Monday, February 23, 2015

World temperature Range map

I found this site which I really like and likely should bookmark it because from this map you can tell basically what the temperatures are all over the world by color ranges. The key is at the top to see what every color means.

Up at the top left you can zoom into or out of any area and see what temperatures they are right now. So, for example, as I was back looking at the whole U.S. it looked liked the West Coast seemed much colder on that map than it actually was. So, I zoomed in using the + sign to California and saw that really there are greens most places which denotes a 55 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit range.

So, the temperatures that are above 42 Degrees right now in the U.S. are all most of the southern, Western or Eastern Coasts of the U.S. where the ocean tends to warm things up more. So, from about New Mexico toward the north and East Temperatures are not above 10 Degrees Fahrenheit much right now all the way up into Canada.

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