhere because the barter system(the original way to buy things without money) doesn't lend itself to taxation at any point. So governments everywhere if they still want a tax base need to straighten the credit mess out pronto. It is more important for many nations tax base than for any other single reason. Because if there is no credit there WILL BE BARTERING!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shakers and Iamers

What do these two groups have in common? They both advocated celibacy whether adherents were married or not. What happens to a group or religion that practices only celibacy? It dies out like all the Shakers eventually did. However, in the case of the Iamers "I AM ers" my parents were put in charge of their Los Angeles Church in 1954. Because they had already had me, "I amers" did not go the way of the Shakers. Because I was a Major group church leader's son, I was allowed to stay at church conference centers. As a result of this de facto change all sorts of members de facto decided they could have children too. However, those who had been consciously disciplined into celibacy since the early 1930s were very upset because they had sacrificed in many cases marriage and family and felt betrayed by the church hierarchy. They took their revenge on me and my parents by causing my excommunication from the church in 1969. My father left the church in 1974 in disgust. Though he was a loyal church member he could not stomach all the things he knew to be lies said about me anymore. He joined a similar church that I had joined at the time. Though I didn't stay with that church either. He was very happy there. I basically found that I was to independently minded and was too much of a "truth seeker" for me to be happy with any one church. For what I found was "God is where you find him, her, it, the being". And that search can lead anywhere because God is everywhere and everywhen.

This is one reason why I have learned the hard way not to EVER trust people who are celibate. Their intentions might be good but the end result tends to be awful 99% of the time. I think sex is like food, and breathing and going to the bathroom. Most people just aren't sane or right without it. I'm with the Greeks "Moderation in all things".

Dollar Going UP

It is not that the dollar is doing that great. It is that almost all other currencies are doing worse right now. So the dollar and gold appear to be havens of a sort for worldwide investors. The dollar has now returned to territory at least against the Euro not seen for over one year now of .7461 (I used Yahoo financial info) for dollar-Euro comparisons).

As oil keeps dropping like a stone some say the bottom for oil is somewhere(depending upon the expert) somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars a barrel for oil. Many believe now that it doesn't really matter what opec does because many nations MUST pump oil at almost any price or they completely go out of business. So I guess those countries with the lowest wages would fare the best at low oil prices and still make a profit. (But this is just a guess).

Though this in general is bad news for oil companies it is good news for poor people who need to eat food to stay alive unless their banks are closed.

I heard on the David Letterman show that the United Nations has figured a way to feed every child on earth for 3 billion dollars. Though this is only a cup of rice a day, it is enough if grown in third world countries to keep the children of the world alive for, I believe one year?

Friday, October 10, 2008

World Financial problems and one solution

The problem as I see it is credit at this point worldwide. Many banks worldwide cannot extend credit to most people because of unpaid credit default swaps. The only way I can presently see to unfreeze credit worldwide is for all governments to say to their banks, "Open credit up or be nationalized! The taxpayers of the respective countries can then own stock in those banks until they become solvent again at which point the preferred stockholders of those banks(those nations taxpayers) should sell their stock to investors worldwide and make a profit to help their countries tax base.

In this way all unpaid credit default swaps become universally unpaid and permanently unrecognized because the banking corporate legal entities no longer exist as banking corporations having been bought by still solvent banks who either were not involved in credit default swaps or having been nationalized with taxpayers of those nations having de facto become preferred stockholders of those nationalized banks. This is the only way I can think of to prevent an all out 1929 style Great Depression unfolding caused this time by leveraged banks instead of leveraged individual investors like the 1929 Great depression.

In these two ways all credit default swaps still unpaid become null and void and average people worldwide don't have to starve and die just because of mistakes made by banking institutions in credit default swaps they could not possibly ever have paid off in the first place. 62 trillion dollars is an impossible figure in presently unpaid credit default swaps worldwide. It is a gordian knot that governments must now take a sword or axe to just like Alexander the Great took his sword to the original Gordian knot.

Solving the World Financial Collapse

The banks CANNOT solve the problem. Only the federal governments of the world can solve it by taking over and running all banks. Banks cannot solve the problem because their reputations with each other are at stake. Governments didn't make these outlandish credit default swap bets, banks did. So banks as they now exist are over. All banks need to be run at core now by governments using taxpayer money. Don't give it to the bankers who will try to pay off their credit default swaps with it!

No. Governments must TAKE OVER banks completely and nullify all credit default swaps and back this change up with police or military if necessary. Otherwise it really is 1929 all over again!!!

