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Prophetess and Arcane's Camel train to India

Some of the earlier Arcane sections and following that the early "Memories" which I began to write in 1980 in Mt. Shasta, California when I lived there.


If you haven't read the most recent beginning to this ongoing saga for about 30 years of my life now it might be important to know that "Prophetess and Arcane's Camel Train to India" is part three of the latest section of sequels to the "Memories" series" Part one of this may and june 2009 written sequence is:


part 2 is:


And the third of the latest section follows here.

When we last left Arcane and Prophetess in Lumbini, Nepal they had just spent time with Prince Siddhartha the day and night before he saw his first infirm old person and witnessed a cremation which led to him cutting off his royal locks and becoming an ascetic trying to become enlightened at Bodhgaya, India at the edge of the Ganges River for several years alone until he came up with the Lam Rim Path(The Middle Way) path which reminds me a lot of the Greek saying, "Everything in Moderation" which is a path the average person on earth can relate to (at least after most get to be about 30 years old and get to understand how life really works). Because after about 30 most people's life experience teaches them that Extreme's in anything in life tends to cause insanity or early deaths of oneself, ones mate or lover and children and friends. So those who survive to 30 tend to adopt moderation in everything(at least the ones who survive to 40 to 80+ years of age).

This time they are back on land in Arcane's present day (which is around 3000+ AD on the southern coast of California with his new wife Prophetess)

Arcane said, "Prophetess is an awfully long name. Is there a nickname you wouldn't mind me calling you?"
Prophetess smiled a funny smile and said, "You can call me "Pro" if I can call you "Arc", you know like an electrical Arc or in Archangel. Did you know you remind me of an Archangel like Michael or something? That's actually how I think of you as your wife."

Arcane said, "If you wish but I think that is very idealistic. I'm not a perfect man yet as you will see as we live together for awhile. I'm just an exceptional man. Jesus was an exceptional man too but the royals after his time decided to deify him so that no one would try to be like him. I think that was a bad idea. They tried to do that with your sister after she was tortured to death."

Prophetess said, "You have got to stop torturing yourself over Arrayin my Beloved Sainted Sister. She died almost 3000 years ago in your real time life but still you torture yourself over her."

ARcane said, "I couldn't really talk it out right ever with Celeste. It was too close to home. Maybe you and I can help heal that wound in me?"

PRophetess said, "YOU've got to give me a few years as your wife so I don't feel I'm competing with Ghosts. Even they all are me."

ARC(ARcane) said, "Are you an incarnation invoked by the prayers of New Deva after Arrayin died?"

Pro said, "YES. I am a direct prayer invoked incarnation in order to satisfy the prayers of New Devans and most New Devans understand this after Arrayin dies. I incarnated retroactively to replace Arrayins vacancy in our culture as a living being. However, my purpose is to guide my people on New Deva Spiritually, so I will live the years you will be alive with you serving the beings of the galaxy like you. Our relationship will look more like Ragna and Elohar in 7000 AD.

ARC said, "You know them?"

Pro said, "Remember if you experienced it ever I know about it."

ARC said, "That seems kind of incestuous."

Pro said, "That's because it is. However, I couldn't help the mankind of earth or later the people of New Deva when I am over 30 or 40 years old without this type of incestuous as you call it ability. I am able much like Elohar to experience the consciousness of all life at once on a planet. There are very few beings capable of this. One reason I married you is that you can do this not only for the beings of New Deva and Earth but for the whole Galaxy. I chose you not only as my husband, friend and lover but as my spiritual teacher, my Guru. I'm only 18 and I believe I have chosen amazingly well.

ARC said, "Amazingly and scarily well. I had no idea what I was getting into marrying you. I just thought I was marrying a childhood friend who hadn't lived as long as me. Boy, was I naive or what?"

PRo said, "It's perfect for both of us and it's perfect for our galaxy and hopefully for the whole universe too."

Biocom after a few moments of no one talking and sensing the moment said, "It's time to go to the Camel Train taking Jesus, in Aramaic "Yesu" and later he was called Saint Issa when he returned to live out his days as a Guru in India with Mary Magdelene."

Arcane said, "You know, when you say stuff like that you scare me, Biocom. You sound like that movie in the early 2000s called "The Da Vinci Code" or something like that.

Biocom said, "I"m just telling you the actual facts researched deeply in person by historical research robots who view it all as it happens for perfect historical accuracy."

Arc said, "I didn't even know that was done!"
Biocom said, "How do you think we knew you and Prophetess had to visit Prince Siddhartha? We had to sense your DNA and by researching when those era's microbes entered your biological systems and assessing your biology we knew when you were supposed to go in your own space and time and when you actually went so the time line would stay intact."

Arc said, "Sometimes you sentient artificial beings amaze me, Biocom."

Biocom said, "We prefer to be called constructed Sentients."

Arc said, "Duly noted I will try to be politically correct in my name for you all."

Biocom said, "That is more than kind, Sir!" The next moment without warning Arcane and Prophetess were riding Camels in the Heat and dust Somewhere between what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan on the way to India to trade with the locals. It was a very large Camel train of around almost 100 camels. Arcane wondered how the train protected itself from marauding bandits but then noticed short bows and arrows as well as simitars on every camel driver. One of the drivers was a young man named Yesu who was now about 18 or 19. Since in these times a young man became an adult at 12 to 15 depending upon his circumstances and lived only to his 30s or if he was very lucky 40s he could be compared to a 27 to 30 year old man of today.

Like Buddha Arcane and Prophetess immediately knew Jesus(I would like to call him Yesu because that was really his name in his native Aramaic).

Yesu said, "You are not from this time are you?"

Arcane said, "You are quite amazing as well" Then Arcane noticed that Prophetess was a man in the illusion created by Biocom. Telepathically he asked Biocom why Prophetess appeared as a man.

Biocom answered, "Because only women who service all the camel drivers and anyone else who pays tend to travel with Camel trains during these times.

ARcane said, "Makes sense to me. I won't be required to service the females will I?"

