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This is the next installment of this years "Arcane and Prophetess" Saga.Jun 18th 2009.

Yesu could be said to say, "I heal and bring forgiveness and teach"
Siddhartha Buddha could say, "I bring compassion and end suffering and teach"
Padmasambhava in the same simple way, "I levitate and I teach"
MilaRepa, Tibet's most beloved native Saint could say, "I levitate and sing the dharma"
Babaji could be said to say, "I heal in all ways and teach"
Sai Baba could be said to say, "I precipitate and thereby enlighten and heal souls"
Arcane could be said to say, "I change time so souls can evolve"
Prophetess could be said to say, "I will enlighten all souls on New Deva, my home planet"

By interweaving the lives of all these beings I'm trying to illustrate how beings of a specialty teach other beings capable of learning that specialty. For example, runners teach other capable runners, writers teach other capable writers and likewise the enlightened teach others who are capable of being enlightened without misusing it and test their students to make sure they will always use their developed gifts in a way that benefits all beings.

By Prophetess learning from all these teachers she will learn to enlighten all the beings on her planet, New Deva, and thereby change the future of all.

By studying with all these beings everyone changes and evolves as souls. Arcane finally becomes Saint Germain after living over 3000 years already. It is his association with Siddhartha Buddha, Yesu(Jesus) and he and Yesu and Prophetess that creates Yesu and Prophetess in becoming each a world savior of each of their planets. So it could be said that Arcane becoming Saint Germain could not have happened without his association with Yesu, Prophetess, Siddhartha Buddha, Padmasambhava, Babaji and in the future likely Sai Baba and Milarepa.

If you have studied the historical Saint Germain then you know he was considered the foremost Oriental Adept in Europe in the 1700s and 1800s and was considered to have been born in either the 1500s or 1600s. Since I see often the past, present and future as it actually happened I can say to you it is possible that all I write here is physically true. Being a precognitive psychic who has found that the past and present and future are not static but constantly changing might be unsettling to some of you. But think of the possibilities if you could change all the negative things in your life and heal them somehow in your future. What a Godsend that would be!

All the beings that I listed above are capable of going to any time or space at will, not only as soul travelers but physically. Whether you believe that or not it does not deny the fact of it.

Spiritual technology is a technology just as certain as particle physics. To the western world often spiritual technology is laughed at or frowned upon. However, the reality is that it is just as real as your automobile in your garage or your motorcycle or plane. If you didn't believe in mechanical things because you lived deep in the Rain Forests of Brazil and hadn't ever seen anything mechanical would that deny their existence? Of course not. The same is true of spiritual technology.

So if you ever travel to a place like India or Nepal, or Tibet or Bhutan and you tell them there is no such thing as spiritual technology don't be surprised if they find it very difficult not to laugh at your ignorance. If formally educated they tend to be very polite about such things but common people might just laugh at you by the hundreds or thousands while staring right at you if you said that spiritual technology isn't real.

Finally Yesu levitated out of his cave. Almost one full year had passed. Most of his clothes had rotted off him by then. Only a loincloth that he had washed in nearby streams once or twice a month still held firm on his body. He had been taught Tsumo or Tumo (Vital heat) so that he did not get cold and could have melted ice if he had been set in it. So only having a loincloth on for him was not a problem.

Padmasambhava had come to him in a vision and explained that he had attained full realization and enlightenment of all aspects of Levitation. He was now a Levitation master capable of teaching others this gift. Arcane and Prophetess had arranged to be there to witness this as well. However, all were connected having attained this siddhi(magical empowerment) and so no words were spoken, all were in agreement and joy in this moment. The four of them reached out spiritually to the world to share with the world this momentous occasion.

Padma telepathed to Yesu that he needed to fly over to a different range of mountains where Babaji would meet him. Yesu lifted off from the center of the circle of friends near the Himalayan caves and flew up into the sky and over to where Babaji was.

Sai Baba appeared suddenly to Padmasambhava and Arcane(now Saint Germain) and Prophetess. Padma introduced them all. Sai Baba wanted to meet them and so had flown physically through time and space to meet them in this moment.

Sai Baba said, "I came here in this moment so I could give you all my blessing as well. I plan to visit Yesu after Babaji imparts his healing and raising from the dead empowerment upon Yesu. But I am here first to visit with you in this moment to share with you my precipitation siddhi."

Arcane said, "I felt you here during the 20th and 21st centuries when I lived those times on earth but I'm amazed that you travel through time and space as I do."

