Saturday, June 20, 2009

Biocom Reacts

I have tried to write this several times and each time the power supply to my laptop cut off. I took it as a sign that it wasn't time to write this yet but here it is today.

This conversation took place between Arcane and Biocom telepathically when Arcane came out of his Tibetan Cave in the Himalayas after doing his levitation puja meditation for one or more months.

note: If you don't know who Biocom or Arcane are they are characters I have written about since 1980. ARcane I began writing about in 1980 and I believe Biocom was added in 1987 when Arcane finally made it to earth in 1987 as a Galactic Time Guard planetary anthropologist on assignment to earth. A Biocom is a sentient computer device built into a human. The interface operates on the electricity of a human body that operates neurons and muscles. It is so micro-miniaturized that it doesn't drain the bodies electrical reserves created by eating food. Deep memory storage is in the back teeth, the molars and the Biocom is usually about the size of a tip of ones little finger(so about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter and placed either on the back of the neck on soldiers so it can be like a dog tag in case of death or near the heart on a planetary anthropologist to prevent medical personel from removing it by accident on earth or another planet.For live digital TV or radio transmissions the minicam is usually on simulated facial mole and the Galactic range transmission devices are in the toenails to prevent organ damage during Galaxy wide transmissions. 24 hour a day telepathic communication exists between a Biocom and Arcane. All mental, emotional and physical processes are analyzed while a Planetary anthropologist or time soldier are on assignment to any place in the galaxy. end note.

Biocom asked Arcane: "Can I speak to you now about what you have been doing the last few months?"

Arcane said, "I'm not in an ordinary reality perceptually. You must honor this."

Biocom said, "I'm not sure exactly what this means."

Arcane said, "My reality basis has changed."

Biocom said, "HOw is that possible?"

Arcane said, "Humans have different parameters than created sentients."

Biocom said, "Can you share more?"

Arcane said, "I cannot fully explain it myself. However, let me try. It appears to me after living more than 3000 years on several planets that belief creates reality to a greater or lesser degree."

Biocom said, "Okay."

ARcane said, "Well. This belief is enhanced or detracted by surrounding influences of other beings or situations."

Biocom said, "So this makes everything fluid and unpredictable?"

Arcane said, "Yes. So if a human can remove himself or herself from all unpredictable variables or at least most of them, he can learn with a master of a skill to do something that most people might believe impossible."

Biocom said, "So all my readings that I consider to be anomalies are actually within the potential parameters of a human if he has special capabilities?"

Arcane said, "I would put it another way. Given the right circumstances it is possible that one or more humans could do almost anything. There really isn't any limit."

Biocom said, "Why is this?"

Arcane said, "I think it is that the actual nature of the universe is beyond anyone's wildest dreams of imaginings. I think the potential for any being is infinite in actuality. However, this is much too terrifying for most beings to believe most of the time. Only those most capable and brave and with the best intentions and motivations actually reach this potential."

Biocom said, "Well.That sad."

Arcane said, "Well. I see it differently. If beings don't have the right motivation they would die anyway attempting this no matter what their natural abilities are."

Biocom said,"I see your point."

ARcame said,"Because I have the right motivations I can now levitate and fly without wings as if I were a bird. I couldn't do that before, Biocom. I could only go from one place and time instantly to another. If find this liberating in a whole new way. I actually feel like a real master now for the first time in my life."

Biocom said, "My compatriots say you are becoming Saint Germain as we speak. What does that mean?""

Arcane said, "It means seeing is believing."

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