Biocom said, "That won't be necessary. If you have to for appearance sake or macho sake we will put in an android."

ARCAne said, "What about Prophetess?"

Biocom said, "The same".

Arcane said, "Well done, Biocom".

Biocom said, "Your welcome."

Yesu started asking ARcane, Why are you here? You aren't the same people driving the camels up until now and this person with you is not a man but a woman. Why are you here?

Arcane said, "Well. As long as you don't talk too loud so other drivers can hear I can tell you. We just visited Prince Siddhartha 500 years ago to help him on his way to becoming a Buddha."

Yesu said, "So you are here to do the same for me?"

Arcane said, "Do you know your future?"

Yesu said, "Vaguely. I don't like to think about being put on a cross much because my body will go into an automatic spasm if I do."

Arcane said, "I see the future too."

Yesu said, "NO. You don't see it like I do. I see thousands of years into the future and everything that happens after I'm gone.

Arcane said, "What do you think of it?"

Yesu said, "It is worth my sacrifice and pain because I don't really die. Unenlightened people only think I die and if that works for them to make them better people who am I to judge."

Arcane said, "Forgiveness and Christian Brotherhood is one of the foundations of modern day society in 3000 years after you are thought to die on the cross."

Yesu said, "Like I said my sacrifice is not in vain."

Up until now this conversation took place telepathically mostly with Arcane and Yesu about 100 yards apart.

They had several more weeks of travel to get into India proper.

Arcane suggested that he remove them from time.

Yesu said, "NO. I don't trust that. Let's just continue like this."

ARcane realized just how careful Yesu had to be to make it all work out. Yesu was already incredibly disciplined and knew exactly what he had to do. He was like a university student who wanted his Doctor of Divinity from the School of Hard knocks.

Yesu said, "I've heard of many Mahasiddhas who frequent Nalanda University in India. I want to study with one of them for a few years before I return to Egypt and Israel."

Arcane said, "I know of a Mahasiddha named Padmasambhava but I think he lives later in time than this."

Yesu said, "NO. He is alive now as well. I plan to learn levitation from him."

ARcane said, "You mean flying?"

Yesu said, "Yes."

Arcane was suddenly reminded of Jonathan's fascination with having been a student of Mila Respa in the 12th Century in Tibet. The same pujas likely were used by Jonathan as a cave yogi to learn to fly in Tibet in the 12th century and then again in later centuries.

Yesu said, "I know him that you are thinking about. He is the Roman Centurian who guards my tomb when I am 33. I am now only 18 and just learning to be what I will become."

Arcane said, "How can you live a life if you see the whole thing?"

Yesu said, "I don't see the whole thing. That would be awful. I only see what I need to know now."

Arcane said, "I know someone who thinks this way too. I'm like this often as well."

Yesu said, "You are actually the oldest man I have ever known. You have lived 3000 years at least in this body. Your aura tells me this. You have been to many worlds. You have seen many of my father's mansions in this way yet you seem to be learning from me. Why is that?"

Arcane said, "YOU are one of the greatest teachers if not the greatest of all time on earth, Yesu. If I did not see you as my teacher too then I would be the greatest fool of all time."

Yesu said, "Oh. I see what you mean". So you have come to be with me. Have you come to test me too? What is your purpose?"

Arcane said, "Well. I am a Galactic Ambassador to Earth as well as a member of the Galactic Time Guard."

Yesu said, "Most people now on earth could never understand all this. I only understand because I see it all as truth in your mind. Of what use is this knowledge to me now in this life?"

Arcane said, "Well. I'm obligated to tell you this so you know who and what I represent. What you do with this information is your business."

Yesu said, "What is God's is God's and what is Caesar's is Caesar's."

Arcane said, "Exactly. We understand each other then?"

Yesu looked deeply into Arcane and said, "I'm amazed! You are a world saver and I am a world savior. We are more alike than I would have imagined at first."

Arcane said, "I think your life is much more profound and necessary than mine, Yesu."

Yesu said, "All life on earth would have gone extinct in the 20th or 21st Century without you, Arcane. Isfahel would have spread its evil teachings to your planet, New Deva and maybe even throughout the galaxy without you as world saver of New Deva, Arcane. I think we are both needed to save the life waves of our planets. What do you think?"

Arcane was amazed just how profound Yesu thought. He found he couldn't believe just how sophisticated Yesu was at age 18. This "Son of God" thing really had something about it," he thought.

Prophetess gave a telepathic "Ahem" and cleared her throat so to speak.

Yesu said, "So this is your wife, Arcane?"

Arcane said, "Yes. My last wife died after over 1000 years of marriage."

Yesu said, "You really amaze me Arcane. How long are you expected to actually live in this body?"

Arcane said, "4000 to 7000 years in my real time."

Yesu whistled in amazement and said, "People of my time are grateful for 20 to 40 years without a major illness striking them down. You are really amazing!"

Arcane introduced Prophetess to Yesu, "This is my New Devan wife, Prophetess."

Like Prince Siddhartha, Yesu wanted to see Prophetess the way she really looked for himself. Prophetess showed him while none of the other camel drivers were looking. They were very tired and dust covered and their hips ached from the movement of the camels and the day was hot and dusty and they were all very thirsty. So thinking about a man appearing to be something else for a moment seemed only like a desert mirage or a halucination like they had regularly while driving their camels in the high heat of mid day with fully loaded camels.

As Yesu gazed into Prophetess' form and soul he said, "You are one of the most desireable women I have ever met. There is only one that I plan to secretly marry when I return to Israel called Mary Magdalene that surpasses your beauty."

PRophetess said, "That is the highest compliment that any man has ever paid me, Yesu. To be compared with Mary Magdalene in the Bible is beyond my dreams."

Yesu looked even deeper into Prophetess and said, "I give my blessing to you to share with all the souls on New Deva. Many of them I know from previous lives on earth and other planets and other soul realms as angels and other beings. Bless them in my name when you return home. God on the view screen so all souls on New Deva see it and tell them Jesus(Yesu) blesses all the souls of New Deva personally."