Sai Baba said, "But Arcane, Eridian is in all our lineages! Your ability to go to any time or space comes from all our lineages. We share these siddhis with those who are both capable and worthy of attaining them throughout all time and space.

Arcane said, "May I ask you a question?"
Sai Baba said, "Yes."
Arcane said, "I heard a story about how a man came to you in India from New York and you wanted to reward him for donating a lot of money to your charity and you asked what he would like. He said he wanted a Yellow diamond from Tiffany's of New York for his wife. A moment later you handed the man the exact yellow diamond for his wife that he had asked for. When the man returned to New York City he visited Tiffany's and asked about the yellow diamond. The proprietor said, "You know, it's a funny story. A man came in one day in orange robes and long hair and looked like he was from India. He asked for the yellow diamond ring, paid cash for it and walked out the door." The man from New York realized that Said Baba must have manifested another physical body at Tiffany's and somehow paid cash for the diamond and then gave it to his other body back in India. Is this a true story."

Sai Baba smiled, "Pretty much," he said.

Arcane and Prophetess were amazed by this while Padmasambhava just smiled. He just loved these get togethers because it uplifted the time and space of earth so much when something like this happened.

Sai Baba smiled again and said, "I wish to precipitate something for both you, PRophetess and Yesu. I want to give both items to you, Prophetess."

Prophetess said, "I'm overwhelmed, your holiness."

With this Sai Baba put both his hands behind his back and came for with two metal goblets. He said, "These are two Holy Grails, one for you, Prophetess and one for you to give to Yesu. I'm doing this as a blessing of the past by the future and of the future by the past. This creates infinite circles of blessings throughout all time and space."

Arcane now Saint Germain said, "I'm just amazed at all the applied wisdom and kindness here upon all life past, present and future."

Sai Baba said,"Yes. You and I understand each other quite well I think, Saint Germain for we travel in the same way throughout time and space. In this moment we are all masters and students of each other as it should be."

Arcane(Saint Germain) said to Sai Baba, "I have a question, your holiness, about all this."
Sai Baba nodded his head in Arcane's request to ask his question.
Arcane said, "Thank you. I was wondering because of my experiences with Siddhartha Buddha before he became the Buddha, and then Yesu(Jesus) before he becomes the world Savior"
Said Baba said, "Yes?"
Arcane(Saint Germain) said, Which came first the experience or what. These experiences all seem like infinite loops of some kind of programming language just set out randomly in space."
Sai Baba sighed.
"The universe is spontaneous. We, as humans like to view it as static or narrow when in actuality it is ever changing and ever expanding. To allow yourself to be a part of the expansion of the universe as you have and as I regularly do we live God's amazing adventure as his spontaneous enthusiasts. In little ways as children all do this but then often become insecure as adults and think everything is fixed but it is not."

Sai Baba smiled an amazing smile with incredible darshan(infinite spiritual blessings) and quietly disappeared to the location of Yesu.

Yesu was floating quietly to earth while Babaji and his disciples put their hands together in eastern prayer form against their chests. As Yesu landed so did Sai Baba. All present except for Yesu knew who he was.

Between Babaji and Sai Baba there was a greeting telepathically, "Greetings, Forever soul, I am here to witness your initiation of Yesu. I wish to bring the world savior a gift of precipitation of food and wealth and whatever he needs for his flock after you teach him healing and raising his body and others from the dead."

Babaji smiled and a glow burst of darshan rained down on all present from their combined attainment. Everyone present felt tears come to their eyes. They knew all on earth would experience an uplift in their lives from this gigantic darshan burst from two masters.

Babaji reached out his hand to Sai Baba and to Yesu. Yesu was still pretty altered from 1 year of arduous meditation and assimilation of the entire levitation siddhi and the enlightenment this brings but in this altered state he was perfect for the next level of Initiation. When the three joined hands the very earth shook like when it is said, "The very rocks cried out his name. (Yesu, Jesus)"

The glow included all the Himalayas and all within their caves meditating knew nothing had been like this since Buddha at Bodhgaya under the Bodhi Tree.

As the three turned into light together all bowed their heads in recognition of the moment of complete rebirth of Yesu(Jesus) into the world savior of this world era.

note: If this is the first of this series you have read "Yesu", then I should tell you that "Yesu" is what Jesus actually was called in Aramaic his native tongue.

In the next moment Sai Baba smiled and he went somewhere somewhen else but still the glow of his ongoing Darshan(spiritual blessings) remained.

