Monday, January 27, 2014

Red Ledges

I did not put the Red Ledges add here and don't know what it is for. This is a not for profit public service site and I purposely don't run adds here to keep it that way. I've never made a dime from this site and I'm not interested in that. Instead I'm interested in informing you about things I consider to be important or interesting or both worldwide.

There are too few forums where important things are discussed and important issues often get lost in the jumble of distractions all over the earth. So, I try to share what I sense is important to me and to the world that might just get lost in the clutter otherwise or people might never find out about it otherwise.

So, I search for quotes or write about (or both) issues that I sense are important to the survival and effectiveness of mankind. In other words I want the human race to survive and not go extinct. So, this site is helping mankind move towards a world where human civilization can go on for hundreds of thousands of years or more on earth and on whatever planets we settle on or terraform in the future.

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