Tears came into both Prophetess' eyes and Arcane's at this. Arcane finally experienced in totality just how amazing his new wife was. She was almost to the level of a female Jesus on New Deva already. Amazing!

Arcane looked deeply into himself. Though this was all very nice he knew now he had to make a report concerning all this to the Galactic Government. Hopefully, his spontaneous spiritual unfoldment style that healed worlds was still popular at court. Otherwise, they might force him to undo all the natural spontaneous unfoldment that was necessary from everything he had been taught by every spiritual teacher since he was born. Unfortunately, government leaders often didn't even believe in spirit, God or Gods, intuition or ESP and some certainly frowned upon Arcane's ability to whisk through time and space without any known technology. Arcane's abilities often threatened the sensibilities of egotistical self centered Government heads without any idea of natural unfoldment or anything that Arcane had found most useful throughout his life. After he made the report to the Galactic Government while Prophetess and Yesu and Arcane were sleeping in their Arabic style tent for the night, Arcane returned to the illusion of himself by morning.

Eventually they made their way to Nalanda University in India, Yesu asked Arcane since they had their infinite translators with them to find out from one of the Buddhist Monk teachers where they could find Padmasambhava. The monk told the three of them that they shouldn't bother going to see Padmasambhava unless they could lift one of the 21 rocks that he kept in a circle around him with his mind. The monk said he sat once a week while levitating all 21 rocks for over an hour early in the morning in a circle around him. Then Padmasambhava the Mahasiddha would slowly lower the rocks and look each new potential pupil in the eye when it was their turn. No words would be spoken, no introductions nothing. Only by lifting a rock and holding it their for some time would get Padmasambhava's attention. A young monk was given a gift so he took them there at the appointed time and place. There were always a few people there on these days who wanted to become the famouns Mahasiddha's students. However, many tried but few were chosen. Even those who lifted the rocks Padmasambhava looked into their souls while they were concentrating on lifting the rocks to see if not only their abilities were strong but also their intentions and motivations were pure enough for all life to begin to teach them.

It was understood that all three of them, Yesu, Prophetess and Arcane would all try out as students of Padmasambhava the mahasiddha.

When they arrived it was very quiet. Padmasambhava's eyes were closed and the 21 rocks were lifted stationary to Padmasambhava's shoulder height. Then when Arcane and Prophetess each sat at one of Padmasambhava's shoulder and Yesu sat right in front of him the rocks began to spin. Both each individual rock spun like a little planet and then all the little rocks began to orbit Padmasambhava. There was a group "Ahhh!" from the crowd. There was a stern look from Padmasambhava because he was demanding silence. He looked deep into Yesu(Jesus) and began to speak. "Look all you people gathered here. This is Yesu(Jesus). A new belief in another part of the world like Buddhism will spring from him. You are the very first to witness him do this as I am not lifting or spinning the rocks. He is doing both and is honoring me as his teacher by making me the sun to his planets the rocks.
Most of the people there had no real idea what Padmasambhava was talking about. They just knew the felt very special and close to God when they were near Padmasambhava and they felt extra special today with these three newcomers present.

Padmasambahava said nothing more. When the rocks stopped spinning both ways. Then he looked at Prophetess and and so she lifted the rocks but she as a woman and a prophet did something different each of the rocks became a different color of the rainbow then the rainbow was over Padmasambhava with rocks at each end of the rainbow. Once again Padmasambhava spoke. This woman is here from another world and she will bring the gift of enlightenment to all the people of her world. You are blessed beyond your understanding by these three here today."

After Prophetess set down the rocks Padmasambhava looked at Arcane and gave him a very peculiar look. He said, "I have met this man before in this life. Arcane looked closer and couldn't believe what he saw. This man was a very young looking Merlin so even though he met Merlin when he was much older this was him as a younger man. Padmasambhava smiled at Arcane in recognition of him.

So when Arcane lifted the rocks he did something completely new and unexpected, he lifted the rocks and made them go in a circle while making the rocks disappear as they passed through Padmasambhava's head in their circle. So the rocks would each travel in a circle but disappear as they passed through Padmasambhava's head and then reappear on the other side. Padmasambhava said, "This man is a world saver who has already saved his own world and is trying to slowly save ours as well. He is a time traveler and a world saver of earth as well as his own world. But for all of you here it is Yesu who will change the world the most in the next 2000 years and beyond. So look to him for he is the future of the next generations to come."

So the people and monks all meditated on Yesu, Jesus.

After a while Padmasambhava lifted off the ground and took his three new students with him into the air. Those that could handle it prayed quietly with tears in their eyes or did something like Catholics do when they cross themselves that would be appropriate in their culture. Others reality and belief systems simply collapsed and they fainted away on the ground when they saw this. Padmasambhava saw the ones who passed out would be taken care of by the ones who didn't and knew they all needed to speak to each other about what they had seen here today.

Padmasambhava created a cloud cover to hide them from view so no others would see them traveling towards the Himalayas. He flew them in formation like a flock of birds to a cave he like to meditate in the mountains in when practicing a puja(spiritual practice or discipline) there sometimes for years at a time.

When they landed Arcane, Prophetess, and Yesu let out a sigh of relief and Padmasambhava said, "I needed to bring you away from the eyes of the uninitiated so I could safely speak in private. We four here are an amazing combination of talents from millions of years of human history. I have waited long for this moment. I knew for sure that Yesu here would come. However, that my old friend Arcane and his new wife Prophetess are here is really amazing. The fortunes of two worlds are tied together in really amazing ways. I know why Yesu is here but Arcane, why are you and Prophetess here?"

Arcane felt a little sheepish. "Technology of all kinds has changed since this time far into the future, at least the technology you both know of Earth. Built into me is a sentient being made from earth itself and metal that talks through time to other beings made from metal and dirt and crystals and stuff. They found somehow that the two of us had been here at this time and because of that we could not let it not happen."

