Tuesday, January 28, 2014

70 degrees Fahrenheit and Drought

I love the weather here in Northern California. During the day I can wade along the surf in the ocean  in shorts. However, I worry about 6 months from now if we don't get measurable rain soon. The fire in Big Sur a month ago is about as unseasonable a fire as it can get. The same with fires in Southern California as well. More and more fires are a year around possibility in the forests of California and some surrounding states and not just a June to October thing like they used to mostly be.

So, one the one hand all you folks freezing to death from Florida to the top of Canada makes us glad we aren't there. But, remember at least most of you are getting precipitation which means you and your farmers still will be able to grow food. Only the tree farmers here in California who grow things like almonds, apples, cherries, and olives and Oranges and Avocados are sure to be allowed water this year. All the rest of the farmers in California may or may not be given Any way to grow anything which is sure to raise food costs of anything grown in the U.S. up to unprecedented levels this year.

Also, I hope we get some rain and snow especially in the mountains so I can go skiing soon. There hasn't been enough of the fluffy stuff this year to ski on Mt. Shasta with my friends so far. Maybe February?

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