62 trillion

Sixty-two trillion dollars is the amount generally now agreed upon by financial experts as the true amount in credit default swaps worldwide that are now at the core of why the credit market is frozen. Imagine thousands of poker players(banks) worldwide and for example they all bet on let's say Lehman brothers not collapsing. As long as this didn't happen these banks made 20 million dollars a month each as long as Lehman brothers didn't collapse. But they didn't have the money to pay off such a bet. So when Lehman brothers or anything else they bet on collapsed they were screwed and so were we. So, like most poker players they could get embarrassed or walk away or get shot by those demanding to collect their winnings(hedge insurance money). But there never were enough winnings and everyone on earth got screwed. Now when the federal governments try to loosen up credit, they can't for the same reason the government couldn't fix the stock market crash in 1929. Only this time it isn't leveraged investors it is leveraged banks who bet too high and bought the farm for all of us. 1929 and 2008. Two collapses. One caused by individual investors and one caused by unpaid credit default swaps.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cash on Hand

These times remind me of my Grandad buried 25,000 dollars in his front yard when so many banks collapsed during the Great Depression that banks absolutely couldn't be trusted. Sort of like now.

There still are a few banks that seem to be okay like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase. I'm not really sure anymore what other ones are good because of all the bank failures.

It is a time to at the very least put away cash enough for 3 months and or gold into a safety deposit box. Note: a safety deposit box in a bank is different than having money deposited in an account. Money in an account could be lost if FDIC doesn't cover it(over 100,000 in any banking system even with multiple accounts in the same name). However, in a safety deposit box all you are renting is the box and the bank has no right to know what you put in the box or what you take out as long as you pay your safety deposit fees on time. Also people put in take out put in take out whenever they want. These times deserve about 3 months worth of monies or gold in a safety deposit box to protect you and your family from your bank (or the government going belly up). Think about it.

What Caused all this?

fiction? I have been thinking about the most plausible scenario for the world financial meltdown. Here is my theory. What if (and I know these computer models have been created)the most prestigious colleges and universities created computer models for life on earth(CO2, rise in temperatures, etc) for the next 50 years and it was found that human life began to go completely extinct within 100 years and most other life is beginning to go extinct now which it is if you have read any studies at all.

The results of these computer generations of what likely will happen would then be shared with the elite of all nations(governmental, captains of business and scientists) and they would ask themselves: How do we stop human extinction? We are now living the answer. All of us!

Foreclosures must STOP

In the present credit crisis to foreclose houses might result in serious consequences to renters who likely are paying their rent without being told the owner is being foreclosed. Under these circumstances it is a public health hazard to put people out into the street when even businesses can't get loans. People can't get loans to move. If they have been paying their rent and not told the property they live in is being foreclosed then some other legal option must be made available when 95% all all businesses and people can't get loans for anything including moving at this time.

The Chicago Sheriff's office for this reason won't evict anyone because of this and because of this problem likely this stance will be adopted by most or all Cities, counties and states eventually until this present credit crisis subsides.

It is my view that Government at all levels Federal, state and local must temporarily or permanently take over foreclosing properties in order to circumvent incredible damage to peoples life and limb taking place at this time because of no ability to obtain credit even to move for renters who have no previous knowledge from any source of impending foreclosures.

Homeless people are being created every day in this unfair crisis. This will only become an ever increasing public physical, financial and mental health disaster and people evicted with no place to live cannot over time continue health or working at jobs under these crazy conditions.

It is like our system of government is committing suicide through its citizens. Wake up people!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Believe Whatever You Want

In America, you can literally believe whatever you want as long as you don't hurt or kill anyone. If you hurt or kill someone you will go to jail or get shot by police while they try to take you to jail. This is also true in most democracies on earth.

However, what is true? What is the ultimate truth? I've spent the last 60 years thinking about this. This is my answer: We are all God's children, the Children of God(if you believe in God, if you don't please bear with me.) Since each human and each being in the universe has his, her or its own personal covenant with God and Life, what each being believes is their own personal covenant with God and their religion and as long as that doesn't hurt anyone or result in anyone's untimely death then that is what is true for them. It doesn't have to be what everyone else believes. In fact, if only one person believes it, in a way it is superior to what millions or billions believe because it is personalized and customized like a wonderful marriage for life with the creator of all life and space-everything. I personally think the most wonderful thing I personally have ever experienced is my own personal covenant with Life, God, the Creator! For me, basic fear left me upon reaching and co-creating my personal covenant with God.

Yes. There was moaning and screaming and crying and begging and realizations and pain and growing before we banged out what would work for us much like all people who plan to stay together for life. But once we created an agreement that worked for the both of us, things have gone relatively smoothly ever since. Yes. There are still world calamities and people around the world dying and getting sick and whatever. However, since I made the supreme effort to create my personal covenant with God, God has honored my personal covenant and I have tried to honor my side of the agreement. My side of the agreement is quite simple: It is to help all beings any way I can or any way God asks me to physically, monetarily, or any way that God asks me to in this life or after. God basically said to me, "The purpose of life is to love and to bless life."
God said to me, "You are one of my instruments of Blessing to mankind." I'm obviously not the only one just one of many. Since you are reading this likely you are obviously one too.

fiction? Sometimes God does things that I have no rational explanation for. Miracles, I have found have become an everyday occurance in my life and I am very grateful for this to God and all his angels.