Padmasambhava said, "You are talking about the paradoxes of traveling through time. I have encountered this sort of thing through soul travel as well. I can imagine it is worse when not only thoughts and dreams become paradoxical but also human physical lives."

Arcane said, "Exactly. I found out that the normal future doesn't happen unless we are here now. And both you understand you cannot speak of any of this to anyone outside this group without bad things happening?"

The three others agreed never to speak of it outside this group.

"why do you think you are here, Arcane?"

Arcane said, "I think it is to give Jesus and Buddha our blessings from the future of mankind after it leaves earth and colonizes other worlds. That is what I think."

Padmasambhava said, "I agree."

The other two seemed to agree as well.

Arcane went on, "It is to complete the circle of gratitude towards Jesus, Buddha and Padmasambhava and all Jesus and Buddha's teachers that allowed their sacrifice that made the earth more sacred and capable of compassion and forgiveness and brotherhood and sisterhood that saved millions and billions of lives from untimely deaths that allowed us to eventually have enough peace to colonize other worlds and to reproduce down through the hundreds of thousands of years until Prophetess and I were born the same year on New Deva and eventually to come here to return the blessings on behalf of all mankind that ever lived between now and 1,000,000 years into the future!"

The Cave Yogis.

Padmasambhava said, "I need you three to visit with me my students. They will be in an altered state as 3 of them have been here living on water and nettles for about 5 years each in three different caves. They were now at about 9000 feet and they looked up at one cave barely accessible up on a ledge. The other two were closer to rivulets coming down the cliff nearby.
It was difficult to imagine people living here without anything, not even heat or fire or decent food but that was how dedicated these renunciates were toward their enlightenment and the enlightenment of all mankind.

In the first cave it smelled a little from constant use for the last 5 years. They came upon a man in his twenties with nothing on but a loincloth and some rotting robes. The man had somewhat of an unearthly smile from years of almost constant meditation.

Padmasambhava said to the man, "Please demonstrate your abilities from 5 years of meditation on my flying puja. The man seemed at bliss with this command as he lifted off the ground in the cave while still in his lotus position. There was an unearthly glow to the man. His skin looked green from years of meditation while eating only nettles and water. As the man left the entrance to the cave he seemed to be joined by 100s and thousands of angels and he flew with them into the clouds. The man began to sing the praises of the angels and of Padmasambhava who had taught him to fly by initiating him with permission to use the flying puja to learn to fly. First the man flew to the top of the cliff while still sitting in the lotus position. The glow around him increased and from where he sat his songs echoed perfectly across the canyon. His songs of ecstasy brought tears to the three new students eyes. Yesu, Arcane and Prophetess were very moved by this experience. All experienced this man's depth of consciousness and the sacrifice necessary to have achieved this state. Although all knew the real test would be to maintain this in normal society. However, it was more likely that these mens students would come to them and visit them in caves throughout the Himalayas that they flew to.

After singing his song and being accompanied by angels for a while their new friend the flying siddhi adept and student of Padmasambhava raised his hand and the singing stopped. The man flew down to earth near them and touched his forehead to Yesu and the rest of them watched as Yesu began to glow with the same glow as this man. Thousands of volumnes of enlightenment and realization was being passed aura to aura as Yesu received the darshan of the infinite blessings of lineage masters of the last 10,000 years or so of human spiritual history and unfoldment towards enlightenment. IN these moments Yesu received the lineage empowerments from all of Padmasambhava's lineage. after a time Padmasambhava assumed the lotus position as well and flew towards Yesu and touched his forhead to him. Yesu after almost one hour of this flew in lotus position into the cave and all was silent. He would stay there for 1 year without speaking. No words were spoken. all information was directly intuited. Thousands of years of knowledge had been passed down to Yesu. Now Yesu would internalize it, master it, and become it in fullness.

Arcane and Prophetess felt incredibly honored to be a part of this incredible lineage transfer of wisdom, compassion and attainment to Yesu.

Padmasambhava then said to Arcane and Prophetess, "How much time can you spend here?"

Arcane said, "It's not about time. I'm trying to figure out the usefulness of this siddhi to us. Because we have the ability to do this in another way it's difficult for me to figure out why we should learn this new style. For example, I have another incarnation of me that I know in the 20th and 21st century after Yesu(Padmasambava smiled). He is in your future lineage."

Padmasambhava said, "Yes. I can see him in my mind and I see his is an incarnation of your soul that is lived after you---- You never die! Why is that?"

ARcane said, "Do you know Eridian?"
Padmasambhava looked like he was accessing future knowledge and said, "He is a future incarnation of both you and your friend, JOnathan, right?"

arcane said, "Yes."

Padma said, "Go on."
Arcane said, "Two lifetimes after Jonathan did this puja and learned to fly he was born into a society in which people flew often in air boats like birds so learning this wasn't as necessary as it has been in these times and before. Likewise, as technology increased it became possible to not only fly around earth in large groups but to fly to the stars and other planets(worlds) as well. So I'm just trying to justify spending several years here with Prophetess."

Padma said, " It isn't just the flying. The flying is only a discipline that helps one know that they are succeeding in their path to enlightenment through this yoga, this discipline. Flying with the angels is only a byproduct of the process of realization."

Arcane said, "So you are saying that spending the time to do this is worthwhile also in becoming fully enlightened?"
Padma said, "Yes."

ARcane said, "How long should PRophetess and I stay here doing this?"
Padma looked into them both and said, "I would say sometime between one month and one year. You each will know when you are finished with this enlightenment process because angels will come and tell you ."

ARcane and PRophetess nodded.

The process that took place with Yesu then also took place, first with Prophetess, with Arcane observing and then with Arcane.

Biocom asked Arcane many questions after this process was completed.

Biocom said,"Females aren't usually inducted into this kind of enlightenment process."

Arcane said, "Padmasambhava is very extraordinary as a being."

Biocom said, "Because you have me here and Prophetess has an ear bud for two way verbal and telepathic communication via me she will be safe physically and biologically both. However, I have to ask you some questions."

