Saturday, December 30, 2017

Since there is no way to protect ANY Electrical Grid from EMPs from any source:

It is likely in your interests if you can afford it to have either a stand alone Solar array on your home that can generate electricity for you for pumping water, refrigeration and everything else and along with this have a gas or diesel generator with enough fuel if you are remote for maybe a month or more. Many Solar arrays are so tied in with their grids that they might not be able to be separated and might not have something like a Tesla wall to store the electricity for use at night or when it's cloudy.

So, if you go solar (because there is enough sun where you are to warrant this) be sure to have good batteries like a Tesla Wall or similar batteries for your solar or wind generators for not only the emergencies caused by clouds, rain or snow but also for other emergencies like when trees fell power lines your area or someone hits a power pole with a car or truck or someone sets off an EMP (from any cause) or the Solar Flare goes off finally as big as the Carrington event which likely is going to happen within the next 500 years at any point. So, this way you are prepared to take care of your families in almost any situation. Look at the poor people in Puerto Rico. Next time that might be you.

Even I that live where there isn't enough sun year around to warrant solar arrays bought for around 500 dollars a gasoline generator last year which is capable of providing all the electricty my home needs for weeks if necessary. One week long power outage might pay for a generator itself just because of the loss of perishables in your refrigerator and freezer with a one week long power outage without solar, wind or a generator of some sort on the premises.

Where I live most outages Happen between December to March when we might get 100 mph storms off the ocean that blow trees down onto power lines all over the place. An average year the power is out 3 days to 1 week depending upon the wind and storms where I live on the California coast.

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