Sunday, June 7, 2009

why I wrote the "Memories" series

When I first started writing Arcane on a paper grocery bag in 1980 in the little town of Mt. Shasta, California within two hours by car of the Oregon border, I thought I might be writing Science fiction. I wasn't entirely sure. However, I knew it was great therapy for some of the things that had happened to me since I was 18 and before.

Then in 1998 when I almost died of a heart virus my being told by doctors for about 7 months that I might not live changed me a lot so I psychologically and spiritually prepared myself for potential death. when I didn't die after thinking it was possible I would for 7 months it was quite a weight that was lifted off me. With this weight went most of my fears. For after facing death straight in the face for 7 months there wasn't really anything else to fear. I had always made my peace with God back in my twenties when I was talked out of taking my own life. When my son was born when I was 26 gave me a reason to live on for no matter what happened in my life.

So, during the time I thought I might die I fully realized two things. First, I was writing legendary real memories of past lives of mine in the past, present and future that I had shared with many relatives and friends of the past, present and future. The fear I had had before of not sharing these memories was gone because I had been forced to retire. I didn't have fears like I had had before anymore. Not only that I believe that God took me near to death so I would write like I do and publish online so millions of others eventually can be helped by my experiences in the past, present or future. Also, since my father was an electrical contractor and since I worked with him summers on from age 12 to 17 and then for about 6 months when I was 21 and after that I built many homes with friends over the years and because I became also a computer programmer and interested in technology in all its forms always I have a sense for what works and what potentially can work mechanically, electrically etc. In other words I understand enough about how things really work in the universe to have a sense about what can work and what likely won't work in technology.

So, literally all the things I write about a good inventor could re-invent. It might be rudimentary at first just like the trs-80 radio shack computer was a rudimentary PC but you could invent some or even all of the technology I'm writing about here. I have seen it in action and remember it. However, my job isn't to be an inventor of technology in this time line. However, I do remember working on robotics and computers during Atlantis which is the last civilization on earth that colonized planets other than earth.

So, writing "Memories" was not primarily done to entertain(although you may be entertained too). NO. The primary reason it was written was to introduce you to the way our Galaxy really works which is a whole different thing altogether. With this knowledge you will be better protected and able to function and to stay alive and safe as you move out onto other planets etc.

The above URL will take you to a page of urls that will allow you to read "Memories" and only the arcane sequels.

This next URL will take you to the character based sequels that are not based upon Arcane but upon other characters in the "Memories" series. However, I think Arcane shows up in most of them at one point or another.

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