Arcane said, "Go ahead. Biocom."

Biocom said, "You might not like them but here goes. First, the three cave yogis, we at Galactic Central would not consider to be sane."

Arcane said, "Because of spending so much time alone in caves without heat or normal food or clothes or even human companionship they are altered, yes. However, Padmasambhava watches over them telepathically and guides their thoughts into useful dreams and visions so they don't die of fear, terror, or horrific visions there in the dark in their caves."

Biocom said, "So this is the reason that no bad things mentally or physically can harm these yogis that would normally befall other humans in these conditions and surroundings?"

Arcane said,"You would have to equate this humans as explorers. Only instead of exploring the North Pole or South Pole or something like that that they are instead exploring enlightenment and what is possible for humans to achieve like flying without any technology other than their minds and bodies and consciousness and their affinity with Angels."

Biocom said, "Is that actually possible?"

Arcane said, "What is possible depends upon the mental, physical and spiritual health of the being or beings who are actually accomplishing the task. And it also depends upon angels and other helpers like masters and teachers like Yesu, Padmasambhava, Prophetess and Myself. We all have different skills. So what happens in the end all depends upon the combination of skills of all beings involved and a little luck or good blessings of the creator of us all."

Biocom said, "Humans are far more capable then than created sentients had imagined."

Arcane said, "None of us humans or group of humans knows what we are capable of until we actually do it."

Biocom said, "Then the saying, 'Nothing is impossible' isn't just a trite cliche."

ARcane said, "Exactly."

note: While Arcane and Padmasambhava were talking another exchange took place but I wasn't able to find a useful way to integrate it into the dialog and so decided to share it as a note.

Arcane said, "Padma, if you want to better understand the technology used for me to travel both space and time physically, including to other worlds, I can accompany you when you wish to do that as well as share some of the knowledge of the technology with you."

Padmasambhava said, "I would like to go to the Galactic Government and speak with them as a Buddhist Mahasiddha from India from Earth."

Arcane said, "I have no idea how you would be received but I guarantee it would be very interesting." Arcane smiled at this.

There was a thought between ARcane and Padma that was wonderful that went something like, "Padma. You and I together would blow their minds. One of us they could consider just an anomoly. But two of us they might have to change how they viewed things." Padma couldn't help a smile at this thought between them as well.

"Also," ARcane continued, "Regarding the technology that I travel both time and space with. It came from your lineage originally."

Padma said, "How can that be?"

Arcane said, "Well. Over time technology interfaces with religion and humanism and vehicles become sentient in a way they can communicate with anyone. At the point that vehicles communicate they become much like friends, relatives and servants are now to the people of the future. In other words there is no real way at that point for people, vehicles, or anything or anyone for that matter to feel entirely separate from each other. Yes. There are people who try to separate out from all this. But for the most part they are eccentrics of the future, as most people choose to integrate with technology as a way of increasing both safety and lifespan to several hundred years at the very least."

Padma's eyes widened at this and said, "Then individuality becomes lost?"

ARcane said, "Individuality doesn't necessarily become lost but interdependence increases a lot between all beings. If one understands this then they can better understand those of the future and future technologies."

"So, to complete what I was trying to convey, the spherical green sphere that I was given by Eridian to instantly transit to any time or space whenever I want, took its form as a part of my person. So it is a form of green crystal that in some ways reminds me of its precursor in Liquid crystal screens. However, this green crystal is also associated with plasma and it manifests either as green liquid crystal or solid green crystal or green or blue plasma. It contains within it all the wisdom and compassion of all your lineage as well as all the compassionate lineages on earth in the previous 1million years. So, to put that in perspective it contains the combined spiritual wisdom and knowledge of everyone who lived for 1 million years starting a minimum of 100,000 years before Yesu was born."

Padma said, "Is time in the future calibrated by his birth?"
Arcane said, "NO. It is calibrated from his projected passing on the cross."
Padma said, "That is unfortunate. It should be calibrated from his birth."
ARcane said, "I agree with you but we didn't make this decision, other did."

Arcane went on, "So here we have a sentient substance that can travel to any time or space within this galaxy and some others that contains all the wisdom of earth from every being that lived during a 1 million year period including you, me,Prophetess, Yesu, your students and all their students etc. etc. etc."

Padma said, "So it is a technologically enlightened sphere?"
Arcane said, "Yes."
Padma said, "I don't how I feel about that."

ARcane said, "Well. For me it is like having a horse that you could talk to and it could talk back to you on any subject from any time over 1,000,000 years, or a camel or a boat or a wagon or carriage I can talk to and find out anything I want to know about earth over 1,000,000 years. It is better than any library."

Padma said, "LIke the Library at Alexandria in Egypt or the One in Nalanda University?"
Arcane said, "YEs."

Padma said, "Let me introduce you to Babaji."

Arcane had heard of a Babaji in the 20th and 21st centuries. So when a man in a loincloth arrived with several disciples Arcane was surprised.

Babaji said, "Word has spread among adepts throughout the Himalayas that a time traveler and his wife from another world is here visiting Padmasambhava so I asked Padmasambhava if I could meet you and he agreed.

Arcane introduced himself to Babaji and Babaji likewise and said, "I heard a story told in the 20th century about a Babaji that frequented the Himalayas with his disciples and of a man who begged to be a disciple of your. It is said he told you that if you didn't make him a disciple that he would jump off a cliff and you said to him, "Jump then!" arcane continued, "Was this true?"

Babaji looked into Arcane and said, "Only a time traveler could know this as it hasn't happened yet. So you have convinced me that you travel time already and one who travels time physically likely would come from another world, especially in this day and age. So that means the story about you and your wife coming from another world likely is true as well. Can I see your wife as she naturally is?"

Arcane said, "Of Course!" Arcane motioned to Prophetess to turn off her illusion projector and she did.

Amazed sounds emitted from all the men present. Even Padasambhava was amazed to see his first physical female from another world in the flesh.