Within moments of this Arcane and Prophetess came into view. They both came in Lotus position and parked their levitating forms on the tops of nearby rocks. In a little while Babaji motioned the two to join he and his disciples.

Prophetess reached out the Holy Grail that Sai Baba had precipitated for Jesus. She said,"Keep this with you as your fancy drinking cup. It will be important for thousands of years to your followers. Mine matches it and I will take the matching Holy Grail on into the future where I was born on another world and will live in my future.

Yesu smiled and said, "LIke I said you are second in beauty both inside and out only to one, my Mary Magdelene."

Prophetess smiled, "I'm your sister now. We go to save two worlds, you, the present and I the future."

Yesu beamed a smile that would melt glaciers in the hearts of men.

This was the last Prophetess and ARcane(Saint Germain) saw Jesus until after his crucifiction. Of course, Yesu's teacher's Padmasambhava, Babaji and Sai Baba often joined his multitudes in disguise to add their presence to the moment in secret.

However, after Yesu's crucifiction and raising himself from the dead in Resurrection to demonstrate to all that this could be done, most people emphasized the crucifiction rather than the Resurrection which is what he was trying to show mankind. That it was possible to die and be reborn. Sometimes, I think that it was too close to the concept of reincarnation which was always a threat to Emporers and Kings and rulers. Only Hell, fire and brimstone with no reincarnation terrified the common people into becoming lifelong slaves for the corrupted rulers of the Christian world. So the real lesson of Yesu was mostly lost on most people of the possibility of raising oneself from the dead just like he did.

Yesu was travelling with his little family in Egypt on day when he was about 35 and he sensed the Roman soldiers who had heard rumors of his presence in Egypt. So Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children fled to what is now Spain and France. But after a time there the soldiers once again were tipped off by the few who knew Yesu's face from Israel who were bounty hunters. Finally, he and his family were cornered so he did what came naturally to him, they simply disappeared and were in India in the Himalayas. The moment they arrived near Yesu's meditation caves Arcane and PRophetess because of being in the right place at the right time as was their custom and since this was Yesu's custom too, they met once again. Yesu had aged because he was now about 37 years old.

Prophetess asked him where the Holy Grail was. Yesu said, "I left it with my disciples. The last I heard it made its way to Roman Britain and eventually to the Isle of Avalon(now Glastonbury) there in England with Joseph of Arimathea.

Prophetess said, "Good. Then it is still doing its work."

They all smiled and Prophetess and Arcane(St. Germain) were introduced to Mary Magdalene.
Arcane asked, "Where will you all live now?"
Yesu said, "Well. We might spend time up here in the pristine Himalayas with the snow melt when the weather allows and spend in the Indian plains when the weather is good there from here on out."

Arcane asked, "Did you go around the world by air and walking on water after your crucifiction?"
Yesu said, "Yes. I was Caimu and walked over the water and onto the land at Kalapana, Hawaii on the big Island. I came and gave blue corn to the Hopi Indians. There are stories around the world about me and most of these are true, pretty much."

Arcane smiled, "It worked Yesu. Prophetess and I were so happy to be a small part of your amazing life."

Yesu said, "Though most of the world will never know about it my life and my family line is far from over."

Arcane said, "What do you plan to do now, Yesu?"
Yesu said, "In this area of the world I fit into the category of Guru and siddha and probably moving in the direction of Mahasiddha as my reputation grows."

Arcane said, "Historically, you become known as Saint Issa, which is very close to your Aramaic name 'Yesu'."
Yesu said, "That makes sense."
"What will become of your descendants, Yesu?" said Arcane.
Yesu looked into his soul and said, "They will become many things. Some will become a Guru like me that have the aptitude and proper motivation. Others will become writers and poets. Some will become Mahasiddhas or siddhas. There will be many variations. However, I foresee some will become spontaneous time changers like you, Arcane."

Arcane's eyes widened and said, "Well. You know that the Galaxy has learned the hard way to allow all non-external technology time travelers alone changing time and space. The reason for this is that it appears that those who spontaneously change time normally do so with the infinite creators blessings. So it is allowed. The only time changers that are monitored are those who use external technology."

Yesu said, "Then my descendants who have this ability and are foreseen by their lineage to use it correctly and are thereby initiated will be allowed to freely and spontaneously change time as needed?"

Arcane said, "The short answer is 'Yes'"

Yesu and Arcane laughed at this because both knew exactly what this meant. This was God's Grace upon mankind in action.

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