Monday, January 27, 2014

Light Skinned People?

IF light skinned people have only existed since the agricultural revolution then "White People" have only been a recent adaptation caused by the food raised by farming and possibly other factors.

However, one invention, air travel within a few hundred years might mostly eliminate white people mostly from the earth even though blue eyes and green eyes remain in all sorts of forms of people as a throwback to present times.

If white people only existed less then 7000 years so far how many other adaptations won't be around in another 7000 years?

For example, noses and ears as we have them are totally adaptations to needing to breathe when rain is coming down so rain doesn't interfere with breathing and ears need to shed the rain too. People who didn't have this adaptation likely would get ear infections or couldn't survive well if it was raining outside.

However, now most people live indoors within the next 7000 years ears and noses might change shape genetically because people don't need as much now to shed rain from noses for breathing and from ears for hearing without getting ear infections from the cold rain or snow getting inside the ear.

So, for example, people might sound like porpoises when they laugh 5000 years from now and possibly even look like aliens that people report as ufos. So, possibly some of those they are reporting are only present day human descendants 5000 or more years into the future who now have the technology to travel far back (or far forward in time to now).

IN other words very serious genetic changes might be taking place (of all kinds right now) much faster than anything anyone realizes presently on earth.

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