Friday, December 27, 2013

NSA and all the Governments of the World Surveillance Worldwide

I worry less about the U.S. government having every record of phone call of everyone on earth including the U.S. than I do private individuals having this information and selling it to the highest bidder.

Here is the real problem. If Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning can get a hold of millions of incidents of issues of people around the world, do you think they are the only renegades who have this information? For every 1 snowden or Manning who thought they were doing good there likely are 10 to 100 people who are secret and unscrupulous and who are making millions of dollars around the world selling this information to the highest bidder. Who would want this information about individuals lives? Competitors who want to put the competition out of business, people who want to kill or harm or destroy individuals lives or destroy whole families as a vendetta. This is the real problem worldwide with this information.

The problem really is the existence of these records at all. Once they are gathered anywhere they become a problem long term to the survival of individuals and families worldwide especially as political winds change over the years. Imagine for example, that something happened to the U.S. and these records got into the hands of a dictatorship that might believe almost any crazy thing here in the U.S. or around the world. The very existence of these records on every phone call worldwide by literally all nations like Russia, China, the U.S. are a direct threat to everyone's lives on earth in the present and future of the world.

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