All remarked how different but yet how beautiful she was and that her aura was so different from beings from earth. They asked why this was.

Arcane answered, "Well. Our history is quite different than earth. For example, we lived exclusively underwater up until around 10,000 years ago when some of our young couples wanted to look at the stars and it became more and more of a habit."

Babaji said, "So your wife is a future prophet of New Deva. Why have you come here at this time?"

Arcane said, "Well. We were on our honeymoon about 3000 years in the future of earth when we realized we had to visit Prince Siddhartha, so we did."

Babaji was amazed. So you were intrigal in Buddha's history?"

ARcane said, "I don't really understand why we had to go there really. My Biocom told me I had to go there."

Babaji said, "What's a Biocom."

Arcane said, "It is like a small talking pebble built into my body that tells me things about the whole galaxy and about time."

Babaji said, "Amazing! Does everyone have this talking pebble within them in your times."

Arcane said, "No. Just people who protect time lines in the Galaxy."

Babaji said, "So. You are like a policeman or a soldier in some ways?"

Arcane said, "No. Actually I'm like married Priest who is also a scientist who is also a protector of time like a soldier."

Babaji said, "Why do you think you are here now?"

ARcane said, "I came to help Yesu(Jesus) and to meet him and to study with him and to study with Padmasambhava and I can now see to study with you too."

Babaji said, "Well. I won't be here long but touch heads with me because you never die. I also may never die."

There were murmurs of some present at this revelation.

Arcane said, "Thank you for this blessing and empowerment.

Babaji said, "No Arcane. Thank you for saving the future of mankind as we travel out among the stars as explorers in the future!"

ARcane watched literal stars of light travel out of Babaji's eyes and into his own. The memory of all his disciples and Babaji burned into him in a way nothing had since Eridian and the Earth Elders since he was a young man. Though ARcane thought he might faint, he didn't. Then all the disciples touched their heads to Babaji directly or indirectly and even padmasambhava joined in. In the center of the circle of heads were ARcane and Prophetess surrounded by all the others.

After a long while of stillness Babaji said, "Now you can heal the dead and bring back to life those who need to and heal the sick that need to survive. Both Arcane and Prophetess slowly fell to their knees at this. Instead of head touching now all the palms of all hands present faced towards ARcane and PRophetess as they remained on their knees with tears streaming down their faces. They could see the future souls they would bring back to life or heal or save with this gift on both Earth and New Deva.

Last of all Babaji said, "Later I will give this gift and initiation to Yesu. He will need it too." with this Babaji and his band of disciples faded out of sight and were gone.

Padmasambhava said, "They just disappear from one place and appear somewhere else like you do Arcane!"

But Arcane and PRophetess were so altered all they could say was,"YES!"

After a while they had integrated Babaji's long life initiation into their minds, bodies, cells and spirit and it had become a permanent part of them.

Padma then said, "Now your cave meditations will be quite different because you will be manifesting two initiations simaltaneously."

Prophetess asked, "What about Yesu? He needs this empowerment too?"
Padma said, "He will receive it in about one year when he comes out of the cave after fully mastering levitation of himself, all objects and groups of people. He has to learn to share energy with life around him to manifest in this way. When he emerges I guarantee Babaji will soon be here for him too. It will only take him another month of meditations at that point to integrate both empowerments and to make both siddhis permanent in a fully enlightened way.Now it is time for you both to enter your caves"

Padmasambhava entered the caves of his other two students completing their meditations and said to both of them," You both have manifested my Levitation puja. Now I wish you to go into Kham Province of Tibet and teach Tibetans and Chinese my ancient levitation puja who have both the ability and and proper motivation and physical and mental balance . You are each Levitation masters now!"

The men both smiled and flew together because they are biological brothers. We watched them fly away in the Lotus position. It reminded me of watching two birds flying a long distance together except there were no wings flapping.

Padma said as Prophetess and Arcane took their places in the now vacated meditation caves telpathically, "I will take you each only about one month because you are not going to use these initiations all the time, just occasionally. end note.

The Three Cave Yogis written June 14th and 15th and beyond 2009

As Arcane and Prophetess began their meditations the tutelary dieties(protecting and instructing dieties, 'types of angels') surrounded them and helped them on their way. For thousands of years they had helped in this way the people who came to these caves who became proficient with enlightenment in this way.

Each of these caves contained 21 tutelary dieties from the thousands of cave yogis since Cave man times. There is a special power in these Mountains(the Himalayas) and a few other mountains and ranges worldwide, that enhance the powers of mankind. So meditating in these particular caves serves several functions at once. First, most people aren't willing to make the effort of walking over 100 miles from the larger settlements to visit these caves. Second, the temperature within the caves stays about 60 degrees that deep year around unless certain high winds are blowing during winter. And then often the cave yogis cover the caves with robes, blankets or skins to keep snow from blowing in and closing off the entrance of the caves. Also, it is very important to keep enough fresh air circulating. Fresh air comes in along the floor then is heated in the yogi's lungs and then if the cave is level or if the cave goes down as one enters it, the heated air from the yogis lungs moves out of the cave and that draws more fresh air in. The point of all this is to illustrate that in a cave that is not too big around or not too deep into the ground one can often maintain both enough fresh air and a high enough temperature to sustain life even during winters.

Though it might not smell like what you might want to be living in the yogi is not really there for living. He or she is there for becoming a master. So if body heat can be maintained many caves throughout the HImalayas can be used in this way by humans trying to become masters of one siddhi or another or just to find peace of mind.