I have written about a lady named Elohar since the 1980s. I didn't have a name for her until the early 80s. I knew of her different incarnations past, present and future but did not fully understand like I do now.

First of all, Elohar, I have come to believe may be a future incarnation of my mother. I began to write of Elohar and Ragna who live in 7000 AD(around this date). More specifically they came from 7028 AD the first time and later dates after that. They said they were reincarnations of my parents and that my father was a military man, a general in charge of time travel at that time. My mother's reincarnation was as Elohar, a very gifted Seer and psychologist or Court Seer and Counselor. So, her place in Government would be something like a Billy Graham is now and has been in those times and my father Ragna would be something like a General Petraeus time traveler of a future 1 world Government(sort of like if the United Nations ran everything.)

Anyway, the last time they physically appeared to me was at Castle Lake, California (near the Oregon Border). Also, it is a pristine alpine lake not a town or city at 6000 feet. (Often the road closes if there is much snow) I often ski across the lake after it freezes over during winter. There is a scar above the I believe North Western portion of the lake where their time and space traveling saucer buried itself for five years(it is gone now). It did this one week before 9-11.

As I understood this at the time, one of the reasons was to monitor my safety as I relayed information cryptically through my online writings. They said my writings all the way back to November 1969 are encoded and meant for earth governments to help them survive real time calamities. It is basically advice which tends to arise months or days before calamities to avoid problems. There are laws that Ragna and Elohar have to abide by. They can only share what will lessen problems. If they change time too much it creates worse problems. So they can only help mankind learn lessons without going extinct. This is the tried and true way of moving mankind forward to long term survival on earth and beyond into colonizing other planets and dimensions in the near and far future. Whether all this is true or not I have no evidence.

The only thing I'm sure of is that I am extremely intuitively gifted. I find I am kind of an intuitive genius the way some people are intellectual geniuses. However, I find that being an intuitive genius is more desirable because it is holistic whereas being only smart without the right kind of common sense or intuition only causes often the death of the smart person or the death of other people around that smart person.

Like Einstein said, "Intelligence isn't very useful without common sense."

Two days ago I met a lady while walking my dogs. She had dyed red hair and was very nice looking and had blue eyes. She must have been somewhere between 32 and 45. Since I am now 60 I find it hard to tell these days. It is much easier to tell by behavior than by looks because of face lifts etc. where I live. Most people aren't poor here so I can't always tell the actual age of someone, especially a woman.

As we spoke(because I am a psychic) I noticed that she was very aware, both intelligent and intuitively aware. I found myself intoxicated by her intuitive nature and intelligence. This doesn't happen to me very often(almost never). So I knew I was dealing with someone very special.

She had a black Labrador that she said was a friend's rescue dog and I had my two dogs with me. I asked if she dog sat as often my wife and I have to travel on business or pleasure one or more times a month and are always looking for a loving dog sitter while we are gone because good ones are often scheduled weeks ahead of time whereas often we don't know where we are going until the week or even the day sometimes. Since I am an intuitive I prefer to be as spontaneous as possible because I can protect my family much better this way, intuitively. I long ago learned how to be in the right place at the right time and use this spiritual ability to maximize positive outcomes for all beings.

I didn't think to much about this after we went our separate ways other than to wonder what was this connection we shared that I sensed. Finally at about 5 am the next morning I sat bolt upright out of a dead sleep spooked by something but I wasn't sure what it was. Within several hours I realized what it was. This woman was Elohar. Coming veiled is standard operating procedure. In this way all things are psychically passed(like a book in ones mind) for unveiling later.

This is also how Gurus enlighten their students(the way it has been done for thousands of years). Even Jesus used this Auric telepathic method with his disciples and students. In this way 1000 of pages of information can be passed in a few moments of conversation secretly and unveiled over days, months or years in the student, or even during a whole lifetime until the student becomes the next master and does the same.

Another useful message about this is: "One picture is worth a thousand words"

I felt uneasy all day yesterday because of this as the last time Elohar appeared to me it was one week before 9-11-01. This made me very nervous. But I think this time it is because of the world financial crisis and the fact that 3 members of my extended family passed on in the last 4 months so I feel a little out of body and since one is a member of my wife's family and 2 are members of my extended family it is a lot for someone 60 years old to deal with. Doable but a lot.

So, likely she and Ragna came to prepare me for the next phase of life on earth and through my writings they came to help you too.