Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ancient records and Libraries

Because of wars, fires and acts of God and nature, very few repositories of knowledge (if any) have remained intact from the times of the Birth of Christ onward. It is one of the reasons that so little is known about the actual historical life of Jesus both during his formative years(12 to 30) and if he actually survived the Crucifixion by trick or supernatural means.

The burning of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt was one of the greatest historical losses to the wisdom of the ages for mankind. Another loss was Nalanda University in India which was destroyed by the Mogul Empire when Islam came to India. However, when I traveled to Dharmsala I found out that when Padmasambhava took Buddhism and melded it with the Shamanic Bonpo religions of Tibet before the Mogul Empire happened in India, copies were made of very ancient records concerning Jesus. According to these records Jesus did not die on the cross because he had learned in various countries, including India (between ages 12 and 30) to among other things raise his body from the dead, levitate and other amazing things. He was a very gifted being, historically speaking, not just through myths and legends. So according to records kept in Sanskrit and later translated into Tibetan, Jesus or (Yesu, the Aramaic pronunciation of Jesus which he actually went by) became a Guru in India who was called Saint Issa(notice how close this is to Yesu and allow for local dialects) and how he and Mary Magdelene and their (up to 12 children) went to India after he was crucified and he taught as a major major Guru there until he was 85 years old. Now, it is important to understand that this isn't what people who are interested in you believing in myths and legends want you to believe. However, this appears to be the historical Jesus. So, it makes sense since levitation and raising ones body from the dead is still taught to gifted and worthy students in India, Nepal and Tibet still by profound teachers there, that Jesus learned these siddhis(Magical empowerments) there in India and would have returned there to his teachers with his family after having brought Christianity and forgiveness into his homeland and apparently had died on the cross.

However, what I have shared here is the historical Jesus as opposed to he legendary Jesus. Also, whether something happened 20 years ago or 2000 years ago one(in a way has to take all this on faith). Even people I meet who didn't live through the 1960s that I meet talk about it only in cliches. If they weren't there they could not possibly understand the powerful angst of those times, of having ones high school classmates blown up dead(50,000) and wounded (250,000) and just how upset all those left behind were about the Viet Nam War. NO one was happy about that war, Not those who went to it and not those left behind with dead or wounded or crazy friends and relatives. All Americans were equally wounded permanently by those times.

So, the point I'm trying to make is that if you did not live personally through the times of Jesus and if you did not personally speak his personal dialect of Aramaic or any other languages he spoke in then ones complete understanding of who Jesus the man actually was would be very limited. In studying the history behind Jesus his languages and his culture will come to you more truth about Jesus than you likely will find in any church on earth. Only if you can find the genuine records can you actually make much sense of it at all.

For even then, 1000s of basic point of view about Jesus existed, there was the point of view of the disciples, and there were twelve of them, There was the roman point of view. There were at least 1000 Jewish points of view about Jesus at that time even if you don't count the point of view of the San Hedron who judged him. Even that is only one point of view.

What I'm saying is that the only way you could really know who Jesus the man was then would be to time travel back and watch and listen to everything that happened and I bet it is different than anything right now in any Christian Bible on earth.

The Spirit of Jesus is alive on earth today but the history of Jesus is still very vague and promises to become more vague as the centuries pass. But maybe the most important things he taught were Forgiveness and Christian Brotherhood which are the foundations of Western World Societies. So maybe that is what's the most important thing he brought anyway.

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