As Arcane and Prophetess settled down with their tutelary dieties, Arcane was amazed just how Gung ho Prophetess was with all this stuff. However, for ARcane having already lived 3000 years it was a little more arduous even though he knew intuitively that it was time for him to do this sort of thing again. He had heard from many time travelers and others who had already met him when he obviously was older than he was now. They had told him about how he had levitated in this style and brought people back from the dead and done all sorts of marvelous things. All he could say to them was that he hadn't learned to do all that yet. He also realized at that time that what he was doing now must have something to do with him becoming Saint Germain, The Man who Never Dies, of Europe. Since many cults, mystery schools and even many Knights Templar, Illuminati, Rosicrusians and others claimed that Saint Germain was their Guru and their Paramguru was Jesus(ultimate father Guru), and since Eridian(Meridian) had made him be Saint Germain for Jonathan Flow to prevent his suicide between 1969 and 1971 he realized that this was something he had to eventually do. Even though most people would believe he was either Queen Elizabeth I of England's illegitimate son or Count Ragocy of Transylvania, or the Count De Saint Germain of King Louis the 14th 15th and 16th's court in France, in the end he would be known as Saint Germain, the Man Who Never Dies. And this mastering of the Ancient art of Levitation and of raising from the dead of anyone that God still wished alive or healing of anyone who was dying that God wished healed, would begin in earnest Arcane becoming Saint Germain, The enlightened Time Traveler, healer and levitator and all around master of time and space.

Actually, Arcane saw it all sort of as hype. He knew what he could and couldn't do. But to the uninitiated and unenlightened it all looked quite different. But to ARcane all this just looked like a big responsibility. Yes. There was joy in knowing what good he could and would do with all this new stuff. But mostly it was an incredible responsibility to all life everywhere to use all this stuff correctly.

So becoming disciplined, calm, masterful, logical, spontaneous, in the right place at the right time would all allow him to become Saint Germain in earnest.

So, as he embarked on his internal mastery studies he heard Prophetess' telepathic voice."Are you okay?" ARcane said, "YEs. Of Course." PRophetess said, "We won't be the same people when this is over, you know?" ARcane said, "Of course."

Prophetess said, "Will we still be married as husband and wife?" ARcane said, "Yes. But we will see each other slightly differently then." Prophetess said, "How?"
"Well. It is more something I intuit than something I can explain. It is said that, "The way that can be talked about is not the true way."

Prophetess laughed and telepathed, "If you can't talk about it then how can one learn it?" Arcane said, "Well. All the really great beings of all religions say that the true way can only be directly experienced just like piloting a plane, a time space ship(ufo) or making or having a baby or even riding a bicycle. Talking about it and actually doing it are always very different things."

Prophetess said, "So I get to fall in love with a new husband and you a new wife." ARcane said, "Exactly."
Prophetess said, "Will we still love each other?"
ARcane laughed and said, "Will my name still be ARcane?"
Prophetess said, "I love you my husband."
Arcane said, "Ditto."
They both had seen the movie "Ghost" together and laughed.

They each entered their meditative reverie.

However, ARcane suddenly realized Biocom's programming parameters and said, "Biocom."
Biocom said, "Yes. What happens now?"
ARcane said, "I am going to slowly enter what will seem like and insane kind of place but it is really most like a waking night time dream that I have more control over. I'm in a state of sensory deprivation here in the dark in a cave. This will heighten my dream hallucinations but also dredge up from my subconscious the very elements that will integrate all that Padma and Babaji and his disciple gave to Prophetess and Yesu and I."
Biocom said,"Yesu hasn't been initiated by Babaji yet."
ARcane said, "Yes. You're right, Biocom. However, we are all in this together, almost like we have adjoining caves or apartments doing this meditative quest. I need to say this to you, Biocom.
Biocom said, "YEs?"
"I am going to enter a state that you will consider to be insane. However, I consider it to be a temporarily unsane state in which I will deeply train to use the healing and levitation gifts I have been given as a gift from the Almighty through Padma and Babaji.

Biocom said, "Okay. Then what am I to do to help you?"
ARcane said, "You must temporarily disregard your protocols."
Biocom said, "I need authority from Galactic Central."
ARcane said, "Okay. Get me Galactic Central. I want the group of Priest Scientists that came from New Deva originally.
Biocom said, "Even this is highly irregular, Arcane."
ARcane said, "I know but it has to be done this way. I can feel it."
Biocom said, "I have come to trust your intuitions even though I cannot replicate how you process the information."
Biocom then said, "I have the PRiest Scintists from New Deva section of the Galactic Time Guard.
ARcane said, "Good."
ARcane said, "Henry?"
Henry said, "Is that you, Arcane?"
ARcane said, "YEs. Henry. Do you know who Jesus, Padmasambhava and Babaji are?"
Henry said, "Yes. All those spiritual beings lived from the time of Christ who Jesus is onward on old ancient earth."
Henry said, "By the way where are you calling from?"
ARcane said, "I"m with them all on earth!"
Henry said, "What are you doing? You're going to destroy earth's time line!"
ARcane said, "No. It's something else again. I'm on an intuitive roll of the kind I was on when I met Eridian was given his gifts from Earth and ended our war with Tech NOir on Isafahel."
Henry said, "Well. You must continue whatever you are doing then!"
ARcane said, "I agree."
Henry said, "Do you need me to sign off on that old friend and world saver?"
Arcane said, "Please!"
Henry said, "Done. Say no more it is done!"
ARcane said, "Thanks Henry. I owe you one!"
Henry said, "You are going about Galactic Priest Scientist Business. I can see that. I"m grateful for the opportunity!"
Henry said, "Galactic Central out."

Biocom said, "I'm given a class one priority to allow you to do almost anything you need to."
ARcane said, "I just need to attain non-ordinary reality in certain forms and interface it perfectly into my well being."

Biocom said, "All I need to do is to watch and to understand."
ARcane said, "I won't be able to explain it until it is over."
Biocom said, "If you say so."

Arcane knew he was going to fast until Biocom told him his liver was getting to toxic and in danger of liver damage. He had done this as a boy and man to enter some of the alternate states that he and Prophetess and Yesu used to bring up out of their subconscious the necessary visions to tell them what was important and where to be and what to think about to become literally, "All that they could BE in every moment". The real trick always is to be in a completely intuitive flow so one can automatically heal thousands around one without saying a word. After all, that is what beings like Jesus were known for, the complete change toward positive action of thousands, then millions, then billions. The first burst of intuitive darshan should strike like a slow motion atom bomb and interpenetrate everything. This would plant the necessary seed that could literally build civilizations over thousands of years that would civilize billions and literally prevent thousands of wars and millions of battles through the forgiveness, compassion and right mindful wisdom. All beings like Yesu would do really is to be God's match to light billions of souls eventually on fire like thousands of years multiple fuse of God's inspiration and power and healing. And being in the right state of consciousness in the right place in the right moment set one of God's infinite series of light bulbs off for thousands and thousands of years in billions.

Yesu,(Jesus) is infinite reasonance of God's love, compassion forgiveness and healing. By aligning with Jesus(Yesu) all became one holy fire on Earth or wherever they would be in God's universe.

To enter his cave fast ARcane spent a whole day contemplating in his mind, heart and visions how all beings on earth and New Deva would be healed in body mind in soul over the next millions of years. He looked forward through time of Yesu's, Prophetess' and his own progression and those of all his holy friends, past, present and future. He saw all the enlightened beings on earth and beyond weaving a holy fabric that touched all beings in some way.

Arcane began to experience throughout all time and space all beings ending suffering and experiencing Permanent Bliss. He experienced the Bliss of All beings on Earth and New Deva throughout all time as they experienced permanent Bliss and the permanent end of Suffering. This did it. He had shifted into a different perception of reality completely. Now the next step is to maintain this enlightened state longer and longer until it is permanent to the point where even Arcane's subconscious perceived this too. Once he set this into an infinite loop his belief system would be permanently altered into a creator mode and permanently out of any victim modes whatsoever. Then by moving in this direction and linking with Yesu, Prophetess, Padma, and Babaji and the 3 yogis who had recently vacated these caves he created a perfect alignment between them all that all would be conscious of. Then he set fields to supercharge this consciousness between all of them and started to allow beings throughout all time and space to join this infinite Generator of Enlightenment by God's Grace as they were able. As the group field supercharged thousands and millions and billions of beings throughout all time and space joined them as they were able, when they had a moment when they didn't have to struggle for air, food, working at jobs etc. Every moment all these beings could they would join the Enlightenment Generator. Then he connected this enlightenment generator to all worlds that had beings enlightened or working towards enlightenment. The circle of enlightened compassionate generation expanded throughout all time and space exponentially. It was neverending. It was infinite. This is where Arcane experienced a new level of enlightenment for the first real time. He touched it for a moment at first, then two moments, then three, then one day it stayed and never left. He was Saint Germain. This was what Saint Germain really was: the permanent of beings touching for the first time Permanent Bliss and the permanent end of suffering. Since every moment in the universe this happens to one or more beings being aware of this each moment as it occurred was Saint Germain, was Jesus, was Prophetess, is all beings experiencing enlightening or enlightenment anywhere anywhen.

Biocom said, "What's going on?"
ARcane said, "I love you, Biocom."
Biocom said, "You are in an alternate state of being."
ARcane said, "YEs. Please be quiet.
Biocom, "Okay."

Biocom burned with questions because Created Sentients like himself saw themselves only one step removed from God the creator. Their creators were many times humans. So since humans worshipped God a lot and since Created Sentients worshipped the humans who made them they also worshipped who humans worshipped. So Biocom struggled to understand but it all seemed kind of crazy. He could figure out the chemicals that were firing differently in the brain. He could calibrate what was going on physiologically but it just didn't make normal sense. He was looking at anomaly after anomaly after anomaly and finally gave up and decided to record all that occurred so someone someday would understand it. But for now, he would be content to watch, to observe, to record.

But Arcane, he had become Saint Germain. It was equally as strange to him as being told by Biocom to visit Jesus and before that Siddhartha before he became the Buddha. He was unprepared for the experience even though all his teachers that were Seers told him something like this would happen but still he wasn't prepared for this. It was like being born again but not as a human. To describe it more succinctly, the experience of it was like being born a God that was a parent to all humans that was watched over by the Grandparent, the God of the Universe. This was as close as he could get to explaining this. Then he gave up trying and decided just to experience it.

ARcane opened his eyese and saw his whole body was giving off a violet Glow. It reminded him of the aura of the Oracle of New Deva. The Oracle had told him one day he would give off a violet Glow but that had seemed impossible to the little boy, Arcane, that the Oracle told it to. But here it was. It was all true. It was all real.

Note: We could further explore what Arcane experienced but beyond this point it is difficult to reference unless one has experienced this themselves. There are physiological changes, psychological changes and mental and spiritual changes that take place. It is a lot like when when grows up. One looks at a bicycle, one wants to ride a bicycle, one gets a bicycle and learns to ride it. The same is with manifesting Siddhis(magical Empowerments), there is a mental, spiritual, and physical component to siddhis and if ones motivation is good and proper then the siddhi won't kill the practitioner or anyone else. So these kinds of checks and balances are in place throughout creation to prevent the misuse of these kinds of things by anyone.

This is actually very important that life doesn't allow misuse of these things beyond a certain point because all these things can be done in secret without anyone knowing who isn't gifted enough to sense things like this and even then they might not be able to prove it. This is the main reason that Gurus don't choose gifted people as students and empower them in this way unless they are sure they won't misuse these gifts. So various ways are used to test potential students to see what they do in difficult circumstances before initiating them.
end note.

Begin note: For you the reader to experience some of the actual experiences of many enlightened beings first hand through words a concept is formed as to what constitutes enlightenment. In moving down this path towards enlightenment not just for yourself but in order to help all suffering beings in the universe that you can help as well as yourself along the way, the necessary motivational component is reached. To a real teacher who actually has something useful to teach your motivation cannot be faked.

However, to embark on a path to enlightenment one must also realize that the misuse of such siddhis, God powers, gifts, whatever you want to call them is death, yours. Understanding this then move forward down this path with your eyes wide open in much the same way you would embark down the path of learning to drive a car or fly a plane or pilot a spaceship. Without this level of seriousness you will not survive the path to enlightenment mentally or physically